Monday, June 16, 2014

Roses At Rose Thorn Cottage

And Other Little Things.......

Suddenly the Roses are Blooming, Dear Readers, In my Big gardens as well as in the Tiny garden at Rose Thorn Cottage! You have not seen this garden before.... because as with many Magical things.... Sometimes they are there... and sometimes they are Not! But it is nearing the Summer Solstice, and Great Aunt Agatha has been dreaming of Roses, and so she was not at all surprised to find them blooming just outside the door to the Cottage this beautiful Summer morning! She couldn't resist taking a moment to smell the beautiful Rose blossoms....

Before sitting on her favorite bench in the soft morning light......

It is a beautiful Day and she has all the time in the World....

I hope you  can forgive me if I linger here with her for a moment or two!

I do have a few little things I want to show you.....
Starting with the doorway to the cottage!

There is a cage hanging by the door...
For keeping captured Pixies out of the way.....
And a dragon emblem on the door itself.
This is a Witchy Cottage after all....
So one better be prepared to see a few strange things!

And if we go inside, 
I want to show you the carpet.....

I have had this scrap of fabric for Centuries (it seems) 
just waiting for the right room.
But it was too long and narrow.... 
so I pieced it together with glue and bias seam tape...
(I forgot to take pictures in process)

Yes, the pattern gets inverted in the middle.... 
but I wanted the cut edges to go together in the middle...
leaving the frayed edges for the borders....
It is a VERY OLD carpet, you understand!

Here you can see it in the Cottage.... 
it fits Exactly.... and is Just the right color....
And I could even argue that the flowers are Roses!
I think it looks so Wonderfully shabby and worn!

And last week I promised you one or two more tiny details 
for the Cottage bathroom.
I started with a hairbrush.....

I made it from a carved down woodsie 
and some bristles from a paintbrush.
Some of you might remember the Last time I made a hairbrush.....

For the dressing table in the Tree House Dressing Room....
in Another Rose Blooming Garden.....
in a Much smaller scale!
Can you even see it there on the dressing table???

 And Here you can see the new hairbrush...
Just for comparison!

And here it is on the shelf in the Cottage Bathroom.....
I am sorry the photo is so dark.... it was late.....

So I must show you in the morning light!
And can you see the tiny necklace left in the shell...???

Here... come closer....
Aren't they lovely?

Well, Dear Readers, you might think that was all that remained 
to be added to the bathroom...
But I realized there was something else missing...

A small Cameo portrait on the inside wall at the foot of the tub....
Something you can only see a glimpse of in the mirror!

When you look from just the right angle....
it really grabs your eye and pulls you in deeper....

Because I couldn't bear the idea of that empty wall....!

And even though I think that is all the little details I will add to this room.... 
I have not yet glued the wall in place. 
I will probably wait a while... 
just to be Sure.!
So before I go, I will leave you with another picture of the Roses....

Because we Have to stop and smell the Roses, Dear Readers....
And after all, they Are such tiny Little Things!


  1. I love your Rose Cottage, Betsy! And you're right...the carpet works perfectly!
    Best to you,

  2. Beautiful roses!
    I loe this small Cameo on the empty wall! What a great idea! That neckles too! And that hairbrush! I would never ever make such real one!

  3. I love the effect of the reflection of the cameo in the mirror - a special little touch.

  4. Hello Betsey,
    How wonderful your rose garden is. I would just love to pick up and spend an afternoon there! The front door of the cottage is just beautiful. The dragon looks perfect! It really creates the feel of the inhabitants...even before you walk in. The rug came out perfect. I like the pattern and the texture of the weave really comes across as a rug. Very effective.
    I think hidden walls that you can only see in mirrors are one of the most interesting parts of a dollhouse. It really brings it to a whole other level. Wonderful work Betsey. The cottage is just enchanting!
    Big hug,

  5. I love the cottage, the rug is looks like it has been there forever. I think it's the little touches that make it such a wonderful place. she is really a very lucky witch to live there :)


  6. I really wonder... why do I like that dragon and pixie cage so much... hmmmmm... *LOL* But this may totally surprise you - I like all your other additions very much, too... the carpet is perfect for Rose Thorn Cottage... the little extras that make the scene become alive... and above all the cameo only to be seen in the mirror - this is sooooooo you! Wonderful work - and I wish I could sit together with Agatha on that bench... smelling on the roses in front of Rose Thorn Cottage!


  7. Hello from Spain: great home. Nice carpet. Keep in touch

  8. The cottage is a wonderful magical place! I do love your roses, they must smell amazing on the breeze!

    The carpet does work perfectly, it just needed its perfect spot ;)

  9. Hi Betsy, thank you for 'le tour du jardin', I enjoyed it very much :D! The roses are beautiful, it is a pity I can't smell them...
    I love all of your new additions, the rug looks so wonderful, very old and the cameo is absolutely a nice addition to the bathroom. So I agree with you, that it was wise of you that you didn't glue the wall yet ;)!
    Have a nice week. Hugs, Ilona

  10. Your roses are magnificent! I can almost smell them through my I love that you pieced that fabric together for the perfect addition to the room. Thank you for the hairbrush information! I may have to try this someday. The cameo adds yet another unexpected detail to the already wonderful bathroom.

  11. I love the idea of things in the dolls houses which you barely see, like the cameo which is only visible in the mirror. Maybe you should have some furnishings that only you know are there! You could show them on the blog as they are being installed, and then close the door on them...
    Love great aunt Agatha. Love you, too

  12. How wonderful are the roses in the garden and the antique carpet! I would love a life size one!

  13. Wonderful beautiful rug. I love your roses. You really made ​​something special. So much and so detailed.
    I also love the whole outdoor scenery. Your window overhangs give such a good an lovely effect.

  14. The roses are amzing.
    I like the rug and the other new additions.

  15. The roses are wonderful for this fantastic cottage. I love the dragon on the door and the carpet is beautiful. The cameo is a wonderful touch and the hair brush is great. Fantastic work.
    Hugs Maria

  16. Hi Betsy
    Just a quick note to say hi and that I'm slowly catching up with your posts. I've thought of you often lately and hope all is well with you and yours.
    Best wishes

  17. Hi Betsy! Your Rose Cottage is just getting prettier and prettier! The ancient fabric makes a perfectly old-fashioned style of rug for the front room and the hair brush is wonderful for the bathroom! I am seeing the color of the exterior walls for the first time and also the "thatched roof" Brilliant as usual! I just love your over-flowing creativity.... it never fails to Enchant! :D


  18. Hi Betsy!

    I love your little brush! Nice work!! It's great to see the Tree House again too. I miss seeing all the progress with that.


  19. Beautiful roses next to a sweet cottage!!! Love the rug and the brush! And adding that little cameo is just perfect!!! I wish I had your eye for details.

  20. What a wonderful cottage! I love the color you've painted it, and all the rose things inside. I also love the fireplace with the stairs behind.

  21. I love roses and LOVE your Rose Thorn Cottage! It's just delightful, Betsy. XOXO John

  22. Hi Betsy! Your Rose Thorn Cottage is enchanting and it really did enchant me as I looked at it! Thank you for creating it!