Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Three Little Things.....

Depending On How You Count....

As With most kits, Dear Readers, this alcove is made up of many layered pieces that must be punched out and glued together to achieve the desired results. Above you can see the front wall of the Alcove being glued to the main section. I am trying to not get too far ahead of myself with attaching all the pieces only to discover that I should have attached the wall paper or at least added primer to all the wood before I glued it together. And I also need to make a decision about how much of the floor I will be able to incorporate into the Sugarplum design... and then make the appropriate cuts. Along with that decision is the need to re-design the little shelf brackets that are supposed to flank the opening of the Alcove, but might not work where I am putting it in the Sugarplum kit. But at least the front opening arch, which is supposed to resemble a Stone archway, will be used as designed for the kit. I did manage to punch out the little support pieces and the stone arch itself and glued them together.

Here you can see the pieces for the arch attached.
The alcove is supposed to have little angled "wings" 
off the sides where the little shelves attach. 
I am not using the "wings" so I may have to redesign
 the little shelves to fit against a straight wall.
And because my weekend was busy with Family visits
 I did not get anything else accomplished on the Dollmaker's Studio!

But the second little thing I wanted to show you, Dear Readers,
 is another Tiny project I am trying to complete, 
which I started way last Fall!

This is going to be a Christmas Stocking done in Petit-point stitching.
 It is a kit by Janet Granger and will be a little village
 of houses under a starry night when it is done!

Here is what the pattern looks like.
I have only made one serious mistake so far...
 and it was not one I could undo, 
but it was not desperately bad either.
 I will leave you to see if you can spot it!

Here you can see I have added more of the trees....

And then the darker green shadow color.
And that is as far as I got
 before the Family visit demanded my attention.

And the Third little thing is
 the weekly Ten Leafy Stems that I completed!
I have decided that I need to attach them as I go from now on,
 so I can better estimate how many I will actually need to make.

So there you have it, Dear Readers, 
Three Little Things I managed to do on a busy Weekend! 
(Depending on how you are counting, that is!)


  1. Oh that stocking is going to be beautiful!

  2. Three Little Things but I know how much time they take Betsy. Even so, you have lots to feel proud of as you proceed on both your old and your new projects.
    Your needlepoint Christmas Stocking is going to be Beautiful!!!

  3. I so love your tiny petit point! And that is a lovely pattern.
    Happy stitching,

  4. It always puzzles me how working on many little things, somehow sums up to 'not much this week'. If only I could find that much minitime in my week I would be in heaven.
    The stocking is going to be so sweet, Betsy - I have not spotted where your version differ from the pattern, but am sure it is nothing more than a 'design variation'.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. The alcove is coming along nicely and makes me excited to see what it will look like when it's finished! I love the way the stone archway fits together, and I can't wait to see your magical painting on the stones!
    What a gorgeous stocking this will be! It looks as though you've gotten a great deal completed so far, and if there are any mistakes, I surely can't tell! Just lovely!
    Great job getting your "homework" done too, in spite of the more interesting social opportunities! I think adding the stems as you go will be so encouraging because you'll see real progress with each new branch!

  6. preciosa la forma del arco de piedra!! Y ese pequeño calcetín navideño será hermoso!
    Ánimo con todos esos tallos,piensa en lo bonito que se verá y en que cada vez,falta menos!

  7. Three little things? Well all miniatures are small are they not? But despite them often being small in size i have found many of them being quite daunting and huge before finishing them.

    Espescialy in those cases where you make ten of them!:-)


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  9. The alcove looks good already. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I also love the embroidery. There is something very appealing in tiny villages. And, bravo for not neglecting the weekly leaves job.
    Hugs, Drora

  10. Hi, Betsy - I'm really liking the alcove and the stone archway and am excited to see what's coming next! And no, I could not spot a mistake in your beautiful, tiny needlework. I love the little village beneath the starry sky; probably not even a major mistake could detract from its charm! I'm glad to see another Ten Leafy Stems completed, and attaching them as you go is a good idea. I should think it would be satisfying to know how many more you'll need to make - and to watch the shrub grow right before your eyes!

  11. Tus tres trabajos estupendos, un fin de semana bien aprovechado.
    la bota navideña de Janett va a quedarte muy bonita, es preciosa.
    Un abrazo

  12. I really had to smile about Drora's comment… about the appealing thing in tiny villages. Our dear friend knows for sure what she's talking about! *LOL* But now to your three things - you've accomplished so much again, we all know how time consuming things like these are. And I really had to nod about to your thoughts about not gluing too early.

    It's amazing how well the small kit fits into this alcove, everything looks like it was always meant to be just like this. What a wonderful window… and the stone arch will look terrific once you and your brushes have worked your magic. I really hope you'll be able to keep the complete vignette's floor… maybe as a small podium… it looks so lovely.

    And bravo for keeping up with your leaf schedule. Attaching the leaves while you're making them sounds like a great idea… and as a side effect we will get photos of your developing summer lilac. Hooray!

    And what a pleasure to see this stitching project - a wonderful pattern. Btw - did I already mention that this new project would be just PERFECT to become a Christmas House - the perfect place to hang your new beautiful stocking??? *LOL* (No, I'm not giving up yet… and you should not fear about sticking to one season in your house. At Santa's workshops at the north pole and in the shops of Käthe Wohlfahrt they're decorating for Christmas all year long - and if they can do it, you can do it too! *grin*)


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  14. I'm very impressed with the arch and the detail involved and although I looked hard, I certainly couldn't spot anything wrong with the little village. It's a lovely piece - as if you didn't have enough to do?