Tuesday, June 21, 2022




Perhaps, Dear Readers, when you awoke early this Midsummer's Morning, you remembered at once that it was the beginning of that Longest Day of the year, and you leapt from your bed eager to see the dawn light come tip-toeing into every corner of the garden. Or perhaps, when you awoke, it was to discover a chilly fog laden mist shrouded the world in mystery.... quieting the birds and not a cricket awake to sing in the meadows. Or Perhaps you awoke to the loud crashing drama of a stormy morning, stealing your breath and shaking the earth, making you pull the covers back over your head! But however it was that you greeted the World this Morning, perhaps you had forgotten that last Night was one of those Magical Nights of the Year.... when the Fairies are abroad... and their Magic is often still spread across the fields and hiding under the hedgerows. And you just might catch a glimpse... if you are looking...!

And if you were rushing to get ready for work, 
you might not notice at first...

As you were rushing out the door...
The dew spangled spiders web hiding in the Summer Lilac!
But it might make you pause, 
and stop to take a closer look...

Perhaps you glanced down....
 and spotted something mysterious in the bushes...
What is that....?

Can we even see in there?
It looks like a ... chair...?.... a throne?

Half hidden in a Fairy Blanket spider web...
And a ring of fairy mushrooms....?

But try as I might, Dear Readers,
 I could not spot any Fairies!

And I did have to rush off to work!
But at the very last possible moment.... 
the sun broke through the morning mists...

Revealing the Summer Lilac in all it's glory!
Did I just Dream that the Fairies had come....?
Well, Dear Readers, I'll leave you to decide...
But I hope that you have all found
 Magic in your Midsummer Morn!


  1. The mushrooms are fantastic and the cobweb is perfect.

  2. The word that comes to mind after reading your Midsummer post is ~Glorious~! I did not spot the fairy, but I am sure, being a master of camouflage, he/she is around here someplace! Come to think of it, I didn't spot the creator of those glorious webs, either. Could it be that everyone is sleeping in? I just love seeing summer lilac in all her glory, especially bathed in sunlight, and that bark! It thrills me every time!!!

  3. Sweet scenes Betsy! I love the spider webs and tiny mushrooms. I am envious however that you are mid-summer, because we are obviously mid-winter. But I guess we also have our share of dew covered spider webs and probably fairies too, so I guess it’s not all bad. And I love seeing a miniature garden in all its sun-filled glory.

  4. The spider web and the mushrooms make it a magical fairy garden.
    I love the glorious mid-summer lilac in the sunlight.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Thank you so much for the most magical post!!! I'm not surprised to learn that magical beings too are attracted by the most stunning, beautiful lilac tree (coming along now in the summer version) that was ever built in miniature. I really loved to see the magical place hidden at the lilac's feet - and high above the amazing spider web.

    And your photos are so good, catching the light effects with the shadows of the branches. But the most awesome thing for me was next to thinking (as I always do) how exremely talented you are but this time also being reminded of the outstanding work you did with the bark of these trees. Thanks to the fairies and their spider friend - by hiding themselves so well they made me discover again how impressive this tree is in every detail.

    Thanks for this beautiful post - and I'm wishing you loads of fun now creating the other seasonal versions of the fairy throne for the other tree variations. ;O)


  6. Awww, how amazing is this? the spider web is incredible and those little mushrooms are just wonderful. Such a nice and magical touch, love it!