Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here Comes the Bride!

The Wedding Day - Part One

Can you Believe, Dear Readers, the BIG DAY is Finally here?
I, for one, am very nervous! Will it all go smoothly? Will everyone arrive on time? Will everyone Behave themselves? The answers, of course, we cannot know until all is said and done.... so we had best just get started! The Bride has spent her day in preparation... it is a complicated business looking exactly Right for your Wedding Day... and Pollyanna has tried hard to relax. Daphne and Sally May are at the Lovely Old Dollhouse helping her get ready, but Sally May has spent most of her time keeping Annabelle out of mischief... so Daphne has helped Pollyanna with her gown.....
Knock knock! Are you almost ready?

Can we come in for a glimpse of the gown.......?

The Photographer has arrived and is waiting to take pictures of the Bride....

He thinks the Chinoiserie bedroom is a Perfect setting....

Don't you agree?

"Move a little closer to the hearth..... that's it...!"


And more pictures in the Parlor of the Lovely Old Dollhouse......

To capture forever the Beauty of this Bride on her Wedding Day.....

And show the Details of her Fabulous Hand-made Gown.....

And her Sparkling Veil... which only Rivals the Beauty of her eyes.....

Are We Ready now?
We better Hurry or we will be late!

Most of the Guests have already arrived at the Chapel in the Castle Dollhouse....
Harold is the last to arrive because he did not want to upset Celeste....
(They have not seen each other since Arthur was a young child
and no-one knows how Celeste will behave..... Least of all Harold!)

He spots her at once... she is the Candle to which he is always drawn......

There are only two empty seats in the Chapel...
One for the Father of the Bride beside Joanna,
and one beside Celeste..... for the Father of the Groom....
Harold strides purposefully to the seat beside Celeste!

But perhaps he is not as calm as he looked.......
At least not after Celeste leaned over and gave him a Big Kiss that knocked his glasses off!
(Oh, you didn't see that ...? It was a bit of a Surprise!)

But now all eyes are focused on the doors...
Waiting for the Bride to arrive.....

Arthur has a clear view all through the Great Hall.....
Do you think he is just a Little Anxious...?

But at LAST they have arrived at the Castle.....

Is it Time for the Procession to Begin?
Annabelle goes first......

Followed by Sally May to keep her company in case she gets nervous.....

And then Daphne as the Maid of Honor.......

And Finally .......
"Are you ready, my dear?" asks Victor.......

"Very ready!" says Pollyanna.....

And they join the procession across the Great Hall......
(There really is NO Aisle in this Tiny chapel...
which causes all kinds of Logistical Issues....!)

Sally May and Annabelle arrive at the Chapel door......

And cross to stand opposite the door......

Followed quickly by Daphne.....
All eyes are on the door...
waiting for the Bride.....

The Photographer can't resist a picture of her glittering veil......

As she crosses the Great Hall toward her Waiting Groom......

Their Eyes meet as she approaches...

Arthur cannot take his eyes off her.....

At Last they stand together before the Preacher,
who speaks those familiar lines.....
"Dearly Beloved, We are gathered together......"

The Chapel is packed... not an empty seat to be had.....
And all are absorbed in the words of the Wedding Ritual.....
(Which some of you may know better than others, but which I shall abbreviate here.....)

"Do you, Arthur, take Pollyanna to be your wedded wife......"

"I do!" says Arthur with gusto!

"Do you, Pollyanna, take Arthur to be your wedded Husband...."

"I Do!" says Pollyanna with a smile....

".........Therefore I Pronounce you Man and Wife!" says the Preacher.
"You may now kiss the Bride...."

And Arthur leans toward Pollyanna to seal their vows with a Kiss.......

And Closer.....


AAAAWWW. that was Sweet... says the assembled multitudes......

And they turn as Man and Wife to exit the Chapel.....
But they have eyes for only each other...
Filled with the wordless promises of what will come in their Future Life together....

And take their First Walk as Man and Wife.....out into the World......
Well, into the Castle Great Hall where the Photographer is waiting.....

They must have their Photographs taken before they can move on to the Reception.....

And with the rest of the Bridal Party.....

While they are absorbed in the complicated process of getting all the Right photographs taken..... the caterers will be setting up for the Reception.... So don't go too far!
Coming Soon... the Reception!
Here Comes The Bride!


  1. What a Beautiful wedding :) You did an amazing job on dressing all to the nines....most beautiful of all is Pollyanna's dress.
    The wedding party looks stunning in the Great Hall of the castle. Are we in for a bit of drama at the reception?

    Can't wait ;)


    1. Thanks, Victoria!!!
      The Brides gown is my Favorite... you'll see about the Reception!

  2. Pollyanna's dress is just gorgeous, my compliements to her dressmaker. The whole wedding was beautiful and certainly a day to remember.

    1. Thank you, Alennka! Coming from another mini-dress-maker I value your judgement!

  3. Fantastic! The bride's dress is so beautiful! You are a very skilled needle woman, that's for sure! I enjoyed the little scene very much. Sorry that I'm not familiar with the characters. I always mean to go back and read your blog from the beginning but have not yet had the time to do so. "She is the candle to which he always drawn"! I love those words!

    1. Thanks, Lucille! It is hard to keep up with the characters... I am glad you enjoyed the Wedding! Stay tuned for more!

  4. Oh that veil, the beautiful train...I feel like I'm truly there, ( and the music is the perfect finishing touch!) I woke up at 4 am to see Diana walk down the aisle, but this is, I dare say, much better. I can tell that this will be a long and happy union-look how Arthur can't keep his eyes off his lovely bride as they walk out into the world. Congratulations to the lovely couple! On to the reception-but keep your eyes on the cake. I sense some clandestine pre-sampling ahead...

