Monday, August 11, 2014

Playing In The Park...

Daydreaming Again....

I Hope you will Forgive me, Dear Readers, if I bring you back to that Lovely Little Park for another visit on a sunny Summer morning. Will was already there the next day when Gabrielle and Renee arrived. He told himself that he just needed to be sure about Renee before he decided if he would say anything to Daphne or not. He knew it wasn't really any of his business, but he felt he needed to make it his business, because he cared for Daphne, and he was concerned that she would not find her happiness without her child. But he really hadn't decided if he would say anything or not.

As the child and her babysitter walked past him on the way to their bench, they passed through a ray of sunshine and Will could not help but notice how it cast them in a golden glow that startled him with its beauty. He had the oddest feeling that it was a moment he would always remember.

He had not really noticed the babysitter yesterday.

Today he thought she was very pretty.

And very young! 
He thought she couldn't be much older than twenty.

Just then he realized the child was staring at him, 
boldly curious, as only children can be.

He was astonished again at how much she looked like Daphne!

There was a moment of awkward silence. The babysitter was ignoring him.

He watched as the child turned and whispered something to her sitter.

Then she turned back and gave him a cheerful wave.....
"Bonjour, M'sieur" she called....

"Bonjour, M'amselle..." he replied.....
But before he could say any more, 
she just giggled and ran off to chase the birds!

Will had not expected that he would have a chance to speak with the babysitter.
But he could not let such an opportunity pass without saying something that might gain him more information. He turned with a smile and said...
"She is very cute! Surely you are not old enough to be her Mother?"

It was not very original... but it got the conversation started....

Gabrielle shrugged. She didn't like to be thought so young. 
"No, I am just the Nanny," she replied.

"Ah", said Will, "her parents work, I suppose?"
Gabrielle just shrugged again. She did not contradict him, 
but instead she asked him if he was American.
"Only half American," he admitted.... 
"the other half Swiss. But I live mostly in the States."

And while they discussed his life and his business, 
Renee chased the birds.....

They all flew off to a safer distance but one....

Suzette wanted her breadcrumbs!

All the other birds were calling from their safer perches....
"Suzette, Suzette, Beware.....!!!"

She had a moment of doubt... and retreated to the fountain rim......

Renee thought she could just reach out and touch them.....
But Seraphina did not like that idea.....

She made her escape in the nick of Time!
But Suzette was not giving up so easily....
Everybody else had abandoned the breadcrumbs....

At the last minute she dodged Renee and swooped down to the breadcrumbs....

Victory was hers!
And she jumped on the one she had been eying for a while!

But Renee seemed to forget all about the birds as she gazed into the fountain....
what did she see there?

Well, Dear Readers, I hope you will forgive me 
for spending so much Time Just Playing in the Park....
It was such a beautiful morning......
I think we are all just Daydreaming Again!


  1. Bonjour Betsy,
    grâce à vous je viens de commencer ma journée dans le rêve et le merveilleux mais aussi avec un terrible suspens: qu'a donc vu Renée dans la fontaine? ;-)

  2. Lovely story. The birds are so beautiful.

  3. Hello Betsey,
    Forgive what??? Park, especially beautiful ones like yours, are made for playing. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your stories and the wonderful pictures you take. Your miniature world feels real to me. I cannot wait for more of the story and to see more of your work
    Big hug,

  4. Oh... and I hope we will know what she saw soon! :) It is such an interesting story Betsy! I can't wait for more!

  5. Hello from Spain: Great park. Very real and fun playground. fabulous job .. keep in touch

  6. Who doesn't like a walk in a beautiful park on a lovely day... and I like it even more because the story about Daphne and Renee is going on once more. And as ususal I can't wait for more... hopefully again with a starring role for Suzette Sparrow, the wittiest little bird around... ;O)


  7. Ah, Betsy, the "Queen of the cliff hangers", strikes again! :))


  8. Dear Betsy,
    What a wonderful story, in an enchanting setting!

  9. Daydreaming's what it's really all about, non?
    Can't wait to find out what she sees in that fountain!

  10. Good story, lovely surroundings and love the birds! Between you and Genevieve we're spoilt for stories!

  11. Always happy to accompany you "playing in the park". I look forward to knowing what Renee sees in the fountain.

  12. ooooh, what did she see there??? I want to know!!! :-)