Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Cards

And A Gift .....

I have had no time for Making Minis lately, Dear Readers, because like so many of you, I am trying to get ready for Christmas in my RL World! For me this always means making my annual Christmas Card, which takes me a very long time and is rarely finished in Time for Christmas. I am still painting the picture.... well, at this moment I am trying to quickly update my blog...., but I really must get back to the drawing as soon as possible! Some year I hope to have the drawing done Ahead of time, so I may spend more time arranging the mini Christmas scenes. Alas, that is not happening this year. So instead of showing you My Christmas Card, I will show you a few of the tiny cards that were part of the printable gift boxes that Sarah so generously shared on her blog! Here you can see them on the mantel of The Folly. It seems Will has several old fashioned friends who still send out cards! There are no other Christmas decorations in The Folly this year, because Daphne is not here and Will is not feeling very festive.

He is not quite moping, 
because it is the busiest time of year in his shop, 
so he is too busy to think about it too much.
But he does spend a lot of time looking at an antique painting 
that reminds him a little bit of Daphne.
And he is not sure why he agreed to dog sit for his friends over Christmas. 
But it is nice to have some company. 
Otherwise the house would feel too empty!

And in the Lovely Old Dollhouse there are also a few cards on the mantel.
And the Same old Christmas tree has been put up in the same corner as every year....
but somehow, I never tire of seeing those magical little lights come on!

A few tiny new snowflake ornaments have been added this year....
perhaps you can spot them....?

And the creche has been set up in its usual place on the sideboard...

Although I am sure the figures are all in a different order!
I can never remember which place the camel goes...!

And as so many of us do at this time of year..... 
Helen has been shopping for gifts for her loved ones....

But she is not telling anyone what she bought!

And I have also been the recipient of a gift from overseas.....
which I am sure you will understand, I had to open right away!
Dear Birgit sent me one of her packages filled with tiny treasures and delicious treats....
I am only sorry she is still without an internet connection!

Amongst the many tiny treasures she sent me 
(Which are still in their wrappers here!)
was her famous Marzipan....
And lovely Christmas cards....
And a fantastic gift for Brother Beorn....

A Rare and Magical Rainbow Rose!!!

Brother Beorn is overjoyed to have such a 
Rare and Beautiful plant in his care!

He even checks on it in the long dark night....
He wants to be sure he gives it the right care!
Dear Birgit, Thank you for thinking of me!
You are so generous as well as Talented and Witty!
We miss you here in Blogland!

So I hope you will understand, Dear Readers, 
This short Post with so little news....
I have to go finish my Christmas Card!
It may be just a Christmas card.....
but it is also my Gift!


  1. Wishing you a blessed Christmas, thank you for all the lovely blog posts you have shared during the past year. Pam in Norway x

  2. Me encantan los amigos de Will pasados de moda enviando felicitaciones navideñas, que bonito que llegue el cartero...
    Tu felicitación es muy bonita y sobre todo lo que ello significa.
    Muy bonitos regalos de Brigite.
    Un abrazo

  3. Hello Betsy Dear! I Never get tired of visiting The Folly and so it was such a treat to see just a tiny sliver of your wonderful living room with those Christmas cards on the mantle. Poor Will all alone with only "Lassie" for company....:( sniff...
    I love your "lovely old tree" in the living room of your Lovely Old Dollhouse. You are so fortunate to have the room to have it AND a place to set up the creche.:)
    How sweet Birgit is! and your Brother Beorn is just the bear to take care of that rare rainbow rose. :D
    I wish you a Very Merry Christmas,Dear Betsy and as for 2015- I wish you a year chock a block full, of new and exciting stories to enchant us with. :))


  4. Oh Betsy, this is so Birgit, so she has spoiled you too!?! I think that Birgit has been playing Santa for many of us and I feel so sorry she can't experience a bit of all our pleasure, when we show her gifts on our blogs....... Enjoy all her loving gifts, I especially love the rainbow rose for Brother Beorn, it's really beautiful!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and my very best wishes for 2015 to you and yours!!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Oh, what a wonderful flower- rainbow! How nice to receive a gift from his brother. Birgit generous and thoughtful friend!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Good to see many places ready for Christmas time. :) You should show us your drawings one year. ready or not, Betsy. :) The rauibow flower is splendid! Open your presents soon! :)

  7. I 'have five Christmas cards on my side table; my favorite is the one from Putney School showing the parade of cows, through the snow, past the KDU. (Your fellow bloggers might wonder what KDU stands for. We'll keep it a mystery.) May all your friends in Blogland have peaceful, delicious, loving Christmasses, as may you yourself.
    Lots of love,

  8. What a relief... I'm still in time to enjoy how Christmas comes to the Betsy universe. Hooray!!! Poor Will, this will be a sad Christmas for him... the better that dear friends were thinking of him. And I'm really glad to see Brother Beorn being happy with his new flower - I know the rainbow roses will be in good paws... ;O)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours - and especially a big "Thank you" for all your kind comments during my absence. It's good to be back - although you guessed right... I had plenty of time for creative and/or crazy stuff. *teehee*


  9. Hello Betsy,
    The cards are such a nice touch...your mini people received more then I did ;)
    Big hug,