Monday, July 21, 2014

Teeny Tiny Progress...

Why Things Take Longer.....

I am sure I am not Alone, Dear Readers, in thinking my creations will be simple and quick to make... and I don't know why I have not learned that this is never the case! For instance, I decided that I needed to make a "few" tiny birds for the Park... because who ever saw a Park that had No Birds? And I wanted my birds to be Pigeons and Sparrows... because they are always the most noticeable little Park residents.... so I started with the Sculpey.... but I wanted my birds to have little wire feet... with four toes (just for accuracy's sake!) ....

So I twisted together four strands of very thin gauge jewelry wire
 and bent them into a little armature for the birds...
I started with the Pigeons, as they are larger and therefore easier to make!
I think they are a little large for true scale... 
being just over an inch long...
And then I tried the sparrows... 
each is about a half an inch long!

Isn't he cute???
But does he need Paint????
(I think he needs paint.....)

And Can you see their little wire feet???
I have not trimmed them to a correct length yet....
because I decided I needed to make More of each....
How many birds equals a "flock"???

And then, of course, Dear Readers, 
while the Sculpey was baking, 
I was also adding the details to the 
Bed Alcove for the Tree House Nursery!
I finished the matchstick "paneling"....

And I found some scraps of worn out paper Twist 
that was used for chair seats... 
and fits perfectly as the edging for the opening to the Alcove!

And I added a second layer because 
the Door frame is two layers of plywood thick....
so both the layers are edged in the paper twist.

Then I stained it with a light maple stain...
And While the stain was drying.... 
I was also making the "leaded glass" windows!

And because it had been So LONG since I last 
made any of these windows for the Tree House, Dear Readers, 
I was not at all sure of what I was doing!!!
They consist of several layers of cardboard 
cut to the shape of the opening, 
one layer just slightly larger than the other,
and painted on all sides, 
and glued together with the clear plastic "window pane" inserted in the opening.
Then I add the "mesh" which is cut very carefully to fit the pane 
and glued in place with a thick layer of Aileen's clear gel glue.

Once they are completely dry I attach them to the wooden window frame....

And this whole panel is the outer layer 
which will attach to the outside of the opening on the Bed Alcove....

 And here you can see it just held in place temporarily....
(I don't glue until I am sure the parts are assembled as far as possible 
because it is easier to make the pieces when they are flat and not inside a tiny hole...!)

And with the light shining in the windows....
Perhaps we can imagine sleeping in this little Alcove...?
And while we are Imagining Things......
Perhaps we can test how a little lace curtain will look....

But Of course, we will need a soft mattress too......

Does that look inviting....?
If we Imagine we are very small.....

Well.... it is a Start!
And while we have been lost in Imagining this Tiny Alcove....
Somebody has been feeding the birds in the Park.....

Yes, I do think they need to be painted...

But it is a Start!
So I think you can see Why it is, Dear Readers, 
That even though there has been Teeny Tiny progress....
Everything Always takes Longer!


  1. Oh my gosh. Your birds are amazing. That window is amazing. YOU are amazing! So talented! I can't wait to see your flock all painted! Keep up the amazing work (even if sometimes it takes a little longer than you thought it would.) :) - Miri

    1. Thank you Miri! Not only does it always take longer, but the project list keeps getting longer too! LOL! No end in sight!

  2. Betsy, this post was for the birds. And what FANTASTIC BIRDS THEY ARE!!!
    You never fail to Amaze me with your versatility and creativity! I am blown away by your many skills and as far as things taking longer, longer than what? You are probably the fastest one woman construction crew that I have ever seen.
    How many birds in a flock indeed!

    Saucy little miss! :))


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Once I got the feet organized the birds came together pretty quickly.... (because I cut corners on the tiniest details, like their eyes...) but I think they will serve well enough... who knows, they may even make me create a whole series of "Bird Tales" before I am through! LOL! That's really why things take longer... I don't stay on task very well.... or I guess you could say I stay on many tasks .... and get distracted with Stories! I am totally Loving your recent story!!!

  3. You definitely have a flock there Bets! And such cutesy ones too. We have loads of sparrows and pigeons and mynas and some of them (except sparrows) are fairly large. And yes, perhaps a dash of paint will be good.

    And doubt no more, dear Bets, that nook is definitely inviting. Mayhap some teeny pillows :) ?

    1. Dear Sans! It is so nice to see you here! :):)
      Yes, the tiny pillows are on order... no telling how soon they will "arrive"!
      And we have pigeons and sparrows and crows and occasional hawks.... and when there is a pond there are ducks and geese and swans.... but Never ever Mynas!

  4. Ohhh that window nook needs only a few pillows and it would be sooo cosy!
    Your birds are fantastic Betsy!!

    1. Thanks Ewa! The pillows and other bedding for the nook are definitely going to happen.... but I just couldn't resist adding the "Temporary" mattress to see how it will look!
      I hope painting the birds won't ruin their charm... they look so innocent this way....!

  5. Hi Betsy
    Your wee birds are amazing! I am stunned at how some miniaturists can make things so tiny but with such accuracy. Beautifully done. Your little window bed is looking so so cosy!
    All the best

    1. Thank you Vivian! Welcome to my blog! (I am so slow on the welcomes....)
      The little birds are coming along... we will see whether paint "improves" them! LOL!

  6. Hello Betsy,
    I need to tell you again that I love your talent and imagination! Your birds are wonderful.......and that tiny bed alcove so clever! It is always a pleasure to see and read your offerings. I agree with you and your other makes far longer to make these things than most of the world realizes. Looking forward to seeing more progress!
    Good wishes from Ray

    1. Thanks Ray! I admire Your creativity and skill and I am so glad you enjoy my Tiny Tree House! I find it enchanting to make....!

