Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twisting Time - A Halloween Tale

Tommy's Adventure Or What Time Is The Party?

It was Somewhat close to All Hallows Eve when Tommy went out riding on his pony Prince. They had taken a lovely ride through the countryside, but as Evening approached, Prince was spooked by a herd of horses that raced past them. This had happened one other time, that the Castle Horses were visible to Tommy's Pony, and it was just around this time of year..... All Hallows Eve when the Veils of Time grow thin and the unwary person can find themselves crossing into a World very like their own... but NOT theirs at all..... and that OTHER time, Tommy had visited the Medieval Castle and met Henry and Belle and Old Meg. So when Prince set off after the Castle horses, Tommy wasn't worried at all.... in fact he was looking forward to seeing his friends again. But then Prince raced faster and Tommy lost his hold and fell hard to the ground......

And Prince ran on after the herd....

Trying to catch up with them.....

As they raced for the Castle stables......

And when they finally arrived, Kicks, the Stable boy was surprised to see Prince, but remembered him from before........ he expected Tommy to come running after.....

And even Henry told Belle that they would probably be having a visit from that little Lad......

But he didn't arrive!
What had happened?

Well, when he fell, he hit his head and the wind was knocked out of him. And before he could gather his wits..... a pair of mischievous Garden Fairies found him lying there in the grass!

Oh dear, oh DEAR said the Fairies.... we Can't leave him lying here.....

Perhaps we can bring him home with us!
And they put a small spell on him and whisked him off to their house in the Woods!

And when Tommy woke up....
he had NO idea where he was.....
or HOW he had gotten there!
All he could remember was that he HAD to get to the Castle to find Prince and bring him home!

But he wasn't sure which way to go......
So he sat there while he tried to decide.

It was not long after that Joanna, who had been out for a walk in the woods, came across a VERY strange sight indeed!

There, ALL ALONE, in the middle of the woods sat a strangely dressed young boy....
Who looked like he was Very lost and confused!

"Hello there", said Joanna.... "Can I help you find your way home"

"I'm on my way to the Castle" said Tommy, "but I'm not sure which way to go."
"Well, I'm sure we can find the way" said Joanna... "Why don't you come with me..."

Tommy agreed, and so they came at last to the Lovely Old Dollhouse just as dark was settling in.

As they stepped inside the Hall, Tommy had the strangest feeling that he had been there before... it looked SO familiar... but he couldn't remember WHEN that was......

Joanna introduced him to Victor,
because by now she knew Tommy's name and a whole lot of other things about him too....

Victor asked him more questions... thinking he was dressed up for Halloween in Old Fashioned Clothes.... but Tommy didn't understand what he meant at all!
This was what he wore Every Day!

Victor looked at him in a Kindly way and asked who his parents were..... and Tommy told him very politely that they were "Mother" and "Father" because he really didn't know their names!

Joanna seemed a bit worried... but she told Victor that they would probably be at the Castle for the Halloween Party..... Everybody was going... so they could just bring Tommy with them...

Tommy was no longer listening to them..... he had noticed something ODD about the candle light..... They didn't seem to be CANDLES at all! And yet they burned brighter than any light he'd ever seen.... and never flickered at all!
This was something he had NEVER seen before.....!

Meanwhile, you MUST be wondering about this Halloween Party at the Castle......
Well, Ken has been getting the Castle ready for his Annual Halloween Costume Party....

He has found some wonderfully spooky props.....

And a whole set of Ghost chairs...... how perfect!
You can hardly see them at all!

And some more skeletons.... It must be the theme for this year......

The Guard looks as though he was left on duty for a bit too long.....
Just WHICH century is this NOW?

Guard Ian says "I hope you are planning to come to the Party.....
and feel free to bring a friend..."

But Meanwhile.... in our Victorian Time... when Tommy doesn't come home and neither does Prince.... Caroline starts to fret. She is SURE he has gone to the Castle. And she KNOWS he Knows he shouldn't go there alone! Their parents took them on a tour of the old ruins recently.... and they were careful to tell the children that the place was NOT safe to play around in.... and it MAY even be Haunted they said! She is convinced that Tommy has gone there to tease her.... hiding so she will have to come find him...... which is really Very Annoying!
She tells Beatrice that she has to go look for Tommy.... she is going to the Castle.....
Beatrice says "Me too!"
Caroline says "You can't come you're too little!"
Beatrice says "Then I'm telling on you!"
"Fine", says Caroline.... "you can come, but no crying like a baby!"
"I'm not a baby!" says Beatrice.

