Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

The Wedding Part Two - The Reception

Dear Readers, I apologize for taking SO LONG to get to the Reception.....
It takes a long time to get all the proper wedding Photos taken...

The Photographer took them all out to the Guard Room for more photos....
So the caterers could set up in the Great Hall....

The Bride is Just SO Beautiful.....!

He wants to get the Lighting Just Right!

And then there MUST be pictures with the Parents.....

Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to get ONE picture with EVERYBODY looking Good?

Somehow he manages it!

Meanwhile in the Great Hall the party is starting to get under way.....

Everybody is taking their seats.... and waiting for the Bride and Groom to arrive!

At LAST! Here they are! Seated at the Head table.....
which is all decorated and ready!

Some of the guests are wondering What they will have to eat.....
(On this Lovely China which is a Gift from Great Aunt Agatha!)

Cousin Kitty is seated with the Aileens.
She hopes the children will Behave!
Her Cat, Sandy is getting a Little nervous at all the noise....
(Aren't the topiary Table decorations just darling?)

Now that everybody is seated Harold stands up to give a Toast to the Bride and Groom....
"To my Son Arthur and his Lovely Bride Pollyanna, I wish a Long and Happy Life Together!"

"Here Here!" Chorus the crowd......
The Bride and Groom smile at each other.....

Will, the Best Man stands to give his speech....
about how he has known Arthur since they were in school together....
and how much Pollyanna is the Perfect Bride for his friend.....

"I wish them a Long and Happy Life Together!"

And then the Musicians in the Gallery strike up a Lovely song......
This is our favorite band.....They are "The Amarettos..."

(When they play for Weddings, that is.....!)

Suddenly the sound system lets out a horrible screech.......
Which startles Sandy so badly.....
He jumps from Kitty's lap.......

Onto the tabletop.....
and in a mad dash to escape the noise.......

He LEAPS....
Onto Amber's head......

and from there to the Cake on the next table.......

Which teeters............. and then falls.....

Crashing to the floor!!!

Sandy has disappeared as fast as he could go!

And climbed to the top branches of the potted Tree in the Guard Room!

The Caterer is NOT too upset.....
Fortunately THAT cake was just a Decorative PROP!

It is Time to bring out the REAL CAKE!

(But you must Promise NOT to laugh at my cake....!
I am NOT a Cake baker...... but I did my Best!)

And Now it is time for the Bride and Groom to cut the cake.......

(But first we must admire the Wedding Cake topper....
the little people are some Worry Dolls my Mother sent me for my Birthday!!!!)

My oh, My.... where to Start...?

Arthur is Brave and makes a lunge at it.......

See.... that wasn't so hard!
It really IS CAKE!

And Plenty of it! Would you like some too?

The children clap and laugh with excitement!

Cousin Kitty is still trying to get Sandy to come out of the tree......
The Photographer suggests getting him some cake......

Sandy is NOT Enticed....!

Meanwhile the Caterer is carving up the cake and serving everybody......

Pollyanna and Arthur have their pieces....

Daniel thinks the new china looks MUCH better now that there is Cake on it...!

Juliet is wondering if it is okay to start eating yet.....

Jasper is not waiting!
"This cake tastes GREAT!" he cries.....

"Does Everybody who wants Cake have some...?" asks the Caterer.....

"Oh, I want some too..." I replied

And he kindly cut me a slice!

"Here..... You have some too!"
And Don't go away....... the Dancing is about to begin......
As soon as we make Room on the floor......

We're Not done yet.......
Let Them Eat Cake!


  1. I am loving the wedding story, tell me will they have a honeymoon ? x

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I am so glad you are enjoying it! The Honeymoon will probably have to be another story for another time.... Don't get me Started!!! LOL!

  2. You've done magic again with your photographing... your pics are gorgeous and the scenes you're creating simply supurb. But the best is your quality in telling stories... "The Amarettos"!!! When is their next CD-release (LOL). And the cake desaster - poor little Sandy! And what a relief the cake was just a substitute. My mouth fell on my keyboard discovering the real cake was real!!! I first thought it was a beautiful work of fimo - but you baked a real one... I couldn't believe my eyes. But you truly deserved a much bigger piece of cake for all the work you had with this wonderful post.


