Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twisting Time - A Halloween Tale - Part Two

Beatrice Has An Adventure

It was just Dusk when Caroline and Beatrice arrived at the Castle Ruins to search for Tommy. Caroline was a very Practical Young Lady and did not believe in ghosts or ghouls at all. So she was not concerned to be searching the Castle ruins just as it was getting dark.... she had been here before and she was CERTAIN that Tommy was hiding somewhere, waiting to jump out at her and scare her! Just the same, she was glad to have the company of Beatrice. And Beatrice was too young to be afraid of much of anything... EVERYTHING was still a marvelous adventure to her! So they set out across the cavernous Great Hall ruins. It was just an empty old castle full of bats! Caroline led the way to the stairs that would lead them to the lower level.

They walked through the deserted old kitchens towards the stables.....

They thought it would be the sort of place Tommy would hide with his pony....

But when they got there it was empty.....

So they retraced their steps through the abandoned kitchen ruins......
But halfway across, Beatrice stopped and said "There's someone here..."

Caroline peered into the corner where Beatrice pointed and said in annoyance
"That's just a pile of old rags, you Silly! Now come on...!"

But Beatrice was sure she had seen someone
and so she took a step forward to have a better look....

That was when Old Meg spoke....
"She cannot see me, my child. One can only see what one Believes."
Beatrice replied "I believe in Tommy."
"And so you shall see him..." said Old Meg.

But Caroline, who had hurried ahead, heard none of these words.....
And when she turned back to hurry Beatrice along...... she could not see her at all.....

She stomped her foot in annoyance and returned to the Main Hall, thinking Beatrice had gone ahead of her.... but when she got there Beatrice was nowhere to be seen. It was just an empty old Hall full of bats! But Caroline was not to be deterred.... there was more Castle still to search..... and she would try not to get too annoyed even if Beatrice DID find Tommy first and join him in his teasing!

MEANWHILE in the Modern Times, The Castle Halloween Party was just getting under way!
Ken had thought of everything.... including a spooky smoking bowl of punch and cakes that looked like skulls and witches!

And the Host himself, resembling a certain Count....
was greeting all his guests in front of the great hearth.......

And there were all kinds of Characters showing up....
from Crusading Knight to Pirate of the High Seas.....

And children in costumes too... are you Peter Pan?

"No, I'm Robin Hood, Silly!"

And little Witches ready for treats!

And Pollyanna dressed as a Gypsy....
and WHO is that Handsome Wizard with her?

And the King and Queen of the Castle are enjoying a lively dance........

To the WILD music of the musicians in the Gallery......

Meet the "DEADLY NIGHTSHADES"..... a demonic electric punk band.....
With twin brothers Jason and Justin and their Manic keyboardist Paul.......

Perfect for Halloween, don't you agree...?

And in the Guard room, the Gypsies, Pollyanna and Daphne have been taking turns telling fortunes to the arriving guests...... Would you like to hear yours...?

But BEFORE we get too caught up in the Party....
you MUST be wondering WHAT happened to Beatrice.....

Well, do you remember the door to the Dungeons that had not been opened in
Beatrice opened the door!
She was looking for Tommy.
She thought Caroline might have gone ahead of her and so she went boldly in!

She was only a Little surprised to see instead a small Green Dragon!
"Puff!" she cried (thinking it was her Favorite storybook dragon....)

And she held out her hand to greet him.....!

"Ah, my Little One" said the Dragon....
"Your INNOCENCE Slays me.... I am Yours to Command!"

"I am looking for Tommy" she said.
"Well, Climb on my back...." hissed the Dragon, "Perhaps I can help you to find him......"

So she climbed onto his scaly back..... it was not slimy at all..... and off they went......

Meanwhile in the Modern World..... Tommy has come to the Castle with Joanna and Victor...... and at first he thought it must be the same Castle he was looking for... but now he is NOT so Sure! There are so many people.... all dressed very oddly...... he thought the Castle was just a Ruin.... but THIS seemed different.....

He thought maybe he should try to explore..... perhaps if he went to the stables he would find Prince waiting for him and then they could just go Home...... he thought he remembered the way to the stables..... if he could get past all these people......

Guests were still arriving at the party..... the STARS were coming out it seems.....
IS that CINDERELLA .....?!
Would she want her Fortune told...?

Daphne was having fun with the Fortune Telling!
But SUDDENLY Something changed.......
Her crystal Ball seemed to grow much larger and Brilliantly clear......

Daphne could SWEAR she saw a face appear in it's depths.....
and then she went rigid.......

And a VOICE spoke, not hers at all......
"The Boy MUST NOT Stay!"

And then, just as suddenly, everything seemed Normal again,
and Daphne slumped back in her chair.... not sure what had just happened.
But Joanna had heard............
and Chip, a VERY Practical sort of Guy..... looked a bit shocked.....
and wondered if he had IMAGINED that.... and the tremors he felt shake the floor........!
Had anyone Else noticed anything.....?

But DEEP Below the Castle the Earth had Shaken.....


The WIZARD...!


Beatrice Has an Adventure!


  1. Absolutely wonderful.
    I have such fun reading your story. Your imgaination is fantastic and your story truly enchanting!
    I can't wait for the next part.

  2. Excellent!!!
    I can't wait to see how this turns out. I can't imagine all the work you put into your costumes and setting up the scenes. I love the Deadly Nightshades and the dragon. Your castle is the perfect setting for this wonderful tale.
    Bravo Betsy!!!


  3. love this story, hooked from the start, so much want to hear the next bit x

  4. Great story and I love your sense of humour Betsy! Can't wait for more!
    Hope you got my email?

  5. I enjoyed that! Love the Deadly Nightshades too.

  6. Charming! I couldn't put in down :),

    That's like at least 20 characters in those scenes? Even if you just dress 4 of them , that's a whole load of work! Daphne's hat is too cute.

    And I love how the 2 babes in the wood really look like they were twisting and rocknrollin :) in the 1st pic :).

    Are you feeling better, my friend?

  7. What a perfect spot for a Hallowe'en story. Or, out here, Day of the Dead. Time travel! Wow! All the little people from the various eras & houses can join in!
    I agree, the costumes are wonderful, and my favorite is the Deadly Nightshades.

  8. Thanks, Giac! I'm sorry it has taken so long to respond here.... I've been under the weather.... Snow and all! I've had fun with this story!

  9. Thanks, Victoria! I have to confess that I took a LOT of shortcuts with the costumes.... sewing pins not much sewing... and I used a bunch of doll clothes my sister and I made when we were little.... that I had saved all these years! That was fun!

  10. Thank you, Debbie! Welcome to my blog! I'm sorry it took so long to respond here.... LIFE got in the way!

  11. Thank you, Ewa! Sorry I am so slow at answering! (I hope you got my e-mail too!)

  12. Hi Irene! Glad you liked it! That name popped into my head just as I was writing.... sometimes it works that way!

  13. Hi Sans! I'm glad you enjoyed this! You know I get carried away in my stories.....
    I really didn't work as hard on the costumes as it looks.... I used a whole bunch of clothes my Sister and I sewed when we were little.... it was really fun to see how well they fit! And the few I did make I used a LOT of pins and not much sewing.... for the Halloween story it is easier that way. If I were making costumes for keeps I would do more of the careful sewing.
    And I am finally feeling better.... thank you for thinking of me!

  14. Thanks, Mom! The Deadly Nightshades were truly Inspired!