    1. Thank you, Amy.... Those are MY favorite parts of the gown too....! I'm so glad you could be here!!!

  5. Love, love, love!!! :) Congratulations to the happy couple! This was just divine, divine! I loved it. :) thank you :)

    1. Thank you, Dale!!! I'm So glad you loved it! Thank you for commenting!

  6. Oh Betsy! You have outdone yourself, this is the best Post yet!! It must have taken you for ever to set up all the lovely pictures, never mind the time it took to make the dolls and their outfits. Th wedding dress is SO pretty and that sparkling veil is to die for. I love the colour of the Bridesmaid's dress too. It really warms up the pictures. I thought it was as inspired choice to use the Castle as the setting and the chapel was more than perfect.
    A wonderful ending to a wonderful story. Bravo!
    Much love
    Simon -x-

    1. Thank you, Simon!!! (It DID take me forever to set up.... and set up... and set up.....!)But the results are worth the effort... especially when I get comments like yours! Thank you.... and I am sorry it has taken me SO LONG to respond.... all that Setting up you know...!

  7. I love it, the dressers are lovely, but the brides dress, wow, the viel sparkled like the stars in her eyes, you have worked really hard on this and you should feel really proud of yourself,will there be a reception? I felt like I was there thank you for sharing this with us

    1. Thank you Debbie! Once the Bride's dress turned out so well... I HAD to make the rest of the clothes look good too! Come on back for the Reception... and thank you for commenting!

  8. I love your wedding, how much work..... but it's amazing!!!!!! Pollyanna's dress is fantastic!!!!

    1. Thank you Luisa! It was a LOT of work... I kept thinking I was crazy.... but I'm glad I did it because they look so Beautiful!


    Loved it, Betsy! That wedding gown is breath-taking! You did a marvelous job with all the gorgeous little details.

    1. Thank you, John! I'm glad you liked it! Once the Gown turned out so well... I had to make all the other clothes look good too....!

  10. What a beautiful wedding! I have to admit I don't even know half those people in your little community. Why have Celeste and Harold been apart for so long? The wedding dress is absolutely beyond belief! What a triumph. And the little kids...
    You've outdone yourself.
    Lots of love, Mom, looking forward to the reception.

    1. Thanks, Mom! The little people keep arriving... so of Course you wouldn't know them all!!! Harold and Celeste have a complicated story.... way too much for a comment box!
      I am glad you like the Wedding dress... I am Very proud of it myself!!

  11. A perfect wedding! The bride is very beautiful! You've been through so much work with all this, and the photos are amazing. Looking forward to the reception! Just wondering what kind of presents they're going to get, if any.. =D

    1. Hi P! I am glad you liked the Wedding! I had hoped to fit more about the gifts into the story.... but ended up leaving most of it out.... for a Later post ... Perhaps when they are back from their Honeymoon...? Thank you for commenting!

  12. You have done so well with all your little outfits. You've made them very proud indeed.

    The wedding itself went off without a hitch and everyone looked marvellous and very happy. You should be very pleased with yourself!

    1. Thanks, Irene! I DO feel a little bit as though I've put on a REAL Ceremony!!! Exhausted.... but the PARTY still to do....!

  13. Thank you for this fantastic post, you've done a stunning job on everything - and I really think you've done magic with your picture-taking. Chapeau!


    1. Thank you SO much, Birgit! I try very hard to get the Pictures just right!!!! I am very glad you enjoyed it! Be sure to come to the Reception...!

  14. Replies
    1. Thank you, Rosanna! I'm so glad you could come!

  15. Hello Betsy,
    I always cry at weddings! I love your costumes, I love your miniature rooms, I love the stories you tell...but the one thing I love most, and I think describes you the best, is the magic you create. Your work has a quality to it I haven't seen anywhere else. I just love it!
    Huge hugs,
    giddy Giac

    1. Hi Giac! (You are making ME Giddy with your Comments..!) I am Thrilled to know that my little mini-world brings you so much enjoyment! (I Do get carried away .... which is where the Magic comes in..... it is really Beyond ME!!!)

  16. I thought I was going to be late--but I didn't miss the wedding--so lovely that I cried.

    This was beautifully done.

    Cheers to the bride and groom,

    1. Thank you, Iris! Thankfully this Blogland is Very Magical.... it is Difficult to Really be Late!!!!! I am so glad you could come and that you enjoyed it so much! (I am a Big fan of Tears at Weddings...!)

  17. AMAZING dress Betsy!!!!!! Great great great work!! I will always always admire your skills! And the wedding OMG!!!!!!Fantastic!!

    1. Thank you, Ewa! I am so glad you could make it!(I had a lot of fun with this one!!!)

  18. Would you believe one of the things we (Ewa and me) talked about on the train was how incredible it is that you are making clothes for alllllllllll your dolls just for this wedding???! Did you rears itch, dear Bets?

    And to think that I missed the wedding!!!! Well, let´s pretend that the church wedding took place in Krakow and Ewa and I both attended the party ;). Right Ewa? By the way she made an incredible wedding dress too!

    But your bride was definitely the star. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (Mariacki Blue). What a super spectacular wedding it was! And the reception was a blast! *hic....damn good champagne!

    1. Dear Sans! Due to the Magic of Blogland, you didn't Really miss the Wedding! (Because HERE you Are!!!) I was also thinking of You and Ewa and what a Wonderful time you must be having! And now that I know WHERE you were.... I KNOW you didn't miss the wedding... you were in the REAL Chapel.... you just had to send the pictures to me...!!! My ears itched like CRAZY! :):)