Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kit Bashing The Cloud Palace....

Oh, What Have I Done....

This was supposed to be a Simple Easy Little kit, Dear Readers! It was going to be a Quick build.... with not too many troublesome Details.... but then I decided to make a few changes.... and that is where I get into trouble every time! Well, before I get to showing you what I am talking about, I must point out that I did make a couple more "Cloud Chairs"... so all the Bearys are sitting comfortably now! And because I had to interrupt their morning "Kaffeklatch" to get any work done on the Palace at all... they decided to Fly their Cloud Chairs off to the top of the Castle Dollhouse where they could sit undisturbed....

You may notice that Sir Orion cleverly moved his chair closer to Blue's chair.....
He is finding it difficult to think of ways to express himself.....
being a Great Hunter and Warrior, 
he is not used to sitting at a table with China teacups!
But I will let them have their time together...
I have work to do!
To begin with, I wanted to finish the decorative painting on the interior walls....
So I added the herbs to the planters.....

I painted Lavender in one of them.....

And in the other I painted a combination of Sage, Hyssop and Rosemary...

Of course, I had to add some more Butterflies....
A couple of Cabbage butterflies .... and a Common Sulphur....

And another couple of Tiger Swallowtails.
(They are giggling deliriously!)

And then I started to assemble the house and Glue it together!
This is harder than it sounds... 
because the pieces just don't all fit exactly as they should!
But gradually it started to come together....
and then I remembered that I still needed to make the front door hinges!
I like my doors to open and close, 
and the kit just has you glue the door in place!

I was very glad I remembered this before I glued the front panel to the house!!!
I needed to cut the wood away where the hinges would go...
You can see (above) the two small gaps I cut into the frame and the door....
I am using small pieces of leather for the hinges here...

Here you can see them glued into place with the door wide open....
The leather fills the gaps and folds easily to fit.
Metal hinges would do the same... 
but they would be harder to attach in this thin wood.

Here you can see the front panel attached....
the lighting is not very good... 
it is night again....
But that was just the Beginning, Dear Readers!
Some of you might remember my mentioning that there would be a Tower....

Made from Oatmeal boxes....
Well, I made a start by cutting one of them open so we could see the inside...

And Blue wanted to let you know that there was 
plenty of room inside for a small Fairy Beary....
(Bears do like cozy Dens, after all....)
The real Trouble began when we began to think of the upstairs....
"What stairs...?"
Uh-oh, where are the stairs???
This is a real problem for me, Dear Readers, 
I like my houses to have the realism of stairs!
And even though the Fairy Bearys could all fly up to the next level...
what would happen if they had visitors who could not fly?
And before we even get started on solving the stairs problem....
I realize that the "upstairs" will want to be accessible from the Tower upstairs...
Which means making a door through the roof...
Before I glue all the roof panels in place!

So I started cutting into the roof panels.....
(I hear some of you gasping in horror!)
But it must be done.... 
if there is going to be stairs to the attic...

Blue came to have a look through to the Tower....
We might have to adjust the opening a little.....
It is very complicated to make the shape fit the slanting roof corner!
And meanwhile I have also been making another adjustment to the kit...

I am adding silver trim around the ceiling edges....
Like a cornice only flat against the ceiling...
and also adding vertical trim at the corners to cover all the gaps and tabs...
I tell myself it will make the room feel even more like 
a "Pavilion" with a metal framework against the blue sky.

Here the vertical pieces are in... 
I still need to make the pieces for the rest of the Cornice.

Here you have another view of the attic with the gaping hole....

And the Tower from the outside....
So you can see, Dear Readers, the Trouble I have gotten into...
Oh, What have I done?
But there is no going back now!
Kit bashing the Cloud Palace....


  1. Hello Betsy,
    First of all, I do not think you could ever make a project that was simple. you have way too much imagination and artistic talent. Your project are and always will be complex in their greatness. That being said, I love the tower and I think what you have done so far to the house is wonderful. I wish I had your talent with paint.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! I am glad you have so much Faith in my abilities... I just wish sometimes that I was a better "plan ahead" builder! I start and THEN get the ideas... and make changes... and you get the idea... it goes off in crazy directions! So it is really an Adventure to me! Thank you for your wonderful comments... they always mean a lot to me!

  2. I just know it will all work out fabulously in the end. So looking forward to seeing what is next.

    1. Hi Sharee! I am glad you have the Faith... I have a few Doubts! LOL! But I am in the thick of it, like it or not... so we shall see what develops! Thank you for commenting!

  3. I love the way your project makes me feel. So airy and carefree! I know you like stairs but what about a ladder?

    1. I am so glad it makes you feel Wonderful!!! And your idea about the ladder made me think of a Fairytale-style ladder made of Golden threads....! I will have to find a place for that now! LOL! The little Tower is going to have stone steps...!

