Monday, July 1, 2019

Lilac Blossoms....

Done At Last.....!

You May not believe it, Dear Readers, but I am Celebrating the completion of the Lilac Blossom Marathon that has been dominating my mini life for more than a Year! "What....?" I hear some of you crying out..."Before the milk jug bouquet is full....?" Well, I managed a Grand Finale of sorts.... above you can see the first of the Weekly Blossoms I completed this week....

Followed immediately by the second Weekly Blossom....
(For the fourth week running...)
All lined up in the blossom box and already painted...
But wait.... what are those other white florets....?
Yes, the Third Weekly Blossom was following quickly on the 
tails of the second one....!

Here are the first two finished already...
Because I had decided that enough is Enough!!!
This was to be the LAST of the lilac blossoms!

Here you can See the Final Floret.....!!!
Floret number 3,264 to be exact!!!

And here is the Final Blossom.... 
I decided to make it one of the Doubles.....

And here you can see I have attached them to a stem....
And added leaves to the single one....

Ta Dah! Ta Done!!!
The Grand Finale Trio!!!

Oh, but You want to see them in the Milk Jug?

Here is with just the first added to last week's blossom.

And then with the Double blossom added...!

A Slightly different angle.....

And way close up.....! 
Because I just want to Crow with Delight!

Here it is in the Folly Parlor....

And to prove that I did not just borrow blossoms
 from the Other bouquets, you can see them too!

And believe it or not, Dear Readers, 
I was also making about Fifty more of those little leaflets...

And then painting them.....

And more painting.....

And attaching them one by one
 to the already attached stems on the shrub...

Until each branch had it's second set of leaves.
They will each need a third set of leaves... 
still to be made and attached.
And then I will resume making the leafy branches
 before attaching them to the shrub...
 which will go a lot faster.
Oh, but you wanted to see the Milk Jug Bouquet
 at The Lovely Old Dollhouse?

I can't say I blame you... 
 They do look just Perfect there in the Kitchen...
*Sigh... *
I really do believe all that work was worth it!

And Yes, I have other things to do....
Not the least of which is the next batch of leaflets...

Fifty-two pairs ready for painting...!

Well, Dear Readers,
I hope you don't mind if I leave you here...
I am off to Celebrate!
My Reward for such Endurance is A new Kit....

Because, Heavens... I surely don't have enough to do
 Now that I am Done with the Lilac Blossoms!!!


  1. Have I ever been the first comment before?
    2018-19 the year of the lilac shrub! It must be with relief but mixed just a little with nostalgia as you finish the lilac blossoms. What a privilege to be the last one -
    they are amazing. So are you!
    Much love, Mom

  2. Hi Mom! This might just be a First!
    Yes, I will start to miss my lilac blossom appointments... when in doubt... make a floret has been the mantra! But I will Find a new plan...! Stay tuned! :):)

  3. I hear champagne corks popping somewhere in mini heaven! Congratulations dear Betsy on this incredible accomplishment! I can imagine as you knew you were only three away from Ta-Done that your heart beat and hands worked faster! And yet they are just as intricately beautiful as their 60 something predecessors! I still can't get over how much ingenuity, patience and precision gluing goes into each tiny task! The milk pitcher looks gorgeous from every angle, and it's the perfect color to let the lilacs be the star! It must feel invigorating to know that what was once a "crazy dream" is now so close to being an amazing accomplishment and something to enjoy forever!

  4. Woohoo!! The last one!! Yes, I am still around. Mostly lurking in the shadows but the last lilac blossom merits a comment don't you think ;-) I am in awe of your perseverance, precision and discipline. The lilacs look lovely as always and they fit the jug perfectly. I can smell the sweet scent of the lilacs....

    I miss you guys, my dollhouses and creating stuff but I have to be strong a little longer. Everything is boxed up as in a realtor's eye, it's all way too messy *sigh*.


  5. Congratulations! The lilac blossom marathon is completed! They look absolutely gorgeous. Every time I see them I feel homesick.

  6. 3,264!
    I can't believe that you were actually counting them, Betsy!!!! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! and so is the REACHING YOUR GOAL after an entire year!
    Everyone of us has acquired Lilac Envy and yet we feel SO PROUD of you and are Greatly Impressed by your Steady Patience and Endurance.
    Yes, you Deserve another kit and what a cutie it iIS too!
    Gold Medals and Congratulations for finishing the race, Betsy, they are SUPERB! ❤️

  7. Congratulations for reaching your goal and huge accomplishment.
    The jug full of lilacs looks gorgeous!
    Have fun with your new kit, you deserve it.

  8. Betsy, you are one of the most dedicated miniaturist I know :D I would have given up after a week. It was well worth the effort though, they look amazing

  9. I'm very lucky being able to type blind on my keyboard… because my eyes are producing a flood of tears now. Done with the lilacs you are? In the meaning of no more lilac making for me to admire in your posts??? Boohoohooooo… *sob* I fear I won't stand it... feels like falling into a dark hole... a totally vacuum… after having your lilacs in my life for so long… did I already say "boohoohoo"?

    But enough of that silly joking stuff - congrats on setting this landmark! Your summer lilac shrub plus the bouquets are without any doubt among the most amazing, awesome, beautiful and breath-taking miniature projects ever. Your dedication to this task and the diligence this took not to speak of all the time and the (almost) neverending repeat process when creating these… you have every reason to be proud of yourself! And treating yourself with this super cute and very promising kit was well deserved. But wait… do I hear a dreamer's voice whisper "Christmas project"??? Oh pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase… but... ehem... as I've said before… whatever it will be… I know by now I'll love it. ;O)

    But I can't leave together with my euphoria without mentioning how incredibly beautiful this lilac bouquet in the white jar is. Not only that a white jar was the perfect choice to let the flowers shine but the way the stems are arranged in it with just the perfect amount… stunning. I somehow envy your little people being able to enjoy this every day from now on... well… except when they need to be put away to have enough space for the Halloween and Thanksgiving preparations… *tweet* ;O)


  10. An impressive job! Congrats!! I really like the jug with lilacs. And the new kit is wonderful.

  11. What grand finale, Betsy, all of your Lilac Blossoms are gorgeous! The ones in the milk jugs makes all of the floral arrangements in the Folly Parlor complete. Congratulations on these results, it was worth all the work........and so good, that you've treated yourself on a new kit ;O!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  12. Is there anything I can say that has not been said before? I love the last lilac blossem just as much as the others. They look wonderful. They do so in the milk jug as everywhere else. Good luck with the rest of the shrub!


  13. Yay congrats on finishing the last lilac blossom though I think you might miss them I know I will:D They look wonderful in the white jug a perfect spot for them. Enjoy your new house.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Hi, Betsy - Congratulations on being TA-DONE with the lilac blossoms! I've spent a whole year admiring (and envying) your talent, your great attention to detail, your patience, and your amazing perseverance. Watching you achieve your Lilac Blossom dream has been a heart-warming pleasure, and I feel as proud of this accomplishment as though it were my own! The final blossoms in the milk jug are perfect, and The Lovely Old Dollhouse is the perfect setting for them. Now - enjoy your new kit - you've certainly earned it!

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