Monday, August 12, 2019


It's the Little Things.....

After enjoying the visit with my son So much, Dear Readers, it was Difficult to see him go home! But my consolation is having my small studio back... it serves as the guest room from time to time... and so I was able to sit by the window and add a few stitches to the little petit-point stocking as you can see in the above picture. The pale blue snow drifts are almost invisible, but the stars and the beginning of the night sky are easily seen. I think I am going to adore this tiny stocking! And while I was trying to put my house back to "normal" (which really means dollhouse projects Everywhere!) I decided to paint the primer coats on the ground floor of the Dollmaker's Studio.

I have realized that I really need to get the ground floor structure
 completely set up before I can make the first floor section, 
the Sugarplum kit section fit securely to the lower part.
I am planning for the lower section to be mostly "stone"....
 meaning egg-carton stones most likely... 
and the upper section will probably have a half-timbered exterior.
Here you can see I am adding the primer coats to the lower section interior.

And the exterior too.

Then I painted the exterior a dark gray base coat. 
This is so that when I add the egg carton stones, 
the spaces that show between them will be a dark color. 
I know from experience how important this step is!
It is impossible to get the dark paint into all those cracks afterwards!

I am planning to make the floor stone as well, 
hence the gray paint there and around the doors and
 windows where the stone framing would show.

I am planning to have paneling on the walls
 and wooden beams overhead supporting the floor above.

And lest you think I was ignoring my
 Leaf-making responsibilities, Dear Readers,
 here you can see the Ten leafy stems for this week!

And I was all set to begin attaching some of these stems to the shrub
 when I remembered that all the ones that have already been attached
 need to have their leaves "shaped" before I can add any more stems!

This is what the shrub looks like 
before the leaves are "shaped" properly.
It is a complete mess!
 In a real shrub the leaves are all
 pointing their flat tops to the sun
 (little solar panels that they are!)
and are spaced evenly to fill all the gaps 
where the sun comes in.... 
and are all growing "upward" on the stems!
And they have a crease down the middle too....

If you look carefully at the leaves on the lower left
 you can see they are creased and are growing "upward" on their stems.... 
not just sticking out straight to the side of the stem!

This is a slow process....
 I manage to arrange about half of them....

You might not be able to see the difference, 
but the stems on the upper right side have been "shaped".
It makes for a much more orderly arrangement of the leaves.
It makes it easier to see where the new stems are needed... 
and will make it easier to add those stems.... 
once I have shaped all the leaves that are already attached!

And I even managed to do a little more stitching on the stocking!

Although I think I counted wrong somewhere
 between the stars and the roofs...
But I think it won't matter in the end.

So you can see I made Progress, Dear Readers, 
Even if it was all just Little Things!


  1. Que bien avanza tu bota navideña,ya se va viendo el motivo!!
    La estructura encaja perfectamente,el exterior en piedra es una idea que me gusta mucho!
    Claro que se nota la diferencia de las hojas apuntando al sol,10 tallos es un gran avance!!

  2. Hi Betsy! Saying goodbye again is always dreadful, but hopefully it won't be so long between his visits home again! The stocking is getting more adorable with every stitch and that night sky gives it a calm and bright feeling!
    I always love the look of egg carton stone, and I think in this lower part of the doll maker's house it will look charming! It can be fun and therapeutic, too, unlike brick where you are generally trying to keep things straight! I love the idea of exposed timbers for the top floors!
    I am taken aback each time you show us the closeups of the shrubs. You look at how lifelike the leaves and stems are, then realize again just how tiny each one of them is. Great progress on all fronts!

  3. I, too, love that emerging stocking. Maybe I'll knit you & Alex real Christmas stockings.
    What is that new kit going to turn in to?
    Much love,

  4. Any progress is good progress! The petit point looks lovely so far.

  5. HI, Betsy - It seems to me that you've made much progress, especially since you've progressed in three different directions! The tiny stitches on the Christmas stocking are a delight to see, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the proper arrangement of leaves on the lilac shrub. (This is probably something that I should already have known. I didn't.) Your plans for the Dollmaker's Studio sound interesting - I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  6. You've made amazing progress… I wish I could say the same about me... *LOL* So sad that your son's visit is already over again - but with this in mind it's even more amazing how much you've achieved. I really like your plans for the walls and floors of your project, egg carton stones, wood, beams… sounds great to me (and still shouts "Christmas" to me *teehee*) And as always your attention to every tiny detail when it comes to your lilac leaves me in awe. Not to forget your stitching, this made great progress to - the shape and the size of the stocking shows up very well already. Have fun whatever you do... making tiny stitches, keeping up with your leafy obligations, working on your new project… or whatever project.


  7. No matter where your son is he'll always be close and within a phone call away.
    I love the stitching scene. A beautiful piece.
    Hugs, Drora

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