Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sticks And Stones....

Distractions...... and A Teeny Tiny Fairy Tale....

Once again, Dear Readers, I am going to claim that I have accomplished Almost nothing in my Mini Worlds this week. I kept getting distracted and could not decide which of my Many projects should be worked on first... and ended up only making Very Little progress on any of them! But it is Summer, and even though it is wet and stormy here a lot this summer, it is impossible to ignore the beauty of Nature in all its splendor. Sometimes, just the way the sun shines on the dewy grass first thing in the morning is enough to make your heart sing! And so I have decided to share with you one or two pictures of a project I have been working on in the "background" for a while. But this is just a "teaser" so I will not explain....

Except to say that even though I intended to work 
on the Windows of the Conservatory....
I did not!
But I was a little surprised to see inside....

Someone has brought in a half dozen potted fruit trees!

Perhaps they are growing them for the Park?
Who knows?
And then there were the sticks I needed to cut....

For tree trunks......

And  even tinier sticks for "paneling" in the bed alcove 
on the door to the Tree House Nursery....

Cut from matchsticks.
Each one had to be carefully fitted....

A slow process... and still not done!
Because I got Distracted....

By the Stones that needed to be glued around 
all the Tree trunk bases.
Not a quick process...
and still not done...
Because I got Distracted....
With wondering Where the Tiniest Fairy went to!

Because, with the Conservatory windows taken out 
for working on, Dear Readers,
 I thought it would be a good idea to relocate the delicate fairies 
and the Tiny Bonsai Garden to the Cloud Palace for safekeeping.
But then I noticed that the Tiniest Fairy 
was no longer where I had left him in the hyacinth pot!

Where on Earth could he be???
I checked in the kitchen....
but did not see him in there....

So I went and asked Brother Beorn if he had seen a Tiny Fairy around....
Beorn had been reading Gulliver's Travels....
And was Clearly Dreaming of his own Travels....
but he said he had not seen any Tiny Fairies recently!
So I went back to Blue and Sir Orion....

They were not paying much attention to anything but each other!
They said they did not see any fairies.
That was no help at all!
But then something caught My attention....

What was that on the cupcake????
 The little Imp is trying to steal the Heart from the Cupcake!!!
Perhaps I will have to call him the "Thief of Hearts"!
Well, Dear Readers, I warned you 
that almost Nothing got accomplished this week....
Except for a few sticks and stones....
and a Teeny Tiny Fairy Tale!


  1. Hey Betsy. I liked the sticks and stones connection. You always seem to accomplish so much in your posts. I loved the trees brought indoors from the park, you need to get a lock put on that conservatory!

  2. Hello Betsy! I think that your trees for the conservatory are wonderful. The photo looks just like a Real Park and when I first saw it I had to look and then look again. Your method of using the twigs is such a great idea and the tops of the trees blend in so well. You are such a Clever Girl! :D
    That tiny fairy on the cupcake was a very good "fairy tale" and I for one, am glad that he disappeared for awhile as it gave me an opportunity to see your Cloud Palace kitchen again. ( I just love the way you do your stones. )
    A lovely visit once again,... YOU TEASE! :D


  3. Oh my goodness the fairy must be the size of a mosquito! You reminded me of using sticks for tree trunks. I have been putting them out for the city pick-up! Thanks for the reminder! The time is just not right for working on minis I guess. It will come soon and you will be like a madwoman...again! :-)

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  5. Oh I love it when you say you have accomplished almost nothing and then you show a lot of new things! :) I like this photo of the trees seen through the conservatory window!
    Good the teeny fairy was not lost. :) Little traveller. :)

  6. Hello Betsy,
    I swear I want to shrink down and take a walk in that park. it is lovely. you r trees are wonderful! What a wonderful world you have created. the cubby is wonderful...it was already, but I just love the woodwork you are adding. I know it will be one of those places I would wish to retire to and do nothing! And I must say, the pictures of the cloud palace are incredible. I just love it. Your finishes are so beautifully done and the structure is so much fun. I LOVE the kitchen! Your work always enchants me Betsy!
    Big hug,

  7. hehehe..thanks for the fairy tale :) I love the trees they look great


  8. Oh, what a wonderful Park with those trees!! Betsy, you have done magical work on the trees. I really love the pictures of your Conservatory, it is so wonderful, I can't wait to see more of it inside :D!
    Thankfully the little fairy wasn't disappeared, that would be a disaster for you. But no, it was just eating a bit of cream on a cupcake ;o! Although you say you did not, I think you have done lots of things.
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. I like the fairy tale. The trees are beautiful.

  10. A park!!! You're working on a park!!! I can't believe it - and it looks sooooo good so far. It's always fun when you claim not to have accomplished anything... but are working in the background on a park. *LOL* And you really got me ROFLing with that fairy-tale... that little rascal. Maybe you remember... some time ago Fluby had some trouble with four elves from the witch tower who had stolen his strawberry cupcakes... Poor chap, the heart attack was only five seconds away from him. So I know well that these little guys have a sweet tooth... And I think the tiny one took advantage of Blue and Sir Orion not noticing anything of what's going on around them... *LOL*


  11. I'm glad to read that I am not the only one who doesn't make tons and tons of progress. --Though it seems you sold yourself short, Betsy, because what you did manage to accomplish is lovely! The little trees in the conservatory are so cute. And I always love your stories! I hope any fairies that move into my yard are not as mischievous as yours. XOXOJohn

  12. Your tree's and the park are amazing. I would love to walk around your park. Lol what a naughty adventures fairy you have. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures.
    Hugs Maria

  13. **Ok this is my third try at a comment, sorry if there are copies..**

    Your trees look amazing! The park looks to be a magical place to think on fanciful things!

    I love the lighting in your shots they always look so bright and wonderful and the minis look great!


  14. Great job on the trees and the alcove is going to be awesome.

  15. Betsy, I didn't have time to get to your blog this week. Sorry!

  16. Oh wow! Your trees are fabulous, but I LOVED your fairy tale. Wretched little cupcake heart stealing fairy!

    I missed your blog while I was gone. I have some catching up to do. Especially since I don't seem to be getting anything done either, while I'm job hunting and all.

    Later, 'gator!


  17. I am planning the area around the abandoned house and I have a few ideas on the tress surrounding it. Yours are quite wonderful, Bets. I also like how you have "planted" park benches around. Really look like a park :)

  18. Another wonderful journey through your miniature worlds and a wonderful little fairy tale. I hope the fairy gets off the cup cake soon though before someone gets hungry and chomps on that delicious looking cup cake.