  7. Hi Betsy! Your window nook looks just like a small, warm and cosy bird nest and because it is for the Tree House, it just seems like it is a window in front of a sawed off tree branch of your Tree House, but then on the inside of the branch/tree. Oh, my poor English, I do hope you will understand what I mean...?
    I love what you did with the scraps of worn out paper Twist, it made me think of that "tree branch feeling" even more ;)! The leaded windows looks fabulous and there are even curtains for it :)
    Your birds are fantastic work, Betsy, birds aren't easy to sculpt, especially not with those tiny wired feet ;).
    I wish you a nice week. Hugs, Ilona

    1. Dear Ilona, Your English is Excellent... and that is Exactly what the Alcove is supposed to be!!! It is the inside of a sawn off tree branch... hollow with the end built into a window and bed alcove!!! So, yes, it is very "Tree-branchy" with the paper twist.... I was so excited to discover how well that worked!!
      And the birds are really sort of "rough" likenesses.... but they have a lot of charm and appeal... and they are unmistakeable as Birds... so they will have to do! LOL! I really hope painting does not ruin the "character" of them!

  8. I would say that you had made some great progress! it's just the items that are tiny! the birds looks so sweet! As does the window and the cosy little bed!! Working in such a tiny scale, it is amazing how much detail you manage to cram into the treehouse!


    1. Hee hee, you are so right Andy! That must be why I never think I got anything done... it is all so small and hard to see! LOL! And I just love the tiny details!

  9. Hello Betsey,
    This post is just what I needed. today is one of those days I would escape you your mini world just to relax and be enchanted by everything around me. The birds are just wonderful and will be the perfect touch to bring your already incredible park to life! The alcove is wonderful and the most inviting place I can imagine. I love it.
    Good quality miniatures always take longer to make then expected. I wonder, if we could properly guess how long projects would take, if some people out there would abandon projects before they start ;)
    Big hug,
    Betsy, thank you for these inspirational and beautiful pictures,

    1. Hi Giac! I am so glad I can provide an enchanted "Escape" from the bigger world! (It is that for me too...!) The Park is taking on a bigger and bigger "Life of it's own" these days.... it really is just supposed to be a background for my stories.....
      And the Tree House Nursery is finally starting to take shape in my mind.... all inspired by the bed Alcove on the door!

  10. Bestsy I agree with Miranda you are amazing I love the birds (I need a few for my barn but I'll probably have to make them crows..the clowns of the sky)

    Marisa :)

    1. Thanks, Marisa! I would do crows..... but they have "darker" image than I wanted for this! LOL!

  11. Looks like I've always been mistaken... I always thought "tiny" means very small - but now I fear it means huge, big, giant instead - because you've made a lot of progress! ;O) I don't know how many birds make a flock, but yours make quite a good park gang for sure. They look awesome, and even with wired legs... I agree with the others, you're amazing for sure. Nevertheless you should add some paint accents to highlight them - but they already look so good in your beautiful park. And about the nook - this will become a very cozy place. Lucky little rats to live in such a beautiful place!


    1. Hee hee, Birgit... you are Not mistaken.... I just can't "see" the "huge" progress in the tiny details! LOL! But they do sometimes add up to more than I thought they were! I hope the painting will not ruin the charm of the little birds.... we shall see!
      And the bed Alcove is definitely going to be cozy! :)

  12. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of yourbirds. Great job. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you Marta! I am glad you like the birds!

  13. I love your birds...probably they would look better with paint but I like them just as they are. I always loved birds made in ceramic or clay not painted and yours in miniature are just perfect. Very very lovely. The alcove it came out soooooo nice, lovely and an inviting place....really cute! Slow process but wonderful process Betsey!!

    1. Thank you Simona! Yes, the birds have a charm of their own before the paint... I really hope painting them won't spoil it!
      And the Alcove still has quite a ways to go before it is done... but I had to show the possibilities ahead of time! As usual my ideas race ahead of the work!

  14. Fantastic work on those birds! I always want to create a crow or hawk with the feet like you did but mine so far have been failures.

    The tree house alcove looks amazing, so cozy, your details make this space look perfect to relaxing and reading stories ;)

    1. Hi Jane! I want to make birds with real feathers...! LOL! So these are the "quick" version!
      The Alcove is still a long way from done.... but I like to dream of the possibilities....!
      Thank you for commenting!

  15. You've outdone yourself this time - both the birds (with their tiny feet!) and the lovely leaded window. Wow.
    But must the window have curtains? Is privacy necessary, way up high in the tree? I think (lovely as it is by itself) the lace obscures the wonderful leaded glass effect.
    (How in the world did you know how to make such adorable, perfect birds?)
    Love, Mom

    1. Hi Mom! I know you don't like curtains....! But they will add an extra layer of charm when they are finished.... you will see!
      And how I knew how to sculpt the birds???? The same way I knew how to sculpt the foal when I was nine.... it just "happens"!

  16. The birds are great and so is the leaded glass!

    1. Thanks Troy!
      I was looking at your new chairs..... what an Awesome collection!
      I am going to have to make more teeny tiny chairs for this project.... I am not sure what style they will be... !

  17. О! Мне нравится фонтан и птицы! Действительно в паке всегда много голубе и воробьев. Они у вас получились очень реалистичные! А какое мини, мини, мини, окно??? Я люблю его! Спасибо, что показываете, как вы делаете мини!!!

    1. Thank you Tatiana! I am really glad you like them! I hope the painting will not change them too much.
      Thank you for commenting!

  18. O my! Those birds!!! Exquisite Betsy, absolutely perfect! As for the tree house windows, very smart! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!

    Big Hugs,


  19. I love that window alcove - so cosy. I also love your flock of birds. When I made some fimo birds I also felt the need to paint them.