  4. I love the downstairs - it's such a pretty, pretty room! All these pots, flowers and butterflies are just charming!
    Can't wait to see this tower and the stairs and how you will put them together! :)

    1. Thank you Ewa! The Tower stairs are being a challenge.... but I am working on them!

  5. Hi Betsy, have you ever built simple projects? I really don't think so :D! BUT you often manage to find the most creative solutions to your problems, so I really don't worry about how you will solve your tower problem for the bearies ;)! Regarding the stairs in the tower......perhaps it is wise to create an elevator in the shape of a cloud or a star and you can place it on a tube/pin in the tower? Because the bearies can fly to upstairs, but there guests maybe not and with an elevator they can go upstairs too, what do you think??
    I love the downstairs room, it is spacious and it looks awesome with your paintings on the walls, especially plants/flowers are difficult to paint. My sincere compliments about your art of paint.
    Big hug, Ilona

    1. You are right, Ilona! I don't think I have Ever Ever in my entire Life made a Simple project!!! LOL! So I should know by now what will happen.... right? Well, that is the fun part.... when the ideas start to pour in.... with me just scrambling to keep up with them! And your Elevator idea made me smile! (Maybe I will have to make one like that in the Next Tower... uh-oh.... Next Tower? Afraid so!) Stay tuned!

  6. I love your Cloud Palace! But, isn't the creative process the most fun part? Even if you get yourself into trouble, the process of solving with creativity is the reward!
    Perhaps the stairs could go round the outside of the tower? Sort of old, looking stone stairs with bits of moss in the cracks? :) They could wrap around from bottom to top to the opening in the second story of the main palace. I can't wait to see what you do!

    1. You have a Crystal Ball, I see! LOL! That is the plan... I am just experimenting with the materials.... Stay tuned!

  7. Well, I like Daphne's solution - outside stairs, with moss etc. But you've already cut the holes in the attic roof, so it's moot, I guess. But how charming it's going to be when it's done! The Cloud Palace is quite lovely. Keep on!

    1. Hi Mom! The holes in the roof are also the way to the stairs.... so you will see how it works! Love to you too!

  8. Oh Betsy, how exciting! It's always a surprise to see where you are taking us. Towers, mossy stairs... it smells of fairytales and never ending stories....
    I love it!

    1. Hi Veronique! Yes... the mossy stairs are coming.... the Fairy Bearies insist! I am just along for the ride! LOL!

  9. This palace is magical! I like the structure and decorations.
    Bye, Faby

    1. Thank you, Faby! It is Magical! And it is a lot of fun to build!

  10. The little guys at the tea party all have such happy faces. Honestly, your work blows me away. It is so colourful and unique. I love your style of painting. Those white and blue vases with the flowers are exquisite!

    1. Hi Lucille! Thank you for your comments, it is always a pleasure to hear form you! The little Bears have such Beautiful Happy smiles... Birgit makes them that way and I think that is the greatest art to be able to convey such happiness! As Ilona has mentioned ... to see these little guys is an instant piece of happiness! I have had fun painting the vases... I just always need more walls to paint! LOL! (And I need to finish some of the ones I have started!)

  11. Beautiful palace, Betsy. I am sure your creativity will overcome any obstacle and it will be fabulous in the end. Your murals are fantastic and so realistic. I am looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I am discovering more challenges with this design than I expected... being ever the optimist! But I know I will figure things out and the process is fun! I just wish I could get more done in less time! LOL!

  12. I must admit I'm really glad when you get yourself into trouble *teehee* because then I can be sure that the result will become stunning and breathtaking in the end. Oh, I love your latest additions, the silver trims were a perfect solution and the pictures of the whole room are pure beauty. It really made me smile that you've filled your latest planters with herbs and it's great that there will be even more butterfly laughter now up in the clouds. But what made me smile the most (or should I better say what made me grin all over the face) was that very smart Orion - clever little guy! ;O)


    1. Hi Birgit! I just wish Somebody would let ME know ahead of time when I was going to get myself into Trouble!!! LOL!!! It would make things more plan-able! But I have to acknowledge that my work process is just jump in and then get the ideas!... so it should not surprise me by now that I end up making adjustments! As for the herbs in the planters... the perfect choice...!:) My initial worry was needing to paint over the window trim to make them fit.... but nobody seems to have minded so I guess it worked!
      And we both know how clever Sir Orion is.... but he is getting restless for some Action in his life.... enough tea parties! LOL! Stay tuned!

  13. Hi Betsy! I think that you have made the Pavilion even More Lovely with the addition of the silver wood trims throughout the interior. It is really beautiful because it is subtle and yet it finishes off and seals up the inevitable gaps and irregularities that are part and parcel of these house kits. It looks absolutely Wonderful and I think that you have shown a lot of consideration to your future guests that cannot fly by adding the future outside stairs to the clouds above. Thank you! Now I will be able to get up there a whole lot easier. :D


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I was hoping you would come for a visit! LOL! I am always surprised at how much trim I have to add to these kits to cover all the gaps! I suppose if I used wallpaper it would eliminate some of it... but I am a painter at heart.... so I gotta fill the holes! There are more trim pieces needed... a whole lot more! LOL! Just waiting for my supplies to arrive...!

  14. I'm glad you're adjusting the Cloud Palace....now there will be more wonderful posts for us to read ;-) And i'm sure it will be worth all the trouble!!!

    1. Hi Margriet! I am so glad you enjoy reading them! (I worry that I get monotonous!) But there is no end to the projects I have to finish now...! LOL!

  15. Every thing you add is always magical!! The "stained" windows look fantastic and so real!! Very well made.....well....as every thing else in that house!!! Very difficult to pick just one items as the favorite one....when everything look so good!

  16. It's great! You get a very nice house , original and not conventional . My dolls would love to live in this . And my projects are always less voluminous . I will learn the beauty and grandeur you .