Monday, April 1, 2019

Now Showing.....

Gallery Exhibit....

I have been invited to Show my work in a Real Gallery exhibit, Dear Readers, and it has caused me to have to step out of my comfort zone! I apologize for the blurry photo, but my hand was a little unsteady when I first arrived to the Gallery Opening on Sunday and saw my drawings on display, so the photo is not very clear. The show is in a local gallery CX Silver Gallery, and the exhibit is the art of the faculty (and staff!) at the school where I work. They wanted a selection of my Christmas Card Drawings.... and when they saw that the recent ones were all about Dollhouses.... they wanted one of them too! I decided that the only one that was portable enough... and finished enough... was The Secret Christmas House....

So I put together a little display with the Secret Christmas House
 carefully set up under a glass dome,
 with a magnifying glass for looking closer.
On one wall are eight of my early cards.... 
done all in black and white...
 because color reproduction was terribly expensive back then.
Of course, they are full of tiny detail
 and you can't get a good view in these pictures.

On the opposite wall are a few of the early ones where I added color....
You can see a little more detail on these.

And on the third wall are the rest of the color ones.
You have probably seen these before
 as they are all more recent and I have shown them
 here on the blog at Christmas.
Just to their left is where the Secret Christmas House sits,
 so the reference to it in the Cards becomes obvious.
They want me to do a book...!
And meanwhile, Dear Readers, 
all I can think about are the leaves I have to make....

Ten more leafy branches done!
(I know this will get boring!)

And blossom number Fifty!

And in the box!
I know the temptation is there to celebrate now...
But we are Not Quite There!
Do you see the empty corner in the box...
I am aiming for at least two more Blossoms
 before I am satisfied!

But perhaps we can Celebrate 
the Gallery opening, Dear Readers,
Because every little Showing 
has to Count for something!


  1. Enhorabuena por tu exposición,que orgullo ver tus dibujos y la pequeña cúpula de navidad expuestos,ya nos contarás que tal la experiencia!!!!

  2. WOWEEEE, Betsy, an exhibition in a Gallery, how cool and so well deserved, your work is exquisite!!! I love the dome with your teeny tiny Christmas House in it, so nice as a reference to the drawings and for looking how tiny it all is, gorgeous!!
    What a great way too, to celebrate the birth of your Liliac Blossom number fifty and NOOO, you're never boring with making/showing us those blossoms AND the leafy branches. It's so much work, people don't realise that enough ;O!! Once more: congratulations for being exhibited your work!
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Congratulations! Now I am going to go back, and look through the story about building that tiny tiny house! Your mini friends are going to love having 'real' lilac blooms this Spring...

  4. Hello Betsy,
    Congratulations! I am so happy you got to display your wonderful artwork. It is fantastic that people can enjoy your incredible talent. So, when is the book coming out?
    Big hug

  5. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. A show and they want you to do a book! That is so cool. I'm with Giac! When are you publishing?

  6. Well, it looks as tho you now have to do a book! Wow.
    Congratulations, richly deserved;
    Have you been making lilac blossoms for almost a year? If it's one a week, that would be true. Gosh, what patience/persistence! And how lovely.
    The recognition you deserve.
    Lots of love,

  7. Oh Betsy! How lovely and So Well Deserved! I am so happy that your incredible artistry will be on display for so many to admire! If only they could see all of your houses and all of the astounding creativity that pours from your being! I am so proud of you, and it feels like one of my best friends just won and Oscar! I hope the local paper will print an article with you standing by the art so that more folks can come by and see your incredible cards and wee Christmas house!!!
    And not to forget... There is nothing boring to us miniaturists about 10 more leafy branches and The 50th Blossom!!! We know that is a huge accomplishment and should be celebrated!!! Congratulations on all the accomplishments!

  8. BRAVO, BETSY!!!! I am so Excited for you and What a Feather in your Artist's Cap to have the privilege of displaying your ENORMOUS Talents in such an Enthusiastic Venue!!!!
    and I 100% agree with the Gallery that you put together an actual book of all your drawings, including photos of your dollhouses - YES DO! PLEASE!

    and so Lilac On: and forward march into April! :D

  9. Oh, Betsy - A Gallery Exhibit is so exciting! I'm very happy that you have the opportunity to show your wonderful Christmas Cards; this display is a perfect way to bring your special talents forward. I love the way you're showing your Secret Christmas House under the glass dome - and with a magnifying glass! Ideal! Congratulations on this exhibit and on your forthcoming book! And, of course, on the 50th lilac blossom!

  10. Wow! How cool is that! I too want to know when the book will be out. :D I love the idea of the house under the dome and how thoughtful of you to provide a magnifying glass for your viewers. I'm sure they were all enchanted by your art and your house! Congratulations.

  11. Wow what an exciting Gallery Exhibit! Your stunning Christmas cards and tiny house under a dome deserve to be shared and get credit for your amazing work. Congratulations!!! I hope to congratulate you on a coming book as well very soon.
    Your gorgeous lilac blossoms and leaves are never boring. I just love seeing their number growing and know how time consuming they are.
    Hugs, Drora

  12. Congratulations wow what a wonderful exhibit. I am sure your wonderful house and cards will spark an interest in Dollhouses. Wow a book is a fantastic idea. Almost there with the blooms :)
    Hugs Maria

  13. What exciting and fantastic news - I'm feeling so happy for you! It's so great that your awesome talent is now exhibited in this gallery - I would love to see people's faces when admiring your wonderful drawings and then finding out that the tiny Secret House on some of the paintings is not only standing before them but is that teenytiny! A good idea to include the magnifying glass… the visitors of the gallery are not that lucky as us blog readers who were able to enjoy your fantastic photos showing all those incredible details. And bravo to those people who want you to write a book - didn't we, your dedicated readers, suggested this for long? Go, Betsy, go… even if this means you would have to cut your lilac leaf production back to "only" 9 branches a week. *grin* Really, you will never be able to bore me with your growing lilac family - and I still think that No. 50 is a wonderful reason to celebrate. Even more now after this exciting event. So deserved!


  14. Oh, I almost forgot - whenever your book is finished, don't forget to reserve one piece for me!!! ;O)

  15. A bit late but congratulations to you nevertheless. How nice to have your work exhibited like that - you must have been so pleased.