Monday, March 12, 2012


And CAKE.... and More Suits.....

The Crocus are starting to bloom in my RL Garden! This, Dear Readers, is ASTONISHINGLY Early! We normally still have snow on the ground for several more weeks! But it is very warm this week... and the first flowers, tiny little BRAVE blossoms are opening to the sunshine and calling to the bees! Spring is Early, it seems! (I THOUGHT this was going to be a Winter Wedding!) But these tiny little blossoms have reminded me that I have ANOTHER Big task to accomplish before the Wedding is Ready to commence..... The FLOWERS!!!!

But BEFORE I get to the flowers, let me reassure you that there Will be Refreshments too! The Caterers are Preparing the Cake..... and here I will give you a Sneak Preview..... it is not finished.... so you might not even recognize it when they are done decorating it!

Ah, this is a slightly better view!
(Observant people will recognize this as a Dollar Store Wedding Favor! :))

And IF you were wondering if I had Finished all the suits yet.......
I'm getting closer... but not done....
Chip has his Tuxedo.....
But without a complete shirt..... only a Dickie (False shirtfront)

But I made the jacket just like Arthur's.....
Sleeves first....

Then the rest..... even buttons!
I think it was a little bit quicker this time around......
but still took HOURS!

And Harold is getting a False shirtfront too.......
I still have to make his jacket......

All I can say is there better not be any more Male guests needing jackets!

(Sorry to keep you waiting, Harold!)

But I MUST get started on the Flowers!!!!

I started with a selection of Ribbon Roses..... bought for decorating wedding favors.
I glued stems to some and then trimmed off most of the green ribbon "leaves" which didn't look enough like leaves in my opinion!

Bunched together with some other tiny white clustered "blossoms" ....
I bought a bunch of plastic flowers that had tiny blossoms that might be the right size.....

And some antique velveteen "leaves" and some plastic "Ferns".......
Can you tell that I don't know WHAT I am doing??????

I Don't have any flower making skills... nor any kits... nor TIME......
So we will just Have to make do with these Not-to-scale blossoms!

That was when I realized I really should just Hire a Pro!
And so I went down to "Fleur's."
She assures me she does weddings all the time!

She has a lovely little shop tucked into the corner of an old Warehouse......

She gets the freshest blossoms.....

In all the most Beautiful colors.......

And she knows ALL the Bouquet styles and the methods to assemble them!

She was Thrilled to take on the Job!!!

Even at the Last minute!
I will leave her to her work.....
She has Wonderful ideas!

I can't wait to see what she comes up with!
I LOVE Flowers!


  1. You are really getting your wedding done. I Will be lucky if Hattie and the Count get together before July LOL.
    How lucky to have a flower shop on site :)
    The suits look great.


    1. Hi Victoria! I think what happens is... I get to a tough spot so I start to play just to distract myself! I must say I agree that the Flower shop is fun to have.... except that I set it up right where I was working on my CROWDED Table! Someday I will make one for real!

  2. You are lucky to have real crocuses now :)
    And you have been very buzy I can see! Wedding will be very close these days I suppose :D

    1. Hi Kikka! The Crocuses are so early... I wasn't READY for them! But it is lovely to have Spring come early!
      I am afraid the Wedding will still take some time to get ready... so MUCH to do!

  3. I loved the scene with the cake. The suit is beautiful! The flowers are preferred witnesses. Great work!

    1. Thanks, Eliana! If Everyone is patient... there will be lots more lovely decorations... especially flowers!

  4. Hello Betsy,
    I have to admit, when I see you have a new post up I get giddy. I'll say it again I LOVE that your posts are not just great work, but you really manage to take us into your miniworld and I think that's just wonderful! I'm glad the suits are getting done and I can't wait to see the finished cake! Now I want a flower shop!!! I can't wait to see the big day!
    I wish you all the best Betsy,
    Big hugs,

    1. AW, Gee, Giac... What a Wonderful thing to say! I LOVE to spread giddiness around! I always think I Must be NUTS to get so carried away with the stories that I lose track of the Building.... but it is ALL in a Good Cause if it can make you so happy!!!! Thank you for your Encouraging and heartfelt comments! (And for Being there to be made giddy!) :):)

  5. I am sure she will make stunning bouquets! She's got really charming flower shop!
    And the sounds in the background of your blog made me feel very springish and relaxed. I think I will stay here a bit longer...;)

    1. Thank you, Ewa! I am learning as I go...!!! A Little like your Sewing... I mean Gluing!!!! We have to start SOMEWHERE! I will buy beautiful Flower kits Someday.... and learn how to make PERFECT blossoms.... but for now.... these will have to do!
      (You know you are welcome to stay as Long as you like!) :):)

  6. Well done you on making all these little suits and flowers. The little flower seller pics were lovely - there must be a sense of high excitement at your place!

    1. Hi Irene.... It's a little like for a real Wedding... except no REAL Deadline! So I'm not Quite so PANICKY!!!!
      I think the Excitement will show up when I have DONE all the Suits!

  7. Hello from Spain: here we also have very dry and sunny. The gardens are full of colorful flowers. The flower shop is beautiful. The cake is finished. The kitchen scene seems real. Keep in touch.

    1. Thank you, Marta! Someday I hope I will get to see Spain! I'm glad you like the Flower shop and the rest! Thank you for your comment!

  8. Those are the greatest suits! Now I know where to send my mini people for clothes. I can't wait to see the flower arrangemnets that Fleur does. I suspect they will be wonderful, too.

    1. Thank you, Iris! (I'm not sure I could IMAGINE Suiting as many dolls as you have! LOL!) I wish I had the Time and the SKILLS to make really perfect floral decorations... but for now I will have to make do with what I have!

  9. LOVE how it's all progressing! The bespoke suits are turning out beautifully, (though I have to admit, the 'sleeveless shirt-look' is rather fetching, too. ;) I would never have guessed the cake was a favor from the dollar store --you should have kept that on the DL, Betsy!

    John xx

    1. Hi John! I will confess that I ALSO thought the sleeveless shirt and tie look rather Fetching! But really maybe only in the Warmer climes....!
      I'm glad you think it is coming along well... SO MUCH still to do!!

  10. Ah, florist is the dream job. In my home town the local florist had the best windows, decked out for every new season, every holiday, and the scents that greeted you at the front door...your silk roses look so much better in the bouquet than they ever do as the trimmings they're sold as, they look less fabric garnish, much much more real. I think it's going to be a fabled affair, choreographed with such love!

    1. Thank you, Amy! (I LOVE the thought of a Fabled Affair...!!!) Even though it means I have SO MUCH to live up to!
      Yes, SOMEDAY I am going to do a wonderful mini Florists.... but probably not before I tackle the Garden Idea.... which means REALLY learning how to make mini Flowers! I sometimes think I have the cart before the horse here... if I was doing it right I would take the time NOW to learn to make all the perfect blossoms... but then it might take YEARS to get to the Wedding!
      I will try to make up in Gusto what I lack in perfection....

  11. You know what I love? Your birds & rushing water. Sooooooo real! I salute that robin in the foreground.
    Where did you find Fleur? What a perfect name for a flower vendor! She's cute, too - can she come to the wedding?
    We're about to have another snowstorm out here - "Praise be to God, he laveth the thirsty land!"
    Lots of love,

  12. Hello from Germany,

    thank you for finding my blog - now I'm a happy follower of yours! Your male guests will look perfect in their suits... and I think it was a wise decision to get the help of a flower profi. I'm sure that lady knows exactly what to do... ;O)


  13. I love the florist shop and the flowers look realistic.