So they set out for the Castle..... walking over the Meadows......
And they only looked back once as the rooftop of the Farmhouse disappeared behind them.......

Hoping to find Tommy at the Castle before it got too late.......

All Hallows Eve...... TO BE CONTINUED....!
Twisting Time


  1. A lovely story with wonderful photos and Bethoven Moonlight Sonata accompanying it. Can't wait for more. Thanks.

  2. Really sweet, & different - I love using the painting of the old farmhouse. How well that works! I gotta go - gotta drive to El Paso to meet Tory. Talk to you soon,

  3. Is that a house in the woods? WOW! I love that picture of little Tommy sitting there with the caption " but he wasn't sure which way to go so he just sat there while he decide " :).

    I see now about the time travelling , connecting all your dollhouses and then some.

    I also see those ghost chairs that look strangely at home in your castle.

    You have always been great at telling Halloween stories, Bets :).

  4. The ghost charis! WOW! They are great!Where did you get them, Betsy? And I love time travelling story! So exciting! Can't wait for more:)
    I love the way you illustrated the story:)And the photo of Beatrice and Calorine looking at the rooftop is just fantastic combination! Love it!

  5. What a marvellous story, can't wait for the rest and it's beautifully illustrated - the pictures fit in so well. Love the ghost chairs too!

  6. What a wonderful story!! I enoyed it very much and can't wait for the rest!! Poor Tommy, he must be very scared!!!

  7. What a Magical story Betsy! Your photos are Great! I can't wait to see and read this strange tale's end.
    The ghost chairs are fabulous. I will be sure to attend the Halloween Party at the castle.


  8. Absolutely enchanting.
    What a beautiful way to show the diversity of your work.
    Looking forward to the next episode.

  9. I must have ghost chairs, though, since I hurry around so much, I see much missing the seat of the ghost chairs. It's dangerous enough for me to have a chair on wheels.

    I'm loving the story, B., illustrated just perfectly. Is that a house in the trunk of the tree? It looks like it is--or are my eyes playing tricks on me? It is that time of year...I would easily live there, drinking out of acorn caps...
    Looking forward eagerly to the next installment!

  10. This is my new favorite blog! I am just so excited for the next thrilling episode!

    We have 'real life' ghost chairs at the Department Store where I work in Display --but they are WAY cooler in miniature.

  11. Thank you Drora! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Sorry I am late to reply to your comments!

  12. Thanks, Mom! I have been wanting to use that painting for a background for a LONG time! It does work really well!

  13. Thanks, Sans! That little house in the woods is a Garden ornament made from cast concrete! It is supposed to be a Gnome Home.... but I have used it for the Fairies instead! It looks so real tucked into the roots of my HUGE Maple tree.... I have wanted to fit it into my blog all year.... !

  14. Hi Ewa! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply here.... I got sick... and the weather and LIFE have been a bit TOO MUCH lately! The Ghost chairs are from a company called Lavender and Navy. They are meant to be wedding table favors... I think Rosanna did a blog post a while ago (August maybe) with the link and I HAD to buy some! They come in a set of eight chairs.... a bit pricey... but I LOVE them!
    I should e-mail you the info!

  15. Thank you, Irene! Glad you like the photos! It is really fun to do these stories.... especially the outdoors parts!

  16. Thank you, Margriet! I am hoping the children are Fearless! Otherwise I would be too scared to tell the story! I'm glad you are enjoying it!

  17. Thanks, Victoria! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! (It has sort of taken over my life at the moment!) I get a bit carried away!

  18. Thank you, Giac! I really appreciate your comment! I hope you will not be disappointed!

  19. Thank you, Amy!
    Aren't the Ghost chairs DIVINE? They are supposed to be Wedding table favors! I think they are just Genius!
    And the little house is a Concrete Garden Statue... meant to be a Gnome Home.... I LOVE it... and it looks so REAL tucked into the roots of my Maple tree..... I Could NOT resist using it for my doll world! And I know what you mean about living there...!

  20. Hi John! Thank you for the high praise! I will have to live up to it!
    I LOVE Ghost chairs... and these little ones are just Tiny WONDERS! They are SO Perfect! (They give me Goosebumps!)