Monday, July 7, 2014

Tieing Up Loose Ends

Kitchen Lights and Other Little Things....

I can hardly believe it, Dear Readers, but I have Finally completed the Electrical wiring for the Lights in the Folly! The kitchen was the last unlit room, and I had been unable to decide on the lighting that would be needed without a sink in place. But once I had found the right sink, there was no excuse for leaving the lights incomplete! I decided to go with a simple and traditional sconce with a fluted glass, and I attached it with the globe facing downward as it gave much better "task" lighting at the sink.

Here I am testing the new light.....
I was able to mostly hide the wire behind the edge of the "tile" backsplash...
(here I have slid it aside while working on the wiring)
and the part below the chair rail is mostly hidden by the sink....
once I drilled the hole and ran the wire to the underside of the house.

 The other light in the kitchen is the one I acquired over a year ago, 
but did not complete the wiring.... 

It came without a plug... 
and to get the wiring attached properly would mean 
moving The Folly off its foundations.... 
so I could reach the underside to thread wires through the tiny hole.....
and run them up a channel to splice onto the lamp wires.
So I left it undone for over a year!
You can see below the partly moved Folly
and the wires in the "cave" underneath....

And here you can see the kitchen with both the lights on.....

And a view of All the lights on......

And now that the lights are all wired... 
I was able to add the trim to the outer corner on the kitchen side...
which covers the channel where the wires are run from the upstairs...
and that in turn allowed me to Finally glue the chimney in place!

I had finished the bricks Ages ago..... 
but could not attach it until the trim was in place......
which couldn't be attached until the Wiring was done!
Here you can see the whole chimney....

I couldn't attach the upper portion until the lower part was done
so as to be sure they were aligned correctly!

And to think that All this progress 
hinged on getting the right sink!

And speaking of "hinges", Dear Readers......
I have been having more fun with Tiny hinges for the Tree House!
To begin with I cut the doors in the walls 
for the Nursery and the Nanny's Room...

And added the hinges......
(I LOVE hinges!)

And here you can see the doors in place in the Tree House....

This is the Nanny's Room.....
with a door to the Nursery on the left 
and the door to the Hallway on the right.

And here you can see where the hallway runs along the back to the stairs...
(which will be inside the cardboard tube...)

And here you can see the Nursery.
The door on the back wall leads to the hallway and the stairs....
and the door on the right to the Nanny's room.
But the best part is the Bed Alcove that is built onto the "door " to this level....

This is just the rough framework viewed from the outside.....

And the inside.......
Visible when the main door is opened!
And I had to add the window frames.....
For the Bed Alcove.....

And I wanted the windows to be able to open.....
so I added Hinges.....

Teeny Tiny Hinges!
They went on a little bit crooked.....
But this is just a Tree House after all....

So it can be a bit rustic and worn!
I will need to fill the chipped spots.....
And I need to make the "window glass"....
This is really just the beginning!

So while it seemed as though 
Very little got done this week, Dear Readers,
Between the Tiny Hinges, The Lights and the Chimneys...
At least I managed to tie up a bunch of loose ends!


  1. Hey Betsy. The lights are a great success, they really complete the look and make it lived in and full of life. I love the progress on the tree house. The bed alcove is a great idea and the window is a brilliant touch.

  2. I love this bed alcove with window! Great idea!
    The Folly looks great with lights on and chimneys attached! :)

  3. Hi Betsy
    I just love how lighting can change the whole look of a room. Your kitchen is just lovely. In fact, the folly looks amazing.....and the tree've been a very busy lady! Dying to see how it progresses.
    All the best

  4. Hi Betsy! ...'You have very little got done this week', you say ;)? This is very precise work you had to do and you succeeded to do it well :D! The lights look wonderful, when they are turned on in The Folly, it's always great to see that the lights work. The chimney is fabulous work and I have learned something from you: in my canal house are two chimneys and I thought I couldn't make lighting on the I can :D!! Thanks for the idea, Betsy!
    That tiny window and bed in the alcove are more of your fabulous ideas, I can't wit to see it finished.
    I wish you a nice week. Hugs, Ilona

  5. Hello Betsy,
    The kitchen is transformed! the lighting is wonderful. It is so soft and really highlights elements of the kitchn. I just love the warm feel you created. Love it, love it, love it!
    As for the tree house, there are not sufficient words to say how much I adore the alcove. again, love it, love it, love it!
    Big hug,

  6. Lights in a doll house make the house come alive, I love it!!! And the bed alcove is another beautiful little detail that makes your work so special!

  7. Your work on lighting the Folly's kitchen is stunning, your choice of lamps and places is perfect. And I must admit, seeing the Folly makes me want to start on my Christmas House... *sigh* But one thing after the other, first I have to finish Flower Cottage and then I have to build a retirement home for an old witch... I wish I would be able to hop along between different projects like you! Your newest additions to the tree house are awesome - it's always great whenever you're taking your hinges out. That alcove... what a stunning idea!


  8. Betsy, I love your work so much. I like that you're not afraid to use colour! You really do know how to colour the enchanting little worlds you create!

  9. The kitchen is so beautiful. I also have this stove.
    The alcove is a great idea.

  10. It is so complicated with all the light and power, but also what makes the whole thing so very completed. Your kitchen is so very wonderful. Fine little window.

  11. It really did all fell into place once you got that sink! It's such a cute little kitchen, just the sort of kitchen I like. I love hinges, too, though they sure are tough to install when they are that tiny. XOXO, John

  12. Hello Betsy!
    I have some serious catching up to do as I see you have been busy! I absolutely adore the back splash and think the grout looks very authentic. Together with the lights, the panelling, the sink, well it looks just like a kitchen I could happily live with!
    I have 25 posts or so to catch up on, so I will be noising around your blog and creations for some time but will come up for air once in a while :-)


  13. Betsy, the Folly is so GORGEOUS! The lights do it. I never before noticed the lovely mural in the kitchen - LOVELY.
    Everything. LOVELY.
    Lots of love to you,

  14. Hooray for the Folly and for the Chimney! Beautiful Work Betsy! The lights make a big difference to the space and I love both of the lamps and your placements of them in the kitchen. Well do I know how one thing can hold back so many others, but now that the lights are installed because of your new sink, then everything else just fell into place. Your chimneys are fantastic with all of your great brickwork and I am paying close attention because that is also on my "to do" list. The Folly is such a great little house and I am glad that all of the loose ends are finally tied up on it.
    The Tree House is Fascinating to me as well, just because of the minute details ie. those miniscule hinges for that teeny tiny window over that sweet recessed bed. How you come up with these ideas and then how you put thought into action, ... well it is just all so Amazing, no,... YOU are Amazing! :))


  15. Betsy, your lights complete the look of the dolls house really. I love the progress on the tree house. Your kitchen is so very wonderful...Ah! all is so amazing and lovely Hugs. Maria!

  16. Well done on completing your lighting, I have put mine off for so long it looks like it will never get done! The tree house is looking good too, I love those tiny hinges too, and you have put them all to such good use, all those tiny doors and the window is charming! looking forward to seeing more soon!


  17. Dear Betsy, the house is enchanting, and I especially love the homey feel
    of the kitchen. I wouldn't even mind washing dishes in such a room!
    The treehouse looks like it is on it's way to becoming another one of your
    masterpieces! I will look forward to see it's progress on the way.

  18. Well done on tying up loose ends. The Folly is looking wonderful. Look forward to seeing the finished bed alcove.

  19. Oh Betsy...
    How I love that tree house! Want to shrink and move right in! Is it for rent, perhaps?

    Hugs to you,

  20. Your little hinges are great. I am wondering how it must feel to complete a project. I will be working on electrifying in a few months.

    1. Oh and I forgot to say how wonderful the whole house is. I love it when a mini house looks like it has actually been lived in! Nice!

  21. Hey!!!! I too have just finished lighting the interior of my abandoned house. was going to post about it today but got distracted with catching up with all of you :).

    I must say lighting is by far the most vexing of building minis . I am resorting to very simple ways. Not ideal but they will do for now.

    I love how yours is turning out, Bets. It is so gratifying to see the little house all lit up like it is Xmas :)

  22. I love the tree house!!!!!! The alcove is adorable! x