Monday, June 30, 2014


Big and Small.....

I Truly cannot say how long it has been, Dear Readers, since I did any Serious work on the Folly! It figures so often in my pictures of sunlight playing in my Doll Worlds, and I have come to accept it's incompleteness while I work on my other more Exciting projects. But I have for a long time been aware that the Kitchen needed attention! The only furnishing in there have been the almost finished stove and the not at all finished, but cute, hutch! It is such a small space that I have never been sure I would be able to fit in a refrigerator.... but I have always known it would need a sink! And not just any sink! It would need to be small and old fashioned... (this house was built in the Nineteenth Century after all), with a slightly elegant feel to it, not really rustic at all. I have watched others make their own sinks with great success... and was beginning to think I needed to make this myself. Then I came across the perfect little sink at the Sturbridge Fair! 
(Yes, I did not show you ALL the Treasures I bought at the Fair!) 
When I got it home, It Fit Perfectly! 
And then I began to think of the Tile backsplash it would require.... 
as it had no backsplash attached..... 
And that was when I noticed the Coaster under my Tea.... 
one given to me Ages ago by my Dear Friend Ewa.... 

She sent me a gift package with these coasters and many other little things... 
and I have always thought these coasters should 
find their way into one of my projects...!
So I propped it in place behind the sink......
and it Fit Perfectly!
(Thank you, Ewa!!!)

Then I thought there should be wainscoting 
below the tile backsplash.....
Beadboard wainscoting...
Because All the old Victorian houses I ever saw 
had beadboard wainscoting in the kitchen!
I would need to start with the mopboard at the bottom....
Then I found a piece of trim in my piles of stuff 
that was already painted the right color....
And was the right length for both the mopboard and the chair rail at the top...!

Once they were glued in place 
I began to cut woodsies to the right length......

And glued them in place between the rails!
The woodsies have enough of a bevel on their edges 
that they mimic the beadboard paneling, 
but they don't actually have a "bead" along the edge. 
These will be barely visible in the end, 
so I am not bothered by that small imperfection.

As for the "Tile" backsplash.....
I took the coaster and trimmed the sides back 
to eliminate the curve at the corners,
And marked the grid of the tiles with a pen.

I then used a ball stylus to press an indentation along the lines....
this is to mimic the grout lines.
Because the coaster is just varnished paper 
I did not want to cut into its surface.
Here you can see the grout lines painted white....

I did spray the surface with varnish between the black marking and the white....
And then again to seal the white too....

I think it looks like perfectly dirty old grout!

Of course, by now it is so late at night 
and the picture is too dark to see well.
But in the morning.....
With the Sun shining in....

I think it looks Perfectly Lovely...
And almost as if it has always been there!

You can even see the "texture" of the individual tiles!
 I am sometimes amazed at how things will 
suddenly come together to make the perfect result...
when I had no idea how it was going to work when I started!

But that was not the only wall I was working on, Dear Readers!
I also decided to wallpaper the inside of the Stairwell 
on the spiral stairs in the Tree House....

And it is a good thing I did! 
Because in the process of making the pattern for the wallpaper....
I discovered I had not yet glued the cardboard wall in place!
It is now glued....

I used the same glittery paper that I used in the Library and the lower stairwell.
I still need to make the window for this door... 
and add the latch and magnet.....
But I think it is just about time to attach the next floor above! 
So I can get going on Those Next Walls, Dear Readers!
Big And Small!


  1. Hey Betsy
    The coaster splashback is genius!! And such a pretty pattern. Your wainscot turned out really well too, you have been busy! I love the gold paper,MIT has real depth to it like quartz or granite or something.

  2. HOORAY!!! The FOLLY is one of my Favorite Houses and At Last a re-visit! :D
    I am AMAZED at what you have done with that one big tile, Betsy. You have given it the look of MANY individual tiles by working your mini magic on it and it looks Absolutely Fantastic!!!! What a Brilliant solution and it looks happy to be there too! ( but don't forget to add that final bit of blue trim to the other side of it to finish it off.) I love the fact that the center floral colors are such a perfect match for the red tones in the floor. A Brilliant choice for the sink and for the bead board behind it and the hutch. :D Wow Betsy, 2 thumbs up; your work just keeps on Delighting me! :D


  3. Oh what a brilliant idea! I am beginning to regret I don't have this coasters home anymore! LOL! I truly love, love, love the effect of being made of many tiles now!
    The stairwell looks awesome now. It also shows inside much better than without it. :)
    Great works, Betsy!

  4. Hi Betsy! At first I thought: what is a coaster......Google translator translated this word like this: "een kustvaarder" in Dutch!! It means: a boat which sails along the coast :D LOL, okay!! How would that be: a boat as a splashback behind the sink in your dollhouse kitchen, huh ;)?? Okay, in the meanwhile I know what the word 'coaster' means :). This wonderful coaster of Ewa is a creative and excellent find, Betsy, it really looks beautiful!
    The stairwell looks exclusive now with the sparkling gold walls, great work.
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Hi Betsy
    I just love the coaster tiles...the colours and pattern really suits the kitchen. By adding the wainscot etc., has totally transformed what was a lovely kitchen to a fabulous kitchen. I love it. The stairwell of the treehouse is nothing short of stunning. Lovely work.
    All the best

  6. Un'idea geniale e molto carina quella di utilizzare un sottobicchiere!
    E' venuto proprio un bel lavoro!!
    Complimenti e mini hugs

  7. That splashback (coaster) is fabulous. It looks so effective and I love the design.

  8. A brilliant idea! The result is fantastic.

  9. You're busy as a bee and full of brilliant ideas - the coaster idea is stunning! It looks perfect together with the sink and it's always special to use gifts from friends - and what could ever be better if gifts from friends are exactly what you were looking for?! The kitchen looks so beautiful now with your latest additions and using that sparkling paper for the staircase - best choice!


  10. Fabulous back splash tile idea, Betsy. I love how you re purposed the coaster. I love this house and the colors are so cheery.

  11. You've done wonders with the coaster. What a brilliant idea! This is a very beautiful kitchen.
    Hugs, Drora

  12. Wow what a fantastic idea. The splash back looks perfect on the wall. I love your kitchen. The tower looks amazing.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Dear Betsy, What a wonderful cozy kitchen. I love all the play of pattern and color, and the coaster backsplash is perfect! Well done as always, Philip

  14. Wonderful touches to your great build! The tower is fantastic and what a perfect idea on the coaster!

  15. Hello Betsey,
    First of all, the idea for the backsplash is just inspired! It looks wonderful and you really made it look like tile. Bravo Betsey! the wainscot and the sink are perfect in the room and it looks so charming. I love the paper in the stairwell...Your rooms really have a magic quality to them that no one else can get quite like you can. Wonderful work Betsey! I love it.
    Big hug,

  16. how very clever, I like the final result :)


  17. The coaster tiles are beautiful, it was made to go there :-) I love it when things just fall into place!

  18. I love the back-splash --I used patterned tiles in my own RL kitchen to similar effect. G wanted plain, white subway tile --so there was such a fight.

  19. That was an excellent use of the coaster - almost as if it was meant!

  20. Hi Betsy, NO Way that's a coaster!!! Really??? Wauw, I luv it! It looks amazing and very realistic as a back splash. Hugs AM