Monday, February 10, 2014


Illusions I Recall.....

By Now you must be aware, Dear Readers, just how much I enjoy it when the Sun shines into my little Mini Worlds! So it was that on Saturday morning early I was able to catch the Sun shining briefly on the Cloud Palace before the day advanced and became cloudy and snowy! Here on Terra Firma we are vulnerable to the moods of the Clouds, but in the Cloud Palace (when it is completed, you understand) it will be sailing On top of the Clouds... and therefore should be able to expect an Endless supply of sunshine! But until it is completed, I will have to take my luck with the sunlight.... and so I have grabbed the moment to take some pictures....

Can you see how the sunlight casts a lacy shadow 
through the pattern on the window pane?
And since it is morning, Blue has set out the tea and cupcakes....
She is expecting some Visitors soon.... 
and she wants to be ready!

But since they are traveling from a Long Way Away....
She has to be very patient....
This morning she has to eat the cupcakes by herself.....
Because the Palace is still being worked on.... 
there are more paintings to be done...
So everything has to be cleared away and the room taken apart....!

Here you can see the beginnings of a pair of 
low planters to sit under the windows.

Here we have to test them in place again.... 
and you can also see the added clouds at the top of the walls....
I didn't want the Clouds to appear to end at the corner of the wall....
It is just an illusion... but I wanted to create more depth...
It needs more work before it will look right.

And since none of the parts can be glued in place in this house 
until I have completed the decorative parts, I also made a start on the upstairs!
It is really just a little space under the eaves....

But I wanted it to look as though you were sleeping on top of the clouds!

And because I wasn't done with the planters....

I painted one with another Dragon........

And the other with another Lake and Teahouse scene!

And then I had to add some butterflies....
Because there was a Lovely quote on Birgit's Blog...
by Novalis who wrote (something like this...)
 "He who can hear the butterflies laugh knows how the clouds taste...."
Which caused Flutterbeary to say that 
"Butterflies are always giggling and the clouds taste sweet...!"
Which caused me to think we needed some Laughing Butterflies here in the Cloud Palace!

And then we need to see how they look all together....

The giggling butterflies....

The dragon planter.....

The teahouse planter.....
I still am not sure what plants to plant in them...!

And the Clouds in the sky overhead.....
still in need of some softening around the edges.....
And the Clouds in the attic.....

And the whole room.......

And the whole house.....

So you can see, Dear Readers,
I have been painting....
 But its Just the Clouds Illusions After all.....
Oh, wait.... can you hear the butterflies laughing?


  1. Hello Betsy,
    I honestly gope that when I fall asleep tonight I dream that I am in this house above the clouds. It amazes me how much grand detail you get in a small structure. No pun intended, but I look at these pictures and it feels like a breath of fresh air. You are a miracle worker with your paint brush. I am in total awe of your skill. It is exquisite!
    big hug,

  2. It looks great. You do beautiful work. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. I just love your painting skills which are only outdone by your imagination! Keep going! We need a peaceful place to look at in mini world. lol

  4. O Betsy! I can hear them! The butterflies giggling... I can hardly imagine how it is possible to paint so detailed and yet so small. I like the added clouds on the walls, I imagine that's what a real palace in the clouds would look like. Clouds are difficult to catch and keep in place after all :-) I can imagine Blue is hovering around while you paint, very impatient and eager to move in! :-). What a beautiful house!

  5. Hello My dear Betsy! There is such a lightness to this little cottage in the air, so much so that catches us up and floats us all away. It is so tranquil in sky blue and silver colors that you have chosen but there is still an underlying strength supporting it. The strong geometric of the floor, is softened by the soft fluffy cloud cover overhead. The beautiful planters visually anchor the walls to the floor yet the butterflies laughing as they dance over top of the hydrangeas keeps it carefree and whimsical. What a happy balance in this little room and how pretty it already is and when the sunshine is reflected on the silver lining of this house, the effect is completely dreamy :))


  6. It's definately most beautiful Orchid house I've ever seen!:)
    I love Blue's Unique Table! The Giggling Butterflies are Fantastic! Again I love your Beautiful Planters- have no idea how you can paint Lake Teahouse or Dragon so teeny! And the Sun gives this fairy tale's feeling to Blue's house!

  7. It's a really beautiful cottage you're doing. It is so special and so wonderful in its expression. I love it all, but still, the ceiling is my favorite. Your butterflies are such a good idea.

  8. Because of your excellent skills and your imagination you can work like a creator at this beautiful air castle for Blue, Betsy! It is such a lovely home for such a loving beary, which hears the butterflies laugh......:D!
    I loved to see the yellow/pinkish edges on the clouds there on the attic, the beginning of a new day? I love the planters and all your paintwork it is awesome, high quality!
    Big hug, Ilona

  9. Ваш дом наполнен воздухом! Ощущение невесомости и радости!
    Ваша миниатюрная роспись прекрасна! Мне нравятся бабочки, нарисованные на стене! Они смотрятся очень реально! Сердце замирает, когда лучи солнца попадают в окна маленького мира! Я люблю это ощущение!

  10. Wondrous!
    This is looking fantastic!

  11. yes I can hear the butterflys laughing :) I would love to live there in real life

  12. So this beautiful, beautiful Cloud Palace will always be filled with laughter and giggling... I can tell you that at the moment my house is filled with the sounds of a flutterybeary hopping around like a rubber ball while shouting "Betsy quoted ME... Betsy quoted ME... Bestsy..." - well, I think you get the pattern. *sigh* Looks like I will have to ground my furry companion later on... Everything you've done so far is pure magic... the laughing butterflies... the clouds floating over the edges... the gorgeous table... and of course the new planters. I know this is not the usual way to fill planters like these but I would suggest to fill them with herbs - a love for herbs runs in Blue's family... I can see she's preparing for some visitors... how exciting - I'm really sorry it's not Flutterby and me Blue is expecting. *grin* Let's hope the visitors will arrive soon, as if they were riding as fast as the wind on horseback ! ;O)

    Birgit (and Flutterby who is still shouting "Betsy quoted ME..." - looks like this is going to become a long evening...)

  13. Yes, I can hear them too!!! The house will be filled with laughter and clouds...what a lucky little bear Blue is :-)

  14. Just fabulous. What a lovely mood and atmosphere you are creating in Blue's house.

  15. Your cloud palace is a whole 'nother dimension. As is Blue, and her companions-to-be. A symphony in blue. I think we'd all like to live there.
    Don't forget the saints!
    Sorry I'm late again -
    Lots of love,

  16.!! I'm amazed by all the details you put in this space and I really love the way you wanted a cloud house and you are making one!!! The shadow on the wall reflected from the design on the window is....WOW!!! The paint jobs you made, the flower pot and the basins, the clouds on the ceiling and all the decorative parts are....WOW!! Betsy, I'm loving it and I think you are reaching your aim spot on.....this house does allow me to dream when I look at it....well done!!!