Monday, August 4, 2014

The Park Bench....

The Point of the Park.... (And More Sparrows....)

I Left you last week, Dear Readers, with only one of the tiny sparrows painted. They were quite challenging to paint! I will not bore you with the details of how many coats of paint they took, but I will say I worked on them for hours! Unlike pigeons, the males and females are colored quite differently, so I had to decide which were which before I painted them!

In the picture above, I have started the painting of three males
 (they have a black throat) 
and three females which are mostly a streaked brown.

Here is a male nearly done....

And here is a female, held in front of the pictures
 from my Petersen's Bird Guide.....

I believe this is Seraphine Sparrow....

And Suzette sparrow....

And yes, I believe this is Capt. Jacques Sparrow.....!!!

But before we get too carried away with Tiny Sparrow Tales, 
Dear Readers, I must show you a bit more of the Park....
and Perhaps Explain the Park...
And to do that I must take you back to Daphne's Story......

So Daphne's Story Continues....

Some of you who are Very Patient and have been following this "Tale of Sorrow" for a Very Long Time now Might recall that we last heard of baby Renee when she was just on the verge of learning to walk, and she had become the Joy of her Grandfather's life.
Well, it was not very long after Renee started to walk that her Nanny, Madame Durant, gave her Notice! She told Madame deMontaigne that she was not young enough to run after a toddler from dawn to dark, and she would be leaving immediately! Of course, Madame deMontaigne called on Raymond to help out while they were between Nannies. And you really do not want to know how many Nannies there were over the next few years! Madame deMontaigne was not easy to work for, and Renee was a lively child with a great deal of curiosity. Maintaining peace in the household was a challenge on the best of days. And so the years passed.... and Renee was growing up. The current Nanny, Gabrielle Saint Claire, had lasted far longer than any of the others. Her secret was her youth and her wits and her patience and her need to keep the job. Not to mention that she had five younger sisters, so she was well acquainted with the trials of young children. She had taken the job in the hopes that she could save enough money to eventually go to the University. She wanted to study Design, furniture design in particular, and she had a passion for old furniture and antiques. But that was still a Dream for her future. Her job was the care of Renee. And as you can imagine, if you are living in the city and you have the care of a child, you will probably spend a fair amount of time in the nearest Park.....

Almost every day without fail
 they headed to the Park in the middle of the morning...

It was a Lovely small Park a short walk from the Town House.

At this early hour it was almost always empty 
and there were plenty of benches....

Gabrielle's favorite spot was at one end under a small grove of trees. 
She could sit and check her emails and still keep an eye on Renee.

Because Renee liked to watch the birds.....

Sometimes they brought bread crusts to feed them....
And sometimes someone else had already fed the birds....

And Renee would run after the birds.....

And try to pick up the food.....

Just so she could throw it to them herself!

It could amuse her for quite some time!

But on this particular day, they were not alone in the Park...

After a Great deal of thinking about Daphne's story,
Will had finally let his curiosity lead him to find out where the child was living....
And then when he happened to be in Town, he thought he might just pass by the House...
And he happened upon the child who looked so much like Daphne
that his breath caught in his throat...
So he followed her... just to be sure.....

He did not even spare Gabrielle a glance......

But took a seat under the trees where he could see the child chasing birds across the Park.
He wondered if he should snap a picture....
No, that might be too much if Daphne were to see....
Then his phone rang and he took the call from one of his purchasers.

But Gabrielle could not help but notice the good looking man
who sat on the bench nearby!

Her life was lonely enough taking care of Renee
and with no time for a social life of her own.
It was harmless enough to indulge in a
Park Bench Fantasy for a moment or two....
She could not help but overhear his phone conversation....
He sounded a bit like an American...
but he was talking about furniture....
Louis Quinze settees and Directoire Armoires...
It set her heart to racing!

Surely, it was a harmless little Daydream....

 And Renee....

She just Dreams of catching the Birds....

Ah, Dear Readers,
Park Benches are for Daydreaming, after all,
And perhaps that is the 
Whole Point of the Park!
And the Sparrow Tales...?
Those will have to keep for another Day!


  1. Your birds are wonderful! I love the park and the little story is enchanting!!

  2. Hello Betsey,
    I want to get on a plane right now, go to that park and sit on that bench with a picnic basket. Not only are you a daydreamer, you help all of us forget our reality for a minute and daydream as well. The sparrows are wonderful. What amazing talent you have. I admire your painting skills very, very much. the park is such a wonderful project. and you did such a good job of it. Love, love, love it! thank you for the story, it's better then anything on TV.
    big hug,

  3. Talk of Louis Quinze settees and Directoire armoires would set my heart racing too! Your park and the birds are just a amazing, a great spot for a daydream. Thanks for your comment on my blog also.

  4. Hi Betsy
    Your birds are wonderful and so lifelike, each with a wee personality of its own! Your story makes me want to hear more :)
    All the best

  5. I see Captain Jaques Sparrow is sticking near to the water fountain... *grin* Wonderful, wonderful work on the sparrows - and I can claim to know how these guys look, there are a lot of them living at my place and even more during the birdhouse season. And what a great surprise - a new episode of Daphne's story, starring your beautiful park. I hope we will hear (and see!!!) more about it real soon!


  6. Oh my! What a story! What if Dafne wins a heart of her dughter again but looses Will's because of Gabrielle??
    The park is charming and the birds are splendid!

  7. The sparrows are amazing! The park has such a lovely atmosphere to it. So peaceful like a park should be. However, you can never tell who lurks there!

  8. Bonjour Betsy,
    je vous découvre suite à votre commentaire et inscription sur mon blog (merci Ray;-) je suis émerveillé par votre travail. En voyant les photos des oiseaux on ne peut pas imaginer qu'ils sont 1/12. Le parc est enchanteur et votre histoire merveilleuse, vivement la suite...

  9. Love those birds! So like you to be concerned with accuracy. Beautifully done!
    Now I look forward to the rest of the story -
    The park is lovely, too.

  10. You built such a wonderful scene for this great story! The birds turned out amazing! You do inspire! hugs~J

  11. What an amazing park scene! I love all the birds, and the park itself is enchanting!

  12. Betsy...
    Your birds are absolutely amazing! The whole scene is quite lovely.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  13. Hmmm... A "Jacque Sparrow", migrates each winter to the Caribbean and then returns year after year to it's nesting grounds, Betsy's park! :D
    You have done such a marvelous job with the painting of these birds and The Story! I love the story Betsy! .... Your stories always have me completely enthralled and thinking, and then?..... and then?........


  14. The story, the park, the birds and the photos are fabulous. You hold us captivated.

  15. Oh my gosh. This is all so beautiful: the story, the park, the birds, everything!!! I want to walk through your park and see the birds too. I'll have a park bench daydream myself, and daydream about visiting your park benches! Beautiful!!!

  16. Hi there,

    It's time for me to leave some comment here as well I guess ;-)
    Looking at your park, the birds got my intention.
    And seeing the way they were made and painted, wow cool job!
    You did bring a smile on my face today, well done.

    Greetings Remco

  17. layouts very lively scene, you'd be in the real world, bravo

  18. I have a lot of catching up to do, but what a wonderful story this is! Can't wait to hear how it contunues! Love the park and the sparrows!

  19. I love your park, and all the birds! You really make the scenes come alive with the photographs and stories. I love the base of the trees too, nice touch, this looks like such a fun project all round.

    Sarah :)