Tuesday, October 4, 2022

A Few More...


  Stitches And Rocks...

I Had nearly finished the stitching, Dear Readers, on the background of the Medieval Ladies Tapestry before I left for my Travels all those weeks ago. And once I returned, it was not difficult to complete. I don't know about you, but I do get so absorbed in these projects, I almost don't want to finish them! Except that I know I will Love looking at them when they are finished and installed in their home. And I must confess, that the final steps involved in order to truly be "finished" with these tapestries, adding the tabs for hanging them and sewing a backing, do not excite me one bit... and tend to take a loooong time to get done. But meanwhile, let me show you the completed stitching!

I think it turned out as well as could be expected of a "hybrid" design!

And here it is with the other Ladies Tapestry... 
so you can see just how well they go together
 and suggest that they were once all one Tapestry!
All I need to do is hem the new part, add the tabs etc.
We can pretend that I'll have it done in no time.... 
while I go sweeping off to stitch my current obsessive project....
The Baktiari Carpet.

You might be able to tell I have been attempting to get
 all the outlines complete for the "lozenges" 
in the middle of the carpet.
And as I was working on the ones at the bottom,
 I noticed that I had counted wrong on the "legs"
right below the "knot" where they join each other...
most of the lozenges have only two stitches before they spread apart....
 but on the bottom row they need to have four stitches!
(If you need to see a reference picture,
 the partly stitched beginning in the previous post will show you!)
Fortunately, I was able to un-stitch the parts that I had done wrong!
Above you can see it after the removal of the mistakes...

Here you can see I have started to lengthen
 those "legs" to four stitches long...
(If you get out your magnifying glass and count very carefully!)

And while I was wrestling with those few stitches, Dear Readers, 
I was also trying to reacquaint myself with the rock-painting process
 for the door surround on the Lords Bed Chamber door!

Here I have glued the vertical pieces in place already....
 (you didn't need to see them being painted, did you?)
But those were the easy ones...
It took the entire next day to cut, fit, prime, paint
 and glue the remaining five rocks!

And I didn't get to the grout painting, 
which needs to be done to tidy up
 the courses of the rocks.
(Dare I say the rocks for the Bed Chamber are done?)

And as for the few stitches on the new carpet...

I finished fixing the Lozenges and then some!
As I am sure you have noticed, Dear Readers,
I find it impossible to only sew a "few" stitches!
Just a few more.... 
and a few more..... 
and a few more....


  1. Very fine tapestry. I think the rug is coming fantastic. Lot of works!

  2. The new Medieval Ladies Tapestry turned out incredibly beautiful, Betsy! Your idea to plot out a grander design really made this a one~of~a~kind piece of stitched art. I know what you mean about the finishing details - they are the hardest hill to climb. I look forward to the day when you'll share these tapestries hanging in the castle!
    And speaking of the castle... The last rock doorframe came out great! What an achievement to have the Lord's Bedchamber construction accomplished! There were so many challenges to this room, and you resolved them all so skillfully! It will be great to see it furnished and as a possible backdrop for one of your amazing storytelling episodes.
    The new carpet, with a different pattern for every lozenge, looks like a lot of fun! It will be a pleasure to see it unfold as you progress!

  3. I feel that I'm at a loss for words Betsy! What you have achieved in the Medieval tapestry is truly Breathtaking!
    If one compares what you've done to the original kit... well frankly there is NO Comparison!
    The alterations of the gowns; the adjustments of their poses; the play of light and the fall of the shadows in their attire. the addition of the hounds; the tree of Life in the background coupled to the profusion of flowers in the background and the climbing roses in the foreground... it's ALL ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!
    I get though how the tabs and the hemming feels anticlimactic after such a Incredible performance in the embroidery but I hope you won't put it off too long because these Superb pieces of needle-art DESERVE to be hung! ❤️
    And the amended stones walls of the Lord's bed chamber, are saying so too!

  4. Betsy,el tapiz ha quedado impresionante, los dos juntos se ven tan maravillosos, lucirán magníficos en las paredes del castillo!!!
    La habitación del señor has logrado resolverla perfectamente!
    Tu nueva alfombra empieza a aparecer y sé que será fantástica!!

  5. ¡Es impresionante lo bien que han quedado los tapices! Un gran trabajo también con la pintura de las piedras.

  6. The tapestries look beautiful together Betsy! Really stunning work. The carpet will be the same when it is done - and yes I understand the compulsion sometimes to just keep working on a project just a little longer! It must feel good to have very nearly finished the rock painting in the Lord’s chamber. One big step closer to a finished project!! You’ve acheived so much.

  7. I've enjoyed your pictures to the fullest as always but this time the one showing both tapestries together even more. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Chapeau for this wonderful, beautiful change / addition to the original design, it's awesome. And although I can easily understand that stitching and watching how the design is developing is much more fun I'm already looking forward to see them finished with the taps etc. added and haning in place. Until then enjoy watching this stunning carpet grow - although it gave you bit of trouble. But I suppose it is only a bit challenging needing loads of concentration in the beginning. After a few more lozenges you will know the counts in your dreams.

    And as always I've enjoyed to see you rocking on. It's always impressive what difference those additional rocks make. Have fun whatever you're up to next... but don't forget: "H" isn't that far away anymore... and "C" is neither... *tweet* Oh,I'm looking forward to see a painted version of the charming ladies on this year's You-know-what-holiday-card... ;O)


  8. Oh my! Your stitching is incredible. The tapestries take my breath away and what you have done so far on the carpet leaves no doubt that it will be stunning! I like how the bedchamber's wall is coming together too, What wonderful talent!

  9. The tapestries look amazing; a masterpiece. And the rocks are perfect.