    1. Thank you, Birgit! I was not sure I should try a real cake... but I thought it might turn out almost as well as a Sculpey one! And Taste a whole lot better!! LOL! As for the Amarettos.... they have a CD release Party coming up.... NOOOO!! Don't get me going!!! No more Parties for a While!!!
      (And I had to help the Caterers "put away" the extra cake...! :))

  3. WOW!! The reception is soooo great! And I LOVE the cake!!!! Was it yummy Betsy? It must have been!:D

  4. Nos has hecho ver y leer un precioso cuento, que entre risas ha sido muy divertido.
    Un fantastico trabajo.
    besitos ascension

    1. Thank you very much, Ascension! I am glad you enjoyed it!

  5. What an exciting reception! I am so glad the real cake didn't get ruined :) How brilliant to bake a real cake! it looks delicious.
    I can't wait for the rest of the reception and are we going to throw rice?


    1. Thanks, Victoria! I decided a real cake might be more fun.... and look about the same as a Sculpey one.... I am NOT a cake Baker! It was fun to do!
      Oh, Darn.... now I am going to have to add throwing Rice to the events list......!!!! LOL! (I was forgetting it!)

  6. That darn cat! I was clutching the pearls whenever that cake started toppling!

    I'm so enjoying the festivities!

    1. I am having a lot of Fun making this Wedding happen! Getting comments like yours makes all the Work worth it!!!! Thank you, John!

  7. Hi Daydreamer, I am sure I left a comment on the previous post, but can't see it. The wedding looked like lots of fun!

    How amazing that you actually had a real miniature cake, fully iced! I love it!

    I hope this comment gets to you ok!

    warmest regards
    Andy xx

    1. Hi Andy!! I HATE it when Blogger hiccups like that!:( I am glad this comment worked! I almost chickened out of baking the cake for real..... but then I thought the Worst that would happen is I'd have to eat a lot of cupcakes ... all for nothing!... and at best... well you saw the Best! Hah! I am NOT much of a cake baker!!!!

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you, Eliana! I am glad you could come!!!

  9. Best ever, Betsy!
    What a wonderful, raucous party. Wonderful story about the kitty. One thing you might have forgotten, which your tipsy mother would remember of course - champagne for toasting?
    I'm so impressed that you made real cake. Yum!
    Lots of love,

    1. Hi Mom! You are right.. I did almost forget the Champagne! But all those little goblets are filled....(Imagine THAT!) I just couldn't come up with any bottles at the last moment!!!! (There are plenty of sources in mini land for bottled spirits!)
      And the cake was Crazy fun to do... I was So Nervous! But it Did work out!

  10. A real cake? It is a real cake! What a tiny masterpiece, and it looks delicious! Betsey, you are a true genius of event planning, a prop-don't you wish we had prop smart phones that break when we drop them, prop wine glasses, in addition to prop cakes when life throws a startled cat at us? Then we bring in the real things, and the day is saved! So the wedding is not about tears, but a delightful story to tell their grandchildren...

    A lovely, joyous ceremony. I loved it, the dove theme, the love, the fun, the cake, of course. Thank you for the piece. I truly feel like I was there. To the lovely couple, long life and happiness!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I'm glad you noticed the dove theme...! It seemed to get swallowed (Pun intended!) by the size of the party! And I almost didn't have the Courage to bake the real cake.... ! I'm So Glad I did! And I wish I could give you more than a Cyber-slice! I'm so glad you could come!

  11. Hello Betsy,
    What a wonderful wedding. That cake looks lovely and very delicious. I hope you're doing must be hard for a miniaturist to see their dolls all grown up and married off.
    The wedding pictures were beautiful. I always love taking a trip into your wonderland. The hall is stunning. You did such a great job building it. The costumes are perfect, the table setting is awsome...You always impress me with your detail and like I said before, I just love escaping from my reality for a short while and visiting your miniworld.
    Where are they going on honeymoon?
    Big hugs my friend,

    1. Thanks, Giac! I LOVE to provide Escapes! I WISH I could reveal where the Honeymoon is going to be... but they are being VERY Secretive... I might not know until they return! LOL! I do get carried away by the details...
      As for the grown up dolls.... They keep coming back!!! And then they need a new house!!!! LOL! Tons more work still to do!!

  12. Wow, that was ONE exciting (and Beautiful) reception and the cake was delicious!

    The cat was perfect and something extra to the remains of the day.


  13. It wouldn't be a real wedding if it didn't have some sort of happening, would it? I thoroughly enjoyed following the nuptials (and the cake). Must dash, there's the reception to get to!