Monday, March 25, 2019

Yet Another Detail....

You Might Not Have Noticed....

Believe it or Not, Dear Readers, I have added another detail to the Winter Lilac Shrub, but I would understand if you have not spotted it right away. I was not sure I would be able to successfully make this detail, but I decided I needed to try.... just in case observant folks were to later accuse me of leaving something out! If you know where to look you can spot it in the above picture.... just to the right of the front door... can you see it? Yes, I have added a few of last year's lilac blossom seed pods to the shrub! Most people do not even notice them in RL, but I assure you this past year produced an abundance of them in our local shrubs., so I had plenty of models to follow.

Here you can see one of the shrubs where I work...

And a couple more examples silhouetted against the sky.

Even my own little shrub had a few still clinging to the stems...

I harvested one so I could see how it was shaped.....
And then I just had to see if I could make something like it.
Working on the same principle as the blossoms, 
but starting with a tiny punched star
 (because we didn't need petals)
I cut them in half...

Glue them to a thread.....
And when that is dry, add a dab of glue
 and twist the paper around the thread...
leaving it a little open as though the seeds have fallen.

The white pieces above are the seed pods drying.
(Meanwhile the lilac blossom production is under way for Forty-nine!)

And then we paint them a dried brown color.

And start the assembly process.... 
still just testing here!

And making the clusters of pods.... 
the blossom is actually a bunch of little stems...

And attaching them to the brown painted stem.
At this point, Dear Readers, I believe I am getting
 a good enough result that I started in on a whole batch of them!
Unlike the blossoms, they can be made with fewer pieces...
 so one week's batch made six more seed pods.
Meanwhile, Blossom number Forty-nine is completed!

And here it is in the box!
Soon... very soon, it will be time
 to start attaching them to the spring shrub!

And here is this week's batch of ten leafy stems all done too...
(Spring is right on schedule....!)

So did you spot the dried seed pod on the shrub?

On the branch by the door....

Believe me, I'll understand if you couldn't see them at all!

All seven of the seed pods are attached in the shrub.
And even though it is such a tiny detail
 it might not be noticed at all, Dear Readers, 
I am glad I made them,
 because I will know they are there!


  1. Aunque no se notará el echo de saberlo tu es una satisfacción
    La naturaleza nos ayuda a nuestra creatividad
    Ha quedado precioso.
    Un abrazo

  2. Yes, I had to look very well, but I now see this important detail at the winter Lilac shrub. I assure you that I now also know they are there ;D. You've done a good job on this, Betsy, great result!!
    Meanwhile it seems that you act a bit, like I do....walking around now and then in someone else's garden, in your search for the Real Life examples of plants ;D! Take note: you might have behave suspicious in someone else's eyes, when they see you in their garden *broad grin*. At least it this often happens to me...yes, we do the most odd things for making miniatures. And a warm welcome to number forty-nine Liliac Blossom!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Hello Betsy,
    You just keep on pushing the envelope. The seed pods are fantastic and are such a great touch. You were very clever in making them because they look incredibly realistic. I am glad you added them because I know people will be so entranced by the shrub that they will stare at every inch to make sure they do not miss a thing. Incredible work, as usual!
    Big hug

  4. Your attention to the Tiniest of Details is what makes your work so interesting to see,Betsy. Nicely done and I am Loving the looks of all those Leaves in Waiting...

  5. I love that detail! That's the sort of thing that you're so amazingly good at. And the lilac bush just looks more right to me now.

  6. Wow! Such a little detail but a brilliant one! It's what makes your work so perfect. And all those stunning blossoms! I long to see them on the bushes and know that it's only a short wait.

  7. Pat is off to pick up Dara at the airport, so I can sit here eating my lasagna and looking at your blog. Well, I'm so glad I did - how amazing are those little seed pods! No, I didn't spot it on the bush. I am looking forward to real spring (very late here in NM) but also to spring in dolls-house-land, where the blossoms will bloom on the bushes.
    Lots of love,

  8. I pinch myself at your incredible detail Betsy. I was going cross-eyed for trying to spot it in the first picture but had to cheat so I know where to look. It is often the tiniest details that make all the difference.
    Can wait for your spring to spring properly.
    Best Anna X

  9. Seed pods! How marvelous! And of course, you're gong to make a vase with cuttings from the shrub to display inside the house? Seeing that box so full of springtime happiness gives me so much hope! I am so excited for the day when you get to share photos of the blossoms and leaves attached to the springtime and summer shrubs! It's going to be magnificent!

  10. The seed pods are fantastic. Small details make the difference.

  11. Oooh! las pequeñas semillas quedan fabulosas!!

  12. Amazing job on the pods nope I am sorry to say I didn't spot it on the branch in the first picture. They look fantastic on the shrub.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Hello, Betsy - Yes, I did spot the seed pod in your first photo, but only after you hinted at where to look! I was pleased with myself, since I've never actually seen a lilac blossom seed pod - but I recognized it right away. I love those seed pods; they lend so much character and detail to the already perfect bush. These lilac bushes just keep on getting better and better and more and more real! I suppose that next, you'll find a way to add real lilac scent to the blossoms! That won't surprise me a bit.

  14. I'm still smiling about Jodi's suggestion - yes, cutting off some branches to bring some lilac scent into the house is a great idea. I already foresee your struggle how to create the look of freshly cut branches on your shrub… *broadgrin* - Your seed pods are another fantastic detail and as always I'm in awe that you a) did not forget about them and b) managed to create them so well. They look awesome! This is for sure a detail that can't be missed, they are so typical for lilacs… And although we too know now they're there - but they are well visible. Oh, and I'm already so excited - No. 50 is on its way!!! What a milestone… would be worth a big celebration. ;O)


  15. That's something that would never enter my head - seed pods. It would be enough for me to get the blossom up there!