Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Gone To The Dogs.....

Christmas Tree ornaments, Dear Readers, are one of my Favorite sources of miniatures for my dollhouses. And while they are often not true to 1:12 scale, the charm of the minis often makes up for the lack of accuracy in scale! And who could resist the charm of this group of furry friends? Not, I, as you can see! They are sold in my Supermarket at this time of year, as Christmas Tree Ornaments, and I confess, I can't resist bringing them home with me! I have no idea who they "belong" to, but I am sure I will find them a Family!
And while we are on the subject of Ornaments, I would like to thank Sarah of Amber's House blog, for sharing her printable ornament boxes and assortment of tiny cards! I have been wanting to make some for myself for Years now..... and didn't know where to start! Sarah made it incredibly easy for me to jump in! I quickly printed the sheet and started to make the boxes, only to realize that I had almost no beads the correct size to fit in the partitions of the boxes!

So I had to go shopping..... 
a dangerous thing at this time of year!
But I found some beads of the right size and colors...
at Michaels.

But I wanted them to look more like real ornaments with the little top hanger pieces....
so I started by adding a small gold bead and a wire loop to the top of each bead.
And then I decided that the top bead still looked too much like a bead....
so I added a tiny strip of silver metal foil around the bead....

Of course, this took Much longer than the time to assemble Sarah lovely little boxes!

But eventually I had one box of ornaments with little tops all done!

And another box with the larger glittery beads I had in my stash.
I think I will go back and make little toppers for these too!

And the box on the right also needs the top hangers added....
(it was the first box I completed and has an odd assortment of beads!)
This is just a fraction of the boxes and packaging material on Sarah's  printable assortment!
I will be making more pieces as time allows.
Thank you So much for sharing this Sarah!
It really is a Fantastic gift!
And while we are introducing new Dogs...
I have to confess, Dear Readers, 
these three are Not the only ones 
who have come home with me recently!

Helen was Very surprised to discover that Someone had brought 
two Large and Furry puppies home to the Lovely Old Dollhouse!

Surely, they are large enough that they must be
Bearnese Mountain Dog puppies!

Could You have resisted these sweet pups?
(Found in the ornaments section of Joann's Fabrics!)

Helen is thinking it is a good thing they will not "grow" any larger....
but will stay puppies forever!
She thinks they Must belong to Pollyanna and Arthur...
She hopes no-one will expect Her to walk them!

As for the other three.....

Who could resist?

You'll take us home with you, huh?.... Please?

They may just be Christmas Tree Ornaments, Dear Readers,
But lately I find I have definitely Gone to the dogs!


  1. Well, I totally agree, how could you resist such sweet little faces as those? and besides everybody needs a puppy for Christmas, or two or three umm.. maybe four or five? OH Dear, you really have gone to the dogs, haven't you? Hee Hee
    I love them all!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. Hi Betsy! I think that you did the right thing in adopting those cute little pups I LOVE it when you can find minis in the most unexpected places and finding them in a Supermarket is simply- SUPER! :D


  3. Vos décoration de Noël sont parfaites dans les boites de Sarah, c'est très réaliste. Mon cœur craque pour les dalmatiens qui me font penser à ma si belle Lola.

  4. They look super! The cardboard boxes with ornaments and the dogs with the scarves and hats are fantastic, it looks like the decorating is just