Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Oh What A Beautiful Morning.....

A Memorial Day Cook-out....

I Hope you won't mind Dear Readers, if I once again Regale you with pictures of The Lilac bush in sunshine! We had a couple of sunny days and they were not only sunny but on a Holiday weekend too! It was so delightful to finally feel as if Summer was planning to show up sometime this year.
I had to take a bunch more pictures of this beautiful blossoming bush and share them with you!

And I will say that the local RL lilacs are finally in bloom too!

 I feel as though I need to capture every possible minute of sunshine.....

Oh, what a glorious morning it is!

The sunshine makes such a difference!

It is even lighting up the kitchen of The Folly!
And Will has invited his friends over for a cook-out...
He needs to get ready!

Over at The Lovely Old Dollhouse,
 Arthur suddenly remembers they promised to go to the Cook-out!
"When are we supposed to be there?" he asks Pollyanna.
 "Oh, I think he said early afternoon..." she replied.
"Maybe we should go now!" she added.
They were the first to arrive and Will was just getting the fire going.

Pollyanna decides to join Gabrielle at the porch.
(She has noticed that Gabrielle and Will seem to be dating a lot.)

Arthur has noticed this too....
"So, are you and Gabrielle.....?" he asks Will.
Will tries to not make a big deal of it.... 
"Well, I like her.... she's a lot of fun..." he says.

Then Victor and Joanna arrive....
 they head for the refreshments first, 
it is finally warming up outside!
And last but not least, Charles asks Helen
 if she is ready to head to the cook-out...
They decided to arrive a little late and leave a little early...

They didn't want to sit for too long outside!
Helen has found a lovely stone bench overlooking the brook...
Somebody needs to clean this place up, she thinks to herself.
"What a lovely view..." says Charles!

Well, Dear Readers, you might be wondering
 if I did nothing else on these sunny days...
But I assure you, I completed another lilac blossom!

And joined it with last week's blossom to make another double one....

And added some leaves....

And tested it in the other jar on the mantel....

And started to make some blossoms for the Tiny Room-box.....
(They need a bit of work still....)

Here you can see it with a bit more light....
Still a long way to go.... but it is a start!

As for the Cook-out....

It was such a beautiful day, 
Nobody seemed to notice, Dear Readers, 
how long it took to get the food cooked!


  1. I still can't get over how pretty the lilac bush is and how gorgeous the blossoms are. Hope everyone had a good time at the picnic.

  2. Hi Betsy, sunshine brings out the best in everyone, the lilacs look beautifull in bloom :) Tony

  3. Ah glorious sunshine! I am so delighted that you are making vases of lilacs for the tiny room box, too! The mantle looks lively and the vases of blooms look gorgeous! I also enjoyed the photo of the Folly's kitchen - what an inviting room and breathtaking mural! A cookout in the sunshine is such a fun story line, and with the Folly and newly blooming lilac as the backdrop, it's a magical scene! I hope your neck of the woods is in for many sunny days to come and lots of great photo ops in this amazing garden!

  4. "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy" and what a joy to see so much of it streaming into your world of make-believe and gracing the shoulders of your exclusive neighbourhood of interesting little people, as they get ready to celebrate Memorial Day!
    I am so glad that they could see the lilac tree in all its blooming glory and that the warm, sunny day allowed for a outdoor BBQ, since food always tastes better when cooked outdoors and eaten with friends!
    I hope that Will and Gabrielle continue to take it slow and learn to enjoy being friends first-that's important.
    Love the look of the vases of lilacs on the mantle and WHO BUT YOU, would think to make some for the teeny tiny roombox on the bookshelf????!
    You are truly One in a Million, Betsy! :D
    Enjoy the sunshine!!!


  5. Ooooh, your Lilac shrubs are a feast for the eyes, Betsy, I can't get enough of seeing them :D!! I'm glad to read that your real life lilacs are blooming too, so cheerful and their scent....it's so delicious.
    How nice that although you got sunny days, you even completed two new lilac blossoms, they look beautiful there in the jars on the mantle. But WOW, even the miniature 1:44 gets their lilac blossoms, how amazing!!! Your perseverance is endless in making lilac blossoms, Betsy, even in 1:144 scale?!
    I see that the cook-out was a success for everyone, of course they had to enjoy the first outdoor event of the year. I hope the food was ready at the end of the day hehehehe ;O?!
    Enjoy your sunny days as long as they are there, Betsy!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Just a breath taking scene! All those hours and hours have been worth it. It's a piece of art!

  7. Lovely Betsy! It’s amazing how a little sunshine can make you feel sooo good!

  8. As with any sunshine... I will never tire of it. The rays lighting up the lilac scrub is just stunning and I am certain I can hear the bees buzzing.

  9. Wow the Lilac bushes are gorgeous and show up beautiful in the sunshine. If I didn't know they were mini's I would believe them to be real. The cook-out looks like a lot of fun.
    Hugs Maria

  10. The lilac bush is at its best with the sun shining on it and so are the vases filled with the gorgeous Lilac blooms.
    It's lovely to see the little people enjoying the cook-out.
    I wish you lots of more sunshiny days.
    Hugs, Drora

  11. The sunhine makes the plant look real and and highlights its beauty.
    The tiny roombox is amazing.

  12. Now it's pretty clear… In my last comment I supposed the sun to be curious about your gorgeous miniature lilac shrub - but now I know the sun too is a big admirer of your miniature art and really enjoys to visit your miniature world and to wander with its sunbeams through your scenes. Needless to say that I can't get enough of pictures of this magnificent lilac - but it was also a big pleasure to enjoy this stunning photo of the Folly's kitchen enchanted by sunbeams.

    And of course it was pure joy to meet all these dear friends again joining for a cook-out. So nice that Arthur added the laptop to his repertoire of napping to keep his wife company in her hobby room. And I'm happy for Will that he's got a thing going on with Gabrielle after Daphne had to break with him. ;O) I have no doubt all mini friends had a wonderful afternoon together enjoying the sun, their friendship and of course the beauty of nature being represented in a beautiful lilac. But I really wonder if Helen and Charles managed to stick to their concept of arriving late and leaving early. But I was not a bit surprised to discover the teenytiny lilacs… *grin*

    Birgit (who still needs to say that Mrs. Swan and her child are beautiful)

  13. This is Mom, commenting at Daydreamer's house. I am amazed by the lilac bush. I am here, visiting Daydreamer, and looking at the wonderful dolls houses in their native habitat. They are amazing! The patience, and the artistic talent involved is truly wondrous. Love from

  14. Hi, Betsy - Sunshine and lilacs! What a perfect prelude to summer. I'm still in awe at the realism of your lilac shrubs, and I've enjoyed the photos so much. The lilac bouquets on the mantel are looking lovely - and I'm so happy to see the tiniest lilac blossoms on the tiny Room-Box mantel. Bravo!

  15. Stupendous, gorgeous, amazing lilac ,,,