Monday, August 18, 2014

Visions And Visits....

What Did Renee See....?

I hope you have the Patience, Dear Readers, to put up with the slow and Suspenseful unfolding of Daphne's Story! I have promised you a Happy Ending.... and even I did not have any idea how long and tortuous a path it would be to reach that conclusion! Some of you were justly surprised to be left at such a "cliff edge" last week, and have had to wait all week for the continuation. Will you believe me when I tell you that even I did Not know the answer to that question until after it had been asked....? It was only when I stopped and looked... really looked... with the eyes of a four year old child... that I saw.....

I saw that sometimes when Renee looked into the water.... 
it would turn all smooth and silver....
And brilliant stars would Dance across the surface....

And Sometimes if she was very still......

A Lady appeared....
 as if she were floating in the depths....

But if Renee tried to touch the water.....

The vision melted away....!
And even then.... it was Not every day...
Most days the water remained clear and unchanging!

But one thing that was unchanging was 
the way Renee raced ahead of Gabrielle every morning 
as they returned home from the Park.
When Renee reached the House she ran inside 
and went straight to her Grandfather's room!
She knew she was not supposed to "bother" him too much...
It would tire him to have a child running around all day.
But Gabrielle knew how much they both enjoyed these "stolen" visits...

She always let Renee run ahead....

"Grandpere" Grandpere" said Renee,
"We went to the Park....!" she said all in a rush.

"We saw a Man.... He's there Every day..." she said.
"And I said Bonjour!" she exclaimed.

"And then He said Bonjour...!" she confided.

Guillaume still didn't speak to anyone. 
He was afraid he would sound foolish.
Sometimes he replied with a quiet "Ah"...
And sometimes he would whisper a word or two .... 
just to see if the words came out right....
And only to Renee... 
because she would never think his words were wrong!

"And I played with the Birds..." she continued....
"There is one that Likes me and wants to play...."

"She is brown and pretty....." she added...
"But I couldn't catch her..." she explained.

Guillaume was Enchanted by her stories....
He loved the very sound of her voice.

But Gabrielle knew they must keep the visits short.....
"Time to go, Renee" she said.....

"Pretty".... he whispered as they left.

But they were not the only ones to go visiting that morning, Dear Readers.
When Will left the Park, he had an appointment with one of his many local acquaintances.
A man he had known for many years, one who knew everybody and would give Will tips on where to find furniture and Art for his business, and often helped him with the business end of the sales.

Monsieur Louis Davenant was a charming and witty man.
Will had no reason not to trust him with a question of a confidential nature.
"I wonder if you would be able to help me with a legal question..." Will said.
"It has to do with the laws of adoption."
"Adoption?" questioned Louis, with a surprised grin. 
"You are thinking of adoption?".... 
"Not just of the usual Art works...?" he added with a chuckle.
"No, it is not me.." said Will. "A friend of a friend... you understand."
"The child was left with it's grandparents because the father died...." he explained.
"but the Mother never signed the adoption papers." 
"It is just a question of what the Mother's rights are," he added.

"I wondered if you could point me to the best law firm to deal with this sort of question?"
"Ah!" replied Louis. "That would probably be best handled by the Pelletier Brothers," he replied.
"They have offices down town and deal in social issues. They could advise you, I am sure,"

And lest you think we are straying too far from the Park on this Summer Day....
I must show you the other visitors who stopped at the Park....

Look! It is three Blackbirds!
"What are they doing here?"
Well, I confess, Dear Readers, 
if I had Time tonight, I could tell you much more....
(But with Blogger being so difficult... I have run out of Time)
So that will have to be all I say...
About Visions and Visits.....
For Now at least!


  1. Oh.. again I just CAN'T wait for the next chapter! :) :) Great story, Betsy!

  2. Merci pour toute cette poésie, j'adore votre histoire chère Betsy.

  3. Great... the story continues!!! Looks like Renee inherited her Mother's gift of sight. Oh, I can't wait for the next chapter... don't let us wait too long, my arms already hurt from hanging on that cliff! *LOL* - Betsy, you've outdone yourself with the pictures of the magic happening in the fountain, and I may claim for myself to know something about how many pictures need to be taken until you got the one perfect for the story... And you made three blackbirds!!! Where did you get the inspiration for this? *teehee* Well, perfect job... not only because those birdies looks beautiful, but especially because no park would be complete without blackbirds singing in the trees. Many people around here do not notice because they are so familiar - but these black guys are among the best singers in birdland! ;O)


  4. Well, sure enough it didn't print. Dang!
    Now I can't remember what I said, except that I continue to love the story. Keep it up!

  5. Hello Betsy,
    Your story is more captivating then ever. I can't wait for the happy ending, but the thought of the story coming to an end is very sad!
    Big hug,

  6. I loooove this story...but I want to know what happens next!!!

  7. Love the story, Betsy. And the pictures are brilliant, as always. The fountain is a triumph!

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  9. Lovely as always, Betsy. Charming story!

  10. Caught up, now hanging on that cliff. You are an incredible storyteller!! And bird maker too!!!
    But I am most flabbergasted by the fact that you have a park!!! An amazing park!! Did I completely miss how that came to be? I love it!!! So while I hang here, shoulder dislocated, fingers cramped, I can see the park en imagine Art playing the guitar and Angélique dancing in the park....
    ;-) X