Monday, April 29, 2019

And Still More Leaves....

So Little To Show.... But The Promise of Spring...

I am Sure you will be screaming in frustration, Dear Readers, when I tell you that the Lilac Shrub is still not covered in blossoms. I know, it is taking forever to assemble all the parts of this soon to be Glorious blooming Lilac bush! And I will reassure you that I am Not screaming in frustration, but am jumpy with excitement that we are Almost there! But I cannot bring myself to show you even a glimpse of the shrub in progress.... I just don't want to spoil the "reveal" of the completed bush. But I can show you another little detail that I realized was necessary to add in order to complete the blooming shrub. Above you can see the beginnings of leaves which need to be added to the stems of the single blossoms. They need to be glued and painted before attaching them to the already finished blossom stems. That way there is less risk of damage to the blossoms. I have only made this sample bunch because I don't know just how many I will need in the end!

I painted them the same way I painted the rest of the leaves...
first a stripe of pale green down the middle of the top side
and then the undersides are painted in the same green.

Then the top sides get the darker green painted up to the middle,
 leaving just a thin stripe of the paler green showing for the center rib of the leaf.

Then the leaves are twisted around the blossom stem and glued securely.
(This means waiting while the glue dries!)

And when it is dry, you can shape the leaves
 as I showed you in the last post....

So the stems are pointed upwards and the leaves fold downward.
Now this blossom is ready to attach to the shrub!

And lest you think I have been doing nothing, Dear Readers,
 I will tell you that the ninety leafy stems I had completed last week
 have all been glued to the shrub!
And I have made ten more leafy stems this week,
 bringing my total to 100 leafy stems!

Here are the last ten ready to be attached to the shrub!
But I am realizing that my original estimate
 of needing 120 leafy stems was probably accurate.
So I will be doing my best to make 20 leafy stems this week.
Because I Promise you Dear Readers,
 that Next week this lilac will be in Bloom!
And just so you know,
 Mother Nature is still not ready either!

Here you can see my RL lilac shrub
 with its tiny blossom just barely started from the bud.
The lilacs rarely bloom before May in this part of the world,
 and we are having a slow start to Spring.

Yes, there are Still more leaves to make, Dear Readers,
 and the blossoms to attach as well,
 But I just can't tell you how Excited I am
 about the Promise of Spring!


  1. Oh Betsy, I can hardly wait to see the completed shrub in mini, you make us so curious now with showing (perfect!) glimpses....;)!!! Everything you add/have added is neccessary to make a real looking lilac shrub, you even made more of the leafy stems and more. AND you had the patience/skills to make it all, wow! Your RL Liliac blossoms are promising and ready to start bloom, while their colleagues here, in The Netherlands, are almost bloomed out. I've so much enjoyed their scent, that it makes me think: you can enjoy the scent of yours in RL, even while you're looking at your miniature bush, dear Betsy, how cool is that?! As I told you before: I can hardly wait to see your glorious miniature Lilac shrub!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. It almost seems the R/L lilac shrub is waiting for you finish your work on the miniature one in order to bloom at the same time. I'd love to see them both side by side.

  3. Looks just like I remember! The amount of detail is just amazing!

  4. Spring is an eagerly awaited promise in your part of the world - I remember lilacs blooming profusely in early June the year I graduated from The Putney School in southern Vermont. Those little lilac stems with the blossoms attached are just magically beautiful!
    Much love,

  5. Oh how pretty, can't wait to see the shrub completed.

  6. Spring has finally come to Lincoln, Nebraska, but I haven't seen any lilacs yet, so I'm eagerly waiting for your mini lilac shrub to blossom! It seems as though it's on the same schedule as your real one; it would be a special treat to see them both together in full bloom.

  7. Esto va a ser impresionante,casi no puedo esperar a verlo! Aún sabiendo cuanto cuesta hacer tantísimas hojas y flores,lo espero con ansia!!!

  8. Estás logrando unas lilas increíbles, un trabajo fantástico, felicidades:-)

  9. Hope springs eternal and thus are your mini lilacs also springing into life!


  10. Frustration is something that would never occur to me when visiting your blog! But I feel a very strong anticipation and excitement now that the big day is coming nearer. Oh, this will be an awesome sight. Your assembled lilac blossom is already so teasing… btw seeing this I heard from somewhere a voice shouting "Quick, put me in a vase!!!" No doubt about it, you will have to make not only more leaves than you expected but also more lilac blossoms, Will might not have a green thumb but even he won't be able to stand the temptation of having clouds of lilac flowers and their scent in the house. And I must say I was thinking the same as Drora - it appears that your real lilac is holding back not to steal the show of your miniature one. ;O)


  11. No frustration here Dear Betsy! Just total admiration and excitement at seeing one incredible lilac blossom with a cluster of gorgeous leaves! My excitement grows and the anticipation is wonderful!

  12. I am really looking forward to seeing your bush in bloom. The bloom looks beautiful with the new leaves.
    Hugs Maria