Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunday Was So Fair

I Went To the Fair.....

And While I was there, Dear Readers, I spotted a Pair of Baroque Lantern Posts, and as if they were beckoning me down a path into the woods, I allowed myself to be swept up in their Spell...

And before I knew it, they were coming home with me!
And then everywhere I looked it seemed as though the World had been enchanted...
Right at my feet I saw a tiny cage... 

For Keeping Mischeivious Sprites....?

Or capturing Marauding Snails...?
Or Both?
I Could not be sure!
And then I spotted a Tiny Garden.....

A Tiny Bonsai Tree in a Teensy Tiny Dish....

And Right before My eyes
 The Tiniest Fairy I ever saw flew up and perched in the Tiny Tree....
And I though I would need a Microscope to see him clearly....

But he didn't stay still for even an instant.....

 And next thing I knew he was perched atop the Lantern Posts....

Can you spot him...?

Maybe now...?
Because I had never seen such a Sight
I had to Rush off and Record this in my Garden Journal.....

And as I was writing,
all these encounters with Tiny People made me think
of Gulliver's Travels and Lilliput....

And before I knew it I was seeing Little People Everywhere!

Or rather.... Little Women......

And I know you can't tell Just how Little they are....
So I must show them with last year's Tiniest doll....
"Little Rose" in her crocheted dress....
It is as if she has found her little sister!

You might have thought I would find Some Sense OR Sensibility by about now.....

But Alas, I had Lost all sense of Proportion.....
Reduced to seeing Tiny Paper dolls.....

Dreaming of other worlds.....
Lost in other Tales.....

 And Portraits painted* by Fairy Folk...
Which might or might not be the very Images of
Jane and Rochester....
Imprisioned Forever in their Tiny Spheres...

  By now I surely needed a lamp to show me the way....

And not just Any lamp..... 
but one with a Daydreaming girl with her dog....
Under a Fairy Flower....
Lost, Yes, I was Utterly Lost!
But Lanterns kept leading me on.....

I was trying to see the Bigger view.....

But that just made me see how Lost I was....
and as if for Consolation....

A Console with a Pier Glass 
as if from Nowhere appeared!
If you are at all like me, 
by now you will be feeling the need for a simple chair...

Or Two...!
To sit for just a minute... 
and catch your bearings.
And maybe even a Drink would do....

Served up on a plate with the face of a cat.....
Whose smile (unlike the Cheshire Cat's) you cannot see...

And perhaps a volume of Robert Burns to help you pass the hour....
While contemplating these Lovely urns....

Surely a pair beyond Compare!
And Wondering How.....

How Did you get Here from There?

Lost in the Woods somewhere between Lilliput and Fairyland....

Yes, The day was so Very Fair....
And off I went to visit the Sturbridge Fair....
But just between you and me, Dear Readers,
I think it was Fairyland I got to see....
Oh, I just Had to bring it home with me!

* Portraits and Paper Dolls made by Eliza of Wasting Gold Paper Blog
Tiny Fairies by LadyBug-Fairies
Tiny Dolls by Marcella of Cutie Mini dolls (no web site)


  1. What lovely items you found in fairyland. I love the lantern posts.

    1. Hi Sharee! The lantern posts are so unusual... I could not pass them up! They will probably cause me to start another project! LOL!

  2. Hello from Spain: fabulous miniatures. Keep in touch

  3. Oh wow! So many new miniminiatures! :D Lovely finds! Wish some fair was held in my country someday.. :) Enjoy them all!!

    1. Hi Ewa! I always spend too much at the Fairs.... but I think it is worth it because you find unique things! I hope you can go to one someday!

  4. What an enchanting blog post, Betsy, you caught me in the magical web of Lilliput and Fairyland *sigh*! Such beautiful purchases for several new projects and works in progress, I am sure of you can do your famous creative magic with them :D! All of them are beautiful. Enjoy it all.................but I know you do by reading this blog post ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I felt I needed to bring you all along with me to Fairyland.... it is such a wonderful place! I am so glad you enjoyed it.... and, yes, I am surely going to have fun finding places for all the new stuff... maybe I will even need to start another project.....! LOL!

  5. Hello Betsy,
    Now that is a wonderful shopping spree. I love every item you purchased. You really have an eye for craftsmanship and quality. I cannot choose a favorite piece... but the lantern posts are pretty amazing. I cannot wait to see these wonderful new treasures int heir new homes.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! It is so fun to go to the Fair..... and a bit dangerous! The temptation to spend too much... having to make choices on the spot... but when you find things that are so much more than you have imagined.... it is like Christmas and Birthdays all at once! I could not resist those posts! Now the challenge is to make the place that is worthy of them.... hmmm.... new project??? I have no idea!

  6. Well, you really did have a lovely day at the Fair.
    Lovely stuff.

  7. I like your purchases. Everything is beautiful, but I really like the tiny dolls.

    1. Hi Fabiola! The tiny dolls are very tiny and very special! I Love them too!

  8. Fantastic purchases, every single one - I'm really curious to see where there will find their new home(s). And not to forget: This was the most lovely, enchanting post about purchases ever! ;O)


    1. Hi Birgit! I was so excited by the things I found... Truly, they are magical! When I looked at them all once I was home, I realized they were linked as if they were a story... they led from one to another... without my being aware of it until I sat down to tell you all! I'm so glad you were Enchanted by your visit here! And I have no idea where half of them will go! LOL!

  9. I love all of your little purchases thank you for sharing your adventures :) oops I mean purchases.


    1. Hi Marisa! I am so glad you came along for the Adventure! :)

  10. What wonderful items! I hope they spark some mini scenes ;)

    1. Hi Jane! I think there will have to be some "new" projects...! Not that I needed any new ones! But it will be fun to figure out where everything lives!

  11. WOW, some great finds. Looking forward to seeing where you place these things.

    1. Hi Troy! The trouble with buying things on impulse.... is needing a whole new project to accommodate them! LOL! I am looking forward to seeing where I place them too..... stay tuned!

  12. You have very nice creation ! Keep your very good job !

    1. Thank you for commenting! Welcome to my blog!

  13. Hi, Betsy!

    I know. It's been AGES! So nice to find you plucking up such delightful accoutrements. Everything is perfectly gorgeous!

    So nice to see your blog and some other old friends, again, too!


    1. Hi John! It is so nice to see you have emerged from hibernation! I hope you will have stuff to show at Merriman Park.... blogs have been a little lonely lately!

  14. My Dad used to grow, (or not grow, which is more to the point, I guess) bonsai trees, and we used to joke about him tending to trees that were increasingly smaller, until they were no longer visible to the naked eye. But it turns out that it was true, there are bonsai out there smaller than small. What a find, Betsey!

    Now, let me ask you, is that a readable edition of Little Women? That's the edition, (from the cover art I see) that I read and still own, and would never give away under any circumstances. My heart skipped when I saw it!

    Wonderful discoveries. The microscope alone would have been enough! We don't have mini fairs here anymore...and we lost our only shop. I had to settle, last weekend, for a bead show to try to find stuff I can make into doll house stuff. And the internet, which isn't quite the same...

  15. Hi Amy! I Love to hear that I have found one of your Father's Bonsai projects...! It is very very small! And yes, the Little Women is readable... with the aid of a magnifier.... perhaps even a microscope! I read Little Women from the Library edition when I was small... we used the Library for most of our books... I always hated "giving them back"! Perhaps it is why I collect so many books as an adult! The microscope is exactly like one my Father-in-law gave to my older son when he was young..... including the wooden case! I had to buy it... it will find a home.... I just have not decided where it goes for now. I agree that the internet is not the same as looking at the items up close.... the Miniatures Store near me also closed when the elderly owner died a few years ago, so I know what you mean. On the other hand, there is SO MUCH to see at a Fair.... temptation is overwhelming!

  16. You found some pretty magical items on the fair!!! Love the microscope! And I'm reading something about a new project??? oooh, I hope so :-)