Monday, February 3, 2014

Silver Linings....

Painting the Cloud Palace....

All I did this past weekend, Dear Readers, was paint! And Most of it was the tedious sort of painting that goes with the assembling of this sort of kit.... every single piece of the trims and windows, frames for inside and outside, needed four coats of paint! This is my fault, because I chose to use a particularly Lovely Metallic Silver Paint that I have, and it works best when the silver is under-painted with a soft gray and then given two coats of the glossy metallic Silver. And this is After it has all been primed initially! But I think the results are worth it! Not everybody would choose to use a shiny Silver Paint as the trim for their House, but Blue agrees with me that since Clouds are said to have Silver Linings, it is completely appropriate to make all the edges of her Palace a shiny Silver! (She also has a fondness for shiny and glittery things!) But it wasn't only the trims that took so much time.... but the floor also needed painting.... and I wanted to make the floor a checkerboard of White and Silver.... and yes, it also needed the grey under-coating!

Here you can see the finished floor.... 
the metallic paint looks quite dark in some angles of light... 
and in others it shines like Silver! 
You will have to forgive the unevenness of my painting.... 
the surface of the wood is not completely smooth.... 
and the strokes of the paint do show somewhat. 
It took Hours and Hours to complete...

But Blue and I are in agreement that it looks just right by Morning Light!

And you can see that some of the windows and frames have been completed too!
But there was still So Much Painting to do..... 
and thankfully, Not ALL of it was the Tedious kind!
For instance, the Ceiling needed to be painted.....

It is supposed to resemble the Clouds overhead....!
And while I was painting the Fun things....
I started to paint some Topiaries....

In large planters.....

Painted to look like Blue and White Chinese Porcelain......

Here you can see a close-up of the Dragon.....

And here the Peony....
And on the opposite wall....

A Large potted Hydrangea Shrub.....
The type called "Endless Summer"....

And here it is with the ceramic painted 
with a Mountains and Lakes with Pagodas pattern.

And meanwhile I was also painting endless coats of paint 
on all those other pieces of trim.....

And because the Daylight still disappears so early,
 it was Long gone by the time I was done...
 and the House was temporarily propped together .... 
just to see how it all looked in place!

Blue thought you Might just want to come in and have a look!

It is still very rough and unfinished, 
so please forgive the gaps where the walls are not glued....

Sh is particularly fond of the Hydrangea....
It reminds her of the Beautiful Garden in the Land where she was Born...

Even if she does have to use her Magical Powers to be able to Smell them....!

And with the Clouds in the Sky overhead.... 
she can Almost think she is in a Lovely Garden....

And with the Topiaries too, 
she has the beginnings of a 
Little Paradise in the Sky....
A Garden in the Clouds.....

I might even have to paint a few more.......

It should be a Breeze.....
Now that I've nearly finished painting all the Silver Trim...!

And I hope you agree with me, Dear Readers, 
That it is turning out to be a Lovely thing
 to Paint this Cloud Palace
With Silver Linings!


  1. Lovely is a perfect word for it. The floral detail is so pretty. The floor came out very well! I like that it is airy and spacious. Thanks for sharing...oh by the way this made me feel a little better about repainting a wall I just looked at with disappointment. :-)

  2. You have such a beautiful talent for painting. I especially love the white and blue pots!

  3. Hello Betsy,
    I am in awe of your talent. your painting is incredibly beautiful! The detail is incredible!
    As for the gray color, it might have been a lot of work but it was really worth it. It really feels like a house that would be up high in the sky. You did an incredible job of bringing the sky indoors. I am really, really, really impressed!
    Big hug,

  4. As always your paintings/murals are magnificent. You have brought the outside in with the sky painting on the ceilings and the plants and flowers are so cheery. Great work, Betsy!

  5. I really enjoy every blog post you put up. Your relentless creativity is awesome.

  6. I love the silver, love the ceiling, love the topiaries, but like Blue I particularly love the hydrangea in its wonderful pot. You have such a great talent for painting and it makes your projects truly individual and wonderful.

  7. I am sure she is one of the most happy Bears ever! I love the floor and all the paintings on vases! Next time when we do the swap I will ask you to paint some pots! LOL! Fantastic dragon and pagodas! And yes! I've just started to think of re-painting my ceiling into the clouds!:)
    The Blue's house looks so pretty already!

  8. *kloink* That's my jaw, dropping on the floor. I LOVE it! I'm also fond of shiny things and the silver looks fab! The ceiling too! But the white and blue painted pots are simply mind blowing! I'm running out of exclamation marks. Gotta go, find my jaw...

  9. Betsy, you have done magic with beautiful painting plants in even more wonderful pots for Blue! It looks like a 'Secret Garden', just like she was used to at the place where she was born ;)! I can see that she is in the clouds of admiration for your skills, your paintings for her are of a special kind of beauty, so well done and magical :D!!
    Great great work, Betsy!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  10. О счастливый медведь! Его окружает такая красота! У вас огромный талант живописца! Я люблю синюю роспись! А небо на потолке! Ощущения простора и радости!

  11. The Cloud Palace is getting gorgeous!

  12. Beautiful!!!! Blue is a very lucky bear to have you as her interior (and exterior) decorator :-)

  13. Your house is so beautiful. I love your beautiful paintings, they are so very gorgeous. There is a very special and warm atmosphere in your house.

  14. Hi Betsy
    your house is wonderful I love the paintings, I think it gives it life and breath!


  15. Everything is perfect. I like your plant paintings.
    Floor and ceiling are pecial.
    Bye, Faby

  16. I'm a little bit in trouble now because Veronique already used all the exclamation marks... *LOL* Betsy, this is looking so fabulous, gorgeous, beautiful, marvelous, wonderful, spectacular, breathtaking, stunning and yes... it also does look lovely! (Hey, I still found one...) I can truly see that this is going to be the most beautiful home a blue fairy could ever own and I suspect that Blue spent one of her wishing stars for herself wishing you would build her a dream house in the clouds. Everything you've done so far is pure beauty and your murals are gorgeous as always. The drawings on the planters are unbelievable, they almost look like 3D. But what touched my heart the most (surprise, surprise) was that beautiful hydrangea... *sob* Caused a lot of eyesweat around here... but who cares, it was time for goodbyes anyway today... ;O)

    Birgit with Fluby who got sentimental seeing Blue and the blue hydrangea, too - he says there's nothing like a blue hydrangea to spend a lovely summer day in... that is if you're a flutterybeary or a fairy beary for sure... ;O)

  17. Hi Betsy,

    I agree that all clouds should have silver linings, and though I can understand all that tedious painting in coats and coats, it all looks very smart when it's done. I love the silver and blue together, and your topiary trees, hydrangea and clouds all look beautiful! Love the floor too!

    Andy xxx

  18. It's a symphony in blue and silver! Maybe like the Moonlight Sonata (not a symphony) or Clair de Lune (also not a symphony). In a different way it's the best ever, though of course I have to except those wonderful saints. Set off perfectly by the topiary and hydrangias (Do hydrangias smell?).
    Lots of love,

  19. Hey Betsy, I love how you transferred the sky inside the house. The colors are stunning and it does feel like if the house is up in the sky. Perfect work!! I'm always impressed by what you do.

  20. Excellent progress with this, especially the plant paintings and sky. You have a real talent.

  21. Ohhh your work is spectacular!
    I like the ceiling and vases Chinese style!
    I like the blue ....
    Come see me on the blog and participate in my giveaway!
    Have a nice weekend

  22. Wonderful house! I love the clouds in the roof, and the painted vases!!!

  23. Oh Betsy, How Pretty!!! What a Fresh color pallet and how lovely to have the painted potted plants inside adorning the walls. I love the cloud ceiling as it reminds me of your Folly living room ceiling which I also Love! But the Floor is a Marvel and so elegant and so suitable for this project which is already becoming a New Favorite!!! :D