Monday, March 18, 2019

Almost Spring....

Not Much To Show....

It was a Hectic weekend full on Non-mini projects, Dear Readers, but I had set myself the challenge of seeing whether I could produce the weekly blossom plus ten leafy stems. I am happy to report I was successful! Above you can see blossom number Forty-eight mid assembly while the ten leafy stems were also being painted. It turned out that the two tasks worked well side by side, because I could paint while the glue was drying and glue while the paint was drying!

Here is blossom number Forty-eight completed!

And here it is in the box!
What a sight!

Here I am painting the leaves.
 I paint the paler underside of the leaves first, 
as well as a wide stripe down the middle of the top side of the leaves.
 Then I add the darker leaf green on the top side, 
carefully leaving a narrow stripe of the paler green in the middle.
 It is much easier to paint up to the narrow stripe from each side
 than it is to paint a narrow pale stripe down the middle of the leaf.
Above you can see just the top two leaves
 have not yet been painted with the dark green, 
showing you the wide center stripe I painted initially.
 It will be almost completely covered by the darker green.
And here are the ten leafy stems all painted!

And I even started the painting 
on all the rest of the stems I had partly finished...
They just need the darker green paint added!

So there you have it Dear Readers, 
I don't have much to show,
 but I am making good progress
 and it is Almost Spring!

Oh, and if any of you know why my blog ID photo
 has suddenly stopped showing on my blog... 
and on some of my comments... 
I would love to know why...
and if there is something I can do to fix it!


  1. With all those blossoms it looks like spring! Good job!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    You say you do not have much to show, but everyone who follows your incredible work knows just how much work goes into each and every step of this project. The leaves and the blossoms look so realistic...keep up the amazing work. The finally will be out of this world.
    Big hug

  3. A box full of spring is what I see in the last photo. it is well known that creating blossoms and the leaves is time consuming. Stunning work!

  4. I love the leafy stems! And of course the blossoms - what a project!
    I am looking forward to the installation of this beautiful shrub in its space in the garden. Meanwhile, let's all encourage spring - it's been very slow out here. Still in the 20s this morning! Winter temperature.

  5. Wow Betsy! In spite of life pulling you away, you have made tremendous progress in completing this week's blossom plus all of the leaves! The colors look incredible together, and give hope that spring indeed is right around the corner! Here in the NW I was able to leave the sliding door open for the puppies all day, and the unobstructed sun gave us an unseasonably warm 72 degrees! I hope your thaw is happening just as rapidly in the NE!

  6. Have I ever told you before that you're incredible? *LOL* What a sight - all the 48 members of the on-growing lilac family all together in one box. Having in mind your one-lilac-a-week-schedule it's even more impressive… as well as the fact that you've now added a ten-leafy-stems-a-week-schedule. The leaves look fantastic and it was very interesting to learn about your painting method. It's always great to learn from a master! ;O) About your question - I've had the same problem with my profile photo and like you I had done nothing to cause this. A few others like for example Drora seem to be affected too. I've been able to upload a new version of my profile picture this way: Click at your profile picture (or better at the x where your picture should be in your profile section at the side bar). In the profile menu appears an orange button at the top right side (must be something like "profile changes" - mine is of course showing up in German) and then a new side appears. Scroll down a bit to the section about the profile photo - at my blog for some unknown reason there was marked the section about profile picture from the internet. Just mark the section about uploading a picture from your computer, search for good ol' Penny Wooden (she is missed for sure), save and fingers crossed that your problem will be solved. For me it worked again after this… I hope I've been able to help you.


    1. Thank you Dear Birgit!!! I had to go into my deep archives to restore the original version of this photo, and your instructions worked perfectly!!! I am very thankful that you knew already what to do and could explain it so perfectly! :):):) Now Penny Wooden is back where she belongs..... and somehow I feel like I have come to life again! LOL! Thank you for being such an inspiring and ever helpful follower! :)

    2. I'm glad that I've been able to help you - and it's great to see Penny again! ;O)


  7. They are beautiful - you are a talented painter. Looking forward to see where they end up!

  8. You did a great job on the leafy stems and blossom number forty-eight, dear Betsy, what a beautiful sight to see them in their storing box!! And eh, "not much to show", you say....?? I don't think so: it's timeconsuming and a lot of work, so you've made great progress. Please, keep on working at these beautiful blossoms, dear friend, those lilac shrubs will be gorgeous at the end!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Un trabajo muy minucioso y laborioso, pero el resultado merece la pena,besos:-)

  10. Vos jolies fleurs chère Betsy fêtent le printemps qui commence.

  11. Blossoms and leaves make spring!

  12. Hi, Betsy - I love the detail of the leafy stems; I'm always surprised, although I shouldn't be, at the lengths to which your artistic talent will take you in any endeavor. Painting the stripe down the middle of the leaves, then leaving just a tiny strip of it showing adds so much depth and realism to each leaf. I see things with new eyes after reading one of your posts! And now spring is here - and you have forty-eight lilac blossoms to celebrate the season. Congratulations, and Happy Spring!

  13. That’s quite a pile of leaves there Betsy! And you may need to get a new box for blossoms soon! I am not sure about your avatar not showing up, but I have had Blogger problems too, as you might remember from my blog posts. It is completely random for me, so don’t know what the problem is, but I suspect it may be to do with the google+/not google+ changes google is making. I hope it gets fixed sometime. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. I can tell that you are experiencing Spring Fever in a Big Way Betsty! Your lilac shrub is already leafing out and I am LOVING IT! :D

  15. Un buen trabajo, se ve la prima era en tus minis y en tu espíritu
    Un abrazo

  16. I'm so impressed with how well you have stuck with this task. It's going to look great.