Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Stitching Updates....



Small Progress....

It Could be argued, Dear Readers, that All progress on Minis is Small progress! And so I will leave you to be the Judge of whether the progress I have made is truly "small" or not! I am mostly working on the carpet in my evenings during the week, so it never feels like I am getting much done at all. And I would love to be able to devote myself entirely to the "seasonal" project... the Christmas Tree Skirt...  but it really is too challenging to stitch it by artificial light. I would be making too many mistakes in my counting of stitches and that is no fun! Here you can see the picture of the design on the kit label...

Just so you can see what the finished results are supposed to look like.
But I have to confess, I have already made some changes in the design!

I spent much of last weekend stitching on this
 and did make some good progress. 
It really is quite little and I wasn't able to get better pictures.
But perhaps you can see that I decided
 that there needed to be some "Reindeer"
 cavorting in the snowdrifts of this Village.
Well, the ones I made so far don't look like they are cavorting...
but we shall see what I manage to do with the next ones!
And that is all I have to show you, Dear Readers!
It might be Small progress, 
But I comfort myself with the thought that
 Any progress is Progress!



  1. Sí que has hecho un buen progreso en los dos proyectos! la adición de renos en la falda de navidad, me parece precioso, claro que no pueden faltar renos!!

  2. I'm sure the reindeer will come out looking beautiful.
    A couple of deer just walked across our street... They are beautiful but pretty dumb.
    Your blog is short today, as will be my comment..
    Much love,

  3. Of course, reindeers have to be there on the Christmas tree skirt, Betsy, it just looks if they're part of the design ;).
    And yes, any progress is progress, especially in mini, I do agree with you.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Betsy!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Hi Betsy. Your stitching is beautiful even though incomplete. And will be so satisfying when done. I love the idea of the reindeer! The perfect addition to a snowy scene. And I agree any progress is positive! Xx

  5. To me it looks like a lot of progress. The skirt will be gorgeous from I already can see and I love it that you chose the color of the houses' walls a lighter shade than what the picture looks. You also have stitched the most important part of the rug, the frame and the center. It's going to be as beautiful as all your rugs.
    Keep safe and calm.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. The wee reindeer look utterly at home between the little cottages - what a fabulous addition! Any progress is a good thing, besides there is that saying about enjoying the journey...
    Anna X

  7. Your embroideries are wonderful.

  8. How beautiful! I can't wait to see the fruition of all the stitches of love that you have been working on this year!!!

  9. I love the way the roses come along. A decoration that goes so well with soft furnishings in all ages. I also like the addition of reindeer to the snowy Village. How does one make them look cavorting. I think that is a daunting goal. But if someone can, that someone must be you, Betsy.


  10. I would call this big progress and I would be glad if I had anything this lovely on my "check, done"-list... *sigh* It's good to see you having fun with these stitching projects which are both stunning. I love the addition with the reindeers, what a wonderful idea. This will be the cherry on the cream - and it's always lovely to turn a kit into an ooak.

    Meanwhile in my part of the world I came to the shocking conclusion that I have much too much "C"-stuff (no, I won't mention the whole word and I won't in no way ever ask about the status quo of certain C-card, no, not me...). But I'm confident that everything will be at its place the coming Sunday...;O)

    Keep on stitching - and take good care of yourself!