Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Guild Show 2022....


I Found Some Treasures...

Well, Dear Readers, I was able to make it to the International Guild of Miniature Artisans Show which was held last weekend not too far from my home. And I came away with some Lovely Treasures! Above, you can see a perfectly Gorgeous tiny silver Reindeer and Sleigh! It is made by Pete Acquisto...yes, I could not resist this tiny wonder. But it was not the only lovely treasure I found.


At the very next table I found an amazing ceramic vase
by Van T. Potter (Susan Van Tubbergen)
 with tiny sea turtles climbing around the outside....
and a delicate blue crackle glaze.

A Tiny pair of shoes by "The Shoe Cobbler" had to come home with me....
 even though I don't know who they will belong to.

Holiday pies.... much better than any I have made...!
by Jan Petrie of Autumn Leaf Studio

Beautifully bound books.... from The Little Dollhouse Company, 
with fully printed pages (I dare not crack the spines!).
One is a Medieval Herbal,
 another is Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"
 (Illuminated Huntington Library version), 
and the third is Blake's "Song's of Innocence and Experience",
 again, the illustrated original engraved edition!

A metal treadle sewing machine...

An old fashioned style resin radiator....

A needlepoint sampler kit by Annelle Ferguson... 
I got a couple of different ones.

A needlepoint kit of the Icon in a local church, 
designed by Phyllis Stafford.

And the Most Amazing Treasure .... 
(and the most expensive!)
a genuine hand knotted miniature Persian carpet, 
made with silk threads on a real loom.
Kaye Savage Browning, 
who founded the KSB Miniatures Collection,
 a museum in Kentucky  was selling these
 and I neglected to write down the name
 of the man who made them. I need to do some research!

This carpet is just too beautiful to believe!
Of course, I also bought many run-of-the-mill little items
 like cloth and laces and small "silver plate" dishes and....
Well, you can guess, Dear Readers, I overspent my Budget! 
But I don't regret a single item!

And in case you wanted to see the stitching update on the latest project....

The Baktiari carpet by Phyllis Stafford...

I am making good progress!
And for those who wondered,
 I did start the stitching in the exact middle of the design....
 but I scooted it over to one side of the gauze
 so I could have a good amount of
 the gauze left over for more stitching!

Yes, Dear Readers, 
I found some Lovely Treasures
 at The Guild Show!


  1. Oh Betsy, you DID find some lovely treasures at the show! Very very beautiful minis!

  2. I think that you've DEFINITELY scored at the Guild show and I love every single item you came home with Betsy!
    It's so easy to go over budget at a miniature show but the way I look at it, is that a Top Tier Show doesn't come along every day AND for a couple of years they'd disappeared altogether so you're allowing yourself to make up for lost time! 👏🏽😊

  3. Beautiful treasuresI I'm sure you won't regret extending the budget for them. Cherish and enjoy all.

  4. Amazing minis have come to live in your amazing dollhouses, Betsy! You picked out some really good ones! And the needlepoint kits are going to be so much fun to see come alive in your skilled hands. The knotted carpet is gorgeous, and I am already loving the look of the new carpet you are stitching! What a treat to get to see all these treasures!

  5. Te has traído un montón de pequeños tesoros! Es difícil no excederse del presupuesto con tantas maravillas!
    Un buen progreso en esa preciosa alfombra.

  6. You really scored on great items! I am now seriously considering going in 2013.

  7. Wonderful purchases. The new carpet will be fantastic.

  8. To you-know-where with your budget... you've spent your money for the most beautiful, stunning and awesome miniatures! I am totally in awe with the carpet... it's incredible that this is done in the traditional way on a loop... in that "size"!!! Really, I can absolutely understand why it had to go home with you.

    Every single piece is stunning but you won't be surprised that the reindeer sleigh blew me away. What skills must this guy have to create something so tiny and delicate but yet so detailed in silver. But I must admit my favourite piece was the vase with the turtles on, I've never seen something like this in miniature before... awesome. You are for sure a lady of great taste and I can't wait to see your treasures again in their dedicated places. Btw - maybe you should hand out the shoes to Daphne who could use them for a walk to the park on a sunny French autumn day together with Renee (of course) to meet Jack Sparrow... (ah, so many stories waiting to be continued... *broad grin*)

    Regarding you must have spent plenty of time admiring your new treasures you've made some amazing progress on your new carpet. The design is really challenging with all those different colours in these small "medaillons" but the result is worth every effort.


  9. Very nice stuff, the deer with sled is beautiful.

  10. Superb! All the miniatures bought are real treasures! another proof of your good eye for quality, just like your stitching. The show must have been a joy indeed to visit.