Monday, May 13, 2019

Lilac Bouquets....

More Blossoms....

You might wonder, Dear Readers, if I have ceased making lilac blossoms yet, and the answer would be "Of course not!" There are all those bouquets that need to be supplied... and you would be surprised how many blossoms it takes to create a lush display! Since this is a slow and on-going process, you will have to accept that I started small. The above blossom in a canning jar is something I have wanted to show since Forever! In fact, this desire just might have sparked the entire lilac bush project! Ideally there would be another blossom or two added to this humble bouquet... but the larger double blossom branch was too heavy and toppled from the jar. I will show it later. But first I wanted to share with you a few more pictures of the shrub in morning light...
Because we had sunshine the other day!

This has been such a rare thing this spring!

In the RL garden the blossoms of the lilacs are still not in bloom!
The cold and the rain have been relentless....

I hope you don't mind if I dwell on the mini blooms instead!

We can pretend they are blooming everywhere!
And Meanwhile, Dear Readers, 
I am still making a blossom a week!

I wanted some of the blossoms in the bouquets
 to be the double blossom kind.....

And it really does take me two weeks to make!
But, as I said earlier, this heavier blossom
 toppled right out of the little jar.
It needed its own display.
I searched through all my houses for the proper vase...

And finally found one on The Folly mantel.... 
or rather, I found a pair of them on The Folly mantel...

Do you think this means I will have to make a Pair of lush lilac bouquets?
(I know it is too dark to see well in here....)

With a little added light..... 
can you see how Perfectly Lovely it will be to have two bouquets?
(Oh, what have I gotten myself into?)

So you can see Dear Readers, 
I have not ceased making lilac blossoms.... 
and probably will be making them
 for Quite a while longer...
because Lush bouquets need More blossoms!


  1. Dearest Betsy, it is simply divine. Although I am sure the bright and cheerful display of pretty blooms inside does not quite compensate for a long, dreary, windy and wet spring, I am certain it must brighten your day every time you look at it.
    The addition of bouquets and blossom sprigs inside the house(s) is just the dot above the 'i'.
    Have a happy blossom week.

  2. Con la luz del sol el árbol de lilas luce de manera fantástica!! y esos dos ramos quedarán fabulosos en los jarrones!!

  3. Oh Betsy, I hope I lived nearby, those lilac bouquets would certainly look awesome in my house too!! I understand you keeping making them, they are so beautiful, if it was me I probably would have bouquets in all my houses lol, sorry! I´m not trying to give you ideas. Those photos with sunlight are amazing. I can´t get tired of looking at them.

  4. que maravilla, es espectacular...!!!

  5. WOW, Betsy, you can be so very proud of your fantastic work on the Liliac Blossoms, they are truly Gorgeous!!!
    And it must such a glorious feeling for you to know that your own talented hands has made them. It would be such a great pleasure for you to see (after you'll make more of the blossoms) that their beauty will be in vases, spread through all of your dollshouses :)!! That would be a feast for the eyes, I'm sure of.
    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures with your BEAUTIFUL Lilac Blossoms, enjoy it to the fullest.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. I love that little jar. It is so real! Perhaps you can make some summer flowers too, which won't tip it over.
    Your lilac bush is a crowning achievement.
    Much love,

  7. I love that little jar! Perhaps later you can make some summer flowers that won't tip it over. Your lilac bushes are your crowning achievement!
    Much love,

  8. I repeated myself - I thought the computer had failed to post the first one.
    Bla bla bla
    Love you,

  9. The lilacs are just breathtaking in the photos and even the vase though the sun has refused to come out for long to light them up! We have just finished a few days of warm and sunny weather and I hope they are on their way to you! The finished vases with double blooms are going to be spectacular and set against the blue and white vases will look elegant!

  10. There are quite a few near neighbours who currently have lilac trees in full bloom in their gardens. Some of the lilacs are of a darker purple but most are the softer mauves tints such as your mini one and may I say Betsy, that the accuracy of yours is Unreal!!!
    I love the fact that you have determined to have some cut stems for display inside your Folly, which makes perfect sense!
    The effect of them in the vase on the mantle is a Joy to Behold and I would expect the entire room to be filled with their heavenly scent, rising ever upward towards the beautifully painted ceiling in the living room. :D


  11. ¡Fantástico! un lilar digno de admiración:-)

  12. The lilac blossoms in the blue and white vase are gorgeous! The blossoms are beautiful on the bush and in the vase. I have never seen a lilac bush, we don't have them where I live. Thanks to you I've learned a lot about them.
    Hugs, Drora

  13. So pretty! I love them. They look even more real in the sunlight.

  14. You found the perfect spot for the blooms but yes you have to fill the other one lol. Your trees look gorgeous and so real looking I can almost smell them through the screen.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Votre lila Betsy est une pure merveille, il me rappelle celui du jardin de mon enfance et sa délicieuse odeur.

  16. The lilac blossoms in the vases are fantastic.

  17. The answer to your question whether you should make a pair of lilac bouquets for the mantle in the Folly can only be: YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! What a perfect place! But you will have to make two pairs - because you'll need for sure lilac bouquets in the teenytiny version of that mantle too… *broad grin* (It was such a pleasure to see this tiny masterpiece again). And there can be no doubt you won't be able to stop your lilac blossom making scheme by then - I know that Pollyanna would be more than happy with a big lilac bouquet and believe it or not... Lady Lavender would be over the moon too. Just imagine those clouds of lilac blossoms up there in the clouds! *even-broader-grin*

    But now I need to say how much I've enjoyed the new pictures of your awesome lilac shrub. Looking at this masterpiece is a feast for the eyes! And I hope you won't remove your lilac brunch from that jar… that's the kind of arrangement being typical to save branches that were broken by the spring wind. And why am I not surprised that you did not forget to add the garden scissors for the picture? ;O)

    Birgit (who is wishing to you Happy-Lilacing! *broadest grin of all*)

  18. Hi, Betsy - You can't have too much of a good thing, and your lilac blossoms are wonderful things, so of course you must have as many as you can make! I love the simplicity of the blossom in the canning jar - that's exactly what I would do with my lilac blossoms if I had a lilac shrub. The double blossoms in the beautiful mantel vase look superb - what a perfect spot to show them off. I've finally been seeing lilacs as I drive around Lincoln - and I feel a little smug, knowing that I know of an artist who can make tiny lilac blossoms that look as real as the real thing!