Monday, May 6, 2019

Oh May!

Oh My....!

I Hope you can Imagine, Dear Readers, just how Happy I am to be able to Finally show you the Blooming Lilac Shrub! And I hope you can understand how difficult it is to get good pictures! The weather in this part of the world has been relentlessly cold and rainy and gloomy. This morning was the first sunny morning in weeks... but I leave for work before the sun climbs over the neighbor's house to shine in my windows. I tried to catch a few early pictures, but the low light just makes getting good focus really a challenge! And the "evening" shots, like the one above, either look glaringly bright or still a bit gloomy. So I will be trying to get better shots in the coming week, but meanwhile I will show you the best I could do today since the bush was only completed last night! For now, we can pretend it is early in the morning .....

And perhaps you stepped outside onto the porch.... 
and realized suddenly that spring has truly arrived...

The lilac is covered in blooms and the scent is just heavenly!

It is hard to imagine that just such a short time ago, 
the stems and branches were all so bare!

Now they are covered in a froth of bloom...

What can I say....!

I am So in love with this Lilac Bush!

The early morning does not disappoint....!
And perhaps there is a little room in our hearts
 for the artificial evening light too...!
But I can promise you one thing, Dear Readers,
 You have not see the last of this Blooming lilac shrub!
Oh Me Oh My Oh May....  
I just Love this lilac!
(Can you Believe I finished it...?!)


  1. Dear Betsy, Congratulations, your lilac bush is realistic and a work of art. I do hope we will see many more photos. I will not grow tired of it.
    My lilac is in full bloom too and very similar in colour.

    All your careful work has produced something beautiful.
    Regards and thanks Janine

  2. Enhorabuena y muchas felicidades!!! El arbusto es simplemente magnífico y se ve impresionante!!!
    Las muchas horas de trabajo se ven compensadas!!!!

  3. Absolutely wonderful, love it so much!! Pam

  4. WOW, Betsy, you made it: it's May, so HAPPY MAY to you, and even with your beautiful mini Liliac Shrub in bloom in front of your (doll)house! The result is excellent, more than all your effort worth it! I hope seeing more photos of the Lilac, whenvever you can make them ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. You did it Betsy!!! Wow, wow, wow. Looking at the photos I had to tell myself that this is not a real shrub but the one you made. It´s so beautiful and it looks so real that is hard to believe it´s a miniature. It seems like yesterday that you started counting how many flowers and leaves you needed it to make it happen. At that time it seemed a huge and overwhelming task but you bit the bullet, dreamed big and look at you today, showing proudly the fruit of all the effort. I congratulate you and admire you. Betsy, it´s the most beautiful lilac shrub you could dream of. I love it!! More accurately, I´m in awe.

  6. I'm in love with your lilac bush too Betsy. You've done a wonderful job of it. So realistic and so, so pretty :)

  7. Magnificent! A Thing of Beauty! A Marvel! So full and lush and lovely! Perfectly filled and arranged and oh so gorgeous against the vibrantly colored Folly! I can imagine the sense of accomplishment you must feel at taking an idea, breaking it down to it's smallest detail, practicing then carefully creating each tiny part that makes up the whole! To have calculated just what it would take to make this dream, adapting an enormous schedule, then producing week after week such outstanding and many parts and components to create not one but all four seasons! Oh Betsy it's simply amazing and so much more incredible than I could even have imagined! I am so excited to see each of them in place and hope that the perfect light will find you soon to commemorate this exceptional accomplishment!

  8. Oh me oh my oh May, indeed!
    You have outdone yourself. That lilac bush is absolutely true to life and worth every minute you put in to all the details. A bush of love.
    Much more love,

  9. Absolutely mind blowing!!! Gorgeous beyond words!!!
    Magnificent work!

  10. Woww
    Después de un trabajo tan minucioso ha quedado fantástico.
    Un saludo

  11. Oh Betsy...It's so Beautiful! I just want to shrink down and sit under it and inhale the scent.

  12. Your lilac bush is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!!
    It looks more REAL than nature, even when the photos are Magnified so that they fill the screen!!!
    It is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TREE I'VE EVER SEEN IN MINIATURE and I applaud your persistence and your perfectionism regarding every tiny blossom, leaf and mossy bit of bark you have so painstakingly laboured over for months and months - I am Clapping LOUD AND LONG for what you've achieved Betsy, and in my opinion, you deserve to take A THOUSAND BOWS- Congratulations!!!!! :D


  13. Oh, Betsy - I think your dreams have come true! I'm of the same mind as Elizabeth - this is the most beautiful, most realistic, and most magical tree that I've ever seen in miniature. It's glorious to see it suddenly burst forth in full bloom after waiting and watching all those long winter months. And your timing is exactly right! It's so good to see how your painstaking work has resulted in a thing of such absolute beauty and perfection. I'm out of words to tell you how much I love this magnificent lilac shrub!
    Congratulations - over and over!!!

  14. It was worth the effort you gave!!!A very realistic lilac tree

  15. Impressive! It looks fabulous! And just the right amount of blossoms and leaves. Love it!

  16. Oh! May I join the choir of deepest admiration? This is a triumph in every way, all your work and effort paid off. And although it was clear right from the start when blossom No. 1 entered the box that in the end there would be an amazing lilac shrub in full bloom it's impressive how this turned out. This is a true masterpiece and I can almost smell the shrub's lovely scent around here. I only foresee a future problem: It will be hard to replace this awesome, stunning, fantastic, gorgeous, terrific, wonderful and drop-dead-beautiful blooming lilac shrub for the summer/autumn/winter scene… ;O) I'm really looking forward to see many more pictures of this awesome lilac - and you should grant yourself a little reward to celebrate the finishing of this extraordinary miniature tree. You really deserve something for this wonderful work - maybe a good cup of coffee and one, two, three, four pieces of Kaffeeklatsch-cake? ;O)


  17. The colors of the blossoms look really great with the color palette of your house. Great job!