Monday, August 19, 2019

Paint While The Glue Dries.....

And Glue While The Paint Dries....

You Will think it silly Dear Readers, that I had forgotten how Slow going it was to attach the leafy stems to the Lilac shrub! You might remember that I had to attach so many leaves to the twigs that were already part of the shrub and then paint them and then shape them before I could even begin to attach the "regular" leafy stems to the shrub, and I simply assumed it would be easier and faster with the already constructed "leafy stems"! I was forgetting about waiting for the glue to dry. In the above picture you can see the shrub with all the attached leaves "shaped" correctly. It lets you see how bare the branches really are.... how much room there is that needs to be filled with the leafy stems. I have already attached about fifteen more stems to this shrub... all on the right side... I am not sure it is enough. I have made about sixty leafy stems so far in my ten stems per week regimen..... (on top of the fifty stems already on the shrub)... I don't think it will be enough!

At least I can "shape" the leafy stems much faster this way....
The above stem has been "shaped" on the left half
but not on the right.

Here you can see some of the "leafy stems" being glued on.....
 Just look for the large blobs of white glue... 
that is what has to dry completely before it can be painted over.
And because the stems have to be inserted around all the other leafy stems... 
I can only attach so many at once or they get
 knocked around too much while they are drying...
And the glue dries slowly in humid weather!

So while the glue dries... I paint the next batch of ten leafy stems!

Which takes a couple of hours altogether...

By which time the glued spots will have dried.
Above you can see a branch with a newly dry glue join
 (the stem on the right side)
Which looks too glossy and too much like a glued wire... 
so it needs to be painted over...
And I need to be able to keep track of all the newly dried stems
 so I don't forget to paint over the join!
It's complicated!

Here is a closer shot of the joined stem after it has been painted over...
it looks less glossy and a little more like the branch (I hope!).

So you can see Dear Readers, it is Slow Going...
Painting while the glue is drying and gluing while the paint is drying!

But I did manage to add a few stitches
 to the Starry Night Stocking!
And It Too is slow going! 
(Even though it has Nothing to do with Glue or Paint!) 


  1. There are so many steps Miss Betsy I don't know how you keep them straight or keep your vision from going double! But the results are gorgeous and the lilac shrub keeps getting fuller and more beautiful each time you update! I am glad that you can switch to painting/gluing/stitching while you wait because there is nothing more frustrating than idle hands with so much to do! The stocking is coming along beautifully, too!

  2. Sí que es lento,pero poco a poco se va volviendo cada vez más frondoso,va cobrando vida el arbusto!!
    Y la bota navideña avanza magníficamente!!!

  3. Oh yes... the slow process of adding leaves. Add some, go do other things, add more, go do other things.

    If you figure out how long the glue takes to dry you can set a timer to remind you to go back and glue more.

    I don't miss making trees. Though I'm tempted to try another.

  4. All good things take time and the scrub is looking amazing. I have not stopped by here for some time (R.L keeps getting in the way) and I am so impressed with your scrub, I think I would have 'taken short-cuts' a long, long time ago.
    Anna x

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  6. Your summer lilac is really filling out Betsy! The foliage looks 100% authentic and healthy too!

  7. Love the foliage and your Starry Night Stocking is going to be great too!

  8. Plants and plants and plants - they take so long, but the results are worth the effort. The stocking looks wonderful so far. :D

  9. Well here I am at last. It's been a crazy week here in the dessert southwest. Your shrub is amazing, and your dedication to its perfection is laudable. But I bet it's the only lilac shrub you'll ever make?
    Anyway, it's very beautiful and well worth it.
    Much love

  10. This would make a great song… "Paint while the glue dries… *tap-tap* and glue while the paint dries… woohooo… and then… let's leaf again… like we did all summer" *LOL* You're making a wonderful, outstanding and awesome job with this second lilac shrub - and of course with the stocking. It's amazing how much more the colors seem to shine with the starry blue night sky above. But now I hear Don McLean's song "Vincent" in my mind… well, maybe nicer than the "Paint while you glue" song… *grin*


  11. Birgit is right, there is a song there. Upon reading the lines i can instantly hear a jazzy tune in the background. Something like Minnie the Moocher perhaps? I have complimented you before on your tenacity. But your methodical aproach to this lilac shrub is truly humbling. And it is not even your only project. :-) good luck with the next stage!


  12. Hi, Betsy - You've worked out a great system for making your lilac leaves while making the best use of your time! The shrub is looking beautifully abundant already, even before you've finished with all the many, many, many leafy stems. As I seem to keep repeating, I am awed by your perseverance and patience!

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