Monday, May 20, 2019

A Moment of Sunshine....

Catch It If You Can.....

Some of you, Dear Readers, might have wondered where Will was now that the Lilacs were in full bloom. I can promise you that like many of us, he was hurrying to and from work every day in the rainy and gloomy weather, and had not been paying the lilacs any attention. So one sunny morning as he stepped out on the porch the blooming bush really took him by surprise! He could not believe he had not noticed before. It seemed almost as if the blossoms had appeared overnight!

It was such a magnificent sight that it stopped him in his tracks!

He was almost positive that the bush had never bloomed so beautifully before....
At least he could not remember if it had....

Or perhaps he had just been somewhere else when they bloomed!
But the scent was just Heavenly!

It made him wish he could share the experience.... 
Perhaps he would make a plan after work...!
But then, Dear Readers, there was a Moment
 when the sun really did shine in!

A Brief visit in the early morning....
Oh, what a rare thing this has been!
Can you see why I am so glad to see it shining on my Little Worlds?

I grabbed my camera to try and capture it...

 Even Will was astonished at the brilliance...!

And then it was gone!

I'll invite a few friends over for a cook-out... he decides.
This is just too special to miss!

Meanwhile, I have finished another blossom....
The Fifty-something-eth blossom!

And I added it to the vase on the mantel of The Folly.
(How many blossoms do you think each bouquet will need?)

Well, Dear Readers, it is a good thing
 that I can just keep on making lilac blossoms
 while I am waiting for the sun to shine.
Those moments are Rare, but Heavenly....
So catch them when you can!


  1. So pretty. I can't get over how wonderful it looks.

  2. Que maravilla que Will haya podido re-descubrir las lilas en un día de sol!La idea de invitar a unos amigos para que disfruten del espectáculo de la floración,es una gran idea!
    Mientras tus jarrones se irán llenando de nuevas y perfectas lilas!

  3. Sunshine has been scarce here, too.
    It's nice to see one of your characters again! Welcome Will, now hurry off to work...

  4. The morning sun lights up the lilac shrub as if it knows she is the star on center stage and this is her moment! The effect gives me a little glimpse of what I imagine heaven might be like, and in my mind's nose it is also magical!
    I know you showed us photos last week of the mantle, but I only just noticed the replica room box and was delighted beyond words! Just lovely, Betsy! And how many blossoms in a vase? As many as possible!!!

  5. Hi, Betsy - Sunshine is a rarity here, too, so it's a special treat to find it shining so cheerfully on your lilac shrub. Sheer beauty! I agree with Jodi that the mantel vases should have as many blossoms as possible. Now I'm wondering if you'll be making minuscule lilac blossoms for the minuscule mantel of the replica room box!

  6. Great that you finally got some sunshine and you were able to catch it on camera, Betsy. These pictures give us a great impression of your gorgeous Lilac shrubs, we all enjoy it now to the fullest, dear friend, thank you :)!
    And you ask how many blossoms in a vase? Well, personally I think not too much, because (if I may remind you to this): less is more ;O. Too much in one vase won't show much of the beauty of each of the blossoms, so these three in the vase are looking great there on the mantle, this is what I think. Anyway, I really love seeing them in full glory.
    Regarding the sunshine: if I could, I would send you lots of sunshine asyou want, because here we have too much sunshine and sadly still no rain at since the severe drought of last year the land isn't recovered at all, no, after a dry and warm winter this spring the lack of water is even more worse for the farmers....
    But back to your flowers: it was a pure joy to see your blossoms, Betsy, you can be so proud of your work, it was so worth it.
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Oh how wonderful, sunshine and lilacs!! I am so happy that you and Will got to enjoy this brillian moment and I wish you more moments like this to come. Your lilac shrubs are magnificent and having sunshine is just the ice on the cake (or something like that lol) I discovered something on you beautiful photos... a mini roombox... Oh my, how brilliant, I am still in awe, love it!

  8. You know you've struck gold when the sunshine reveals that your miniature shrub looks as good in Intense Sunlight as a Real One does!
    And I am glad that Will made an effort to stop and smell the lilacs before he went inside, the fragrance must be Swoon-Worthy for anyone standing on the front porch.


  9. "It seemed almost as if the blossoms had appeared overnight!"
    Maybe for Will, we know Just how long you have been laboring. Those sunny photos--WoW! Thanks for sharing your process with us!

  10. I am simply taking my time looking at these beautiful photos. Sunshine on the Lilacs is stunning. So Will at last noticed their beauty. Maybe it's the heavenly perfume combined with sunshine that made him do so.
    Hugs, Drora

  11. I suppose the sunbeams have just been curious and wanted to discover the most amazing miniature version of a lilac tree ever to be found. But what a perfect timing that you had your camera at hand to catch them… as you may remember I'm quite the opposite… I never have my camera at hand when I need it. *LOL* And Will was "almost positive that the bush had never bloomed so beautifully before"... hmmm… how can that be? *grin* But I must say inviting friends to a lilac-blooming party is a wonderful idea. Not only that it's always fun to meet those old friends of your miniature world (and having in mind that Halloween is still so very far away… btw... I'm wondering about Daphne... maybe someone should plant a lilac tree in that French park... Renee would love this! *teehee*) but celebrating nature's beauty is really a great idea. In the meantime welcome and hooray to blossom No. 50+x... and according to my modest opinion 5 stems would be my choice to fill your vase.


  12. Sunshine on the lilac tree is amazing and and gives the scene a touch of reality. Will seems to appreciate the scent of flowers.

  13. Great work! You even had the little clippers! I enjoyed this post.