Monday, June 9, 2014

Just Playing Around

The View Through the Doorway.....

Well, Dear Readers, it was an almost Unbearably beautiful Morning on Saturday, and if you are at all like me, you would not have been able to resist spending a little time in the Conservatory. There were a great many New little Treasures to visit and admire, especially the tiny, Tiny Bonsai garden, which needs to be so carefully tended! While this might not be the place it lives forever, it is a perfect temporary home, while the partially constructed Conservatory awaits the return of my attentions!

I always love the way a room looks just glimpsed through the door..... 
so much to be discovered on closer examination.....
hints of a world to explore....

Here you can come closer so you can see just how tiny the Bonsai Garden is!
And the tiny fairy has decided to visit here too.... 
there aren't any finished landscapes for him to visit yet in my Mini Worlds.....
So he will have to be careful and not stray too far.....!
And while we are here playing in the morning sunshine....
I have dragged in a cup of tea and a snack and a book.....

For who could possibly be in a hurry to leave here on this Lovely Morning?

As if reading about Lilliput was not enough adventure for the day!
But eventually those other projects called... 
and I remembered another Doorway that needed looking into...

And a detail or two added to make the vision complete......
starting with the lamp on the wall.
This is a non-working lamp, 
and I have been trying to decide the best place to use it for a long time. 
I think it is perfect for this tiny room!

And I needed to "stock" the shelves with spare supplies........
Extra toilet paper rolls (I rolled them myself!), 
spare soap wrapped in tissue paper....
and extra fluffy towels.

And a towel rack with a towel and washcloth at the ready....

And a little seashell on the shelf to hold hairpins and earrings!
(Still empty....)

Here you can see the entire room without the wall in place.....
A view that will not be seen when the room is done!
And Here, the wall with the door.....

I added the door handle... 
an antique ring style doorpull.
The morning sun is shining in through the window....

Doesn't it just make you want to look inside...?

There are only a couple more Tiny details to add 
before this room will be complete, Dear Readers,
and then I will glue the wall in place!
And the only view then will be the glimpse through the open door....
An enticing place we can only Dream of entering....

And while we are Dreaming of Doorways and Views....

Sunday Morning was even More Sublime!
And while the Project that will use these Lantern Posts 
is a Long Way from even Beginning....
For now they adorn the entrance to the Conservatory....
Where one of our Tiny Friends is passing by....

Whether he is on his way from Lilliput to Fairyland, I do not know!
And as I was passing by the other door, I glanced inside....

and spotted a detail that was not there before....

Someone had brought some blossoms in from the Garden.....
Tiny Forget-me-nots in a tiny vase....

And when I asked the Tiny Fairy how they came to be there....
He would not say....!

Well, Dear Readers, 
I hope you have enjoyed the Views through the Doorways,
As much as I have enjoyed Just playing around!


  1. Hello My Dearest Betsy! I have to say that the photos of your conservatory and of the Rose Thorn Cottage bathroom have been a real treat! I have enjoyed peeking inside the doors of both establishments. The sun coming through the windows puts a big smile on my face, I love the atmosphere it brings. Your conservatory is very comfortable looking especially with the laptop on the table and the over-stuffed velvet sofa tucked in there with that Ghost chair!
    The cottage bathroom is one of my favorite spaces; first because of that wonderful tub as well as the way that you have maximized every inch and accessorized this little cubby hole with such Irresistible charm and layered details. It may be tiny but it packs a Mighty PUNCH!
    Thank you Betsy for this little adventure through these 2 doorways and into your imagination. :D


    1. p.s. Your choice of lamp for the bathroom couldn't be better! :D Lov'in it!!!

  2. These forget-me-noot are splendid add to this fantastic space!
    I love this little charming bathroom! So many details to the room one can only see a bit of! Great work Betsy!
    I would love to sit in your Conservatory with a cup of tea watching little bonsai grow. :)

  3. Betsy, your cosy and tiny bathroom invites me to come in, for taking a hot bath and to relax for a while, but........only after I have closed the door behind me ;)!
    All miniatures you've shown to us in this blog are so amazing and beautiful. I love the addition of the Forget-Me-Nots and the lamp it the only one for this room, I agree!
    That bonsai is really very tiny, wow, what a craftsmanship of whom have made this.
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. Good morning Betsey,
    Your posts always start my day on the right foot. t is scary how realistic your rooms are. the conservatory is just amazing! The countess and I would love to visit one afternoon for tea. It looks like such a wonderful, warm place. Every detail is perfection. Your finishes are wonderful both in the conservatory and the bathroom. You always make a room look not only realistic, but lived in. You really are an inspiring miniaturist my friend. Keep up the amazing work Betsey!
    Big hug,

  5. Wow, Betsy, your work has taken on a whole new level of realism! You'd be hard pressed to tell those photos were not 'normal sized' rooms. Both so inviting, too. I would be scared to glue the bathroom wall in --what if you need to get in there for some reason?

  6. Everything is perfect in the bathroom. The conservatoty looks fantastic.

  7. I just LOVE it when you're playing along! And it looks like the sunshine is a fan of your work, too - your pictures are amazing, breathtaking, stunning, drop-dead-beautiful. As the others already said, your rooms look realistic in the way of life-like, they all have their own background story and they look as if somebody has just left them... Maybe someone who sat a long time with a good book and a cup of tea in the conservatory and felt like taking a bath now using the fluffy soft towels afterwards... ;O)


  8. Betsy,
    Thank you for this wonderful peek inside these lovely works of art! I love how the sunlight catches objects in the room and begs us to take a closer look. The conservatory is my favorite, but the details in that bathroom are amazing.

  9. oh Betsy I love it, I could live in that cute bathroom it's adorable Im sort of sad that the wall will have to go up but I know it must be done. moving on the the conservatory is going to be a lot of fun


  10. Dear Betsy,
    I could spend the entire day in that conservatory!
    A cappuccino, the NY times and a sketch pad.

  11. Your work is always so gorgeously detailed. The wood looks so rich and the lighting is amazing. I love the shot of the sunlight through the dome flowers..beautiful!

  12. Each image is a puzzle piece of a dream.
    I greatly admire your wonderful work.

  13. Oh Betsy...I love the through the door perspective. I will have to try that with one of the blog scenes if you don't mind me copying a bit. It's the best form of flattery!

  14. I hurry to catch up.
    I'm almost at a loss to comment, so much is lovely in this chapter! The bathroom is amazing. I, too, want to take a warm bath there! And read a novel on the loveseat in the conservatory. Lovely, lovely.
    Looking forward to next week's story,
    Love, Mom

  15. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them with us! I wish I was small enough to visit your houses. I would love to walk around in your adorable little bathroom and meeting the tiny elves!!

  16. Many wonderful glimpses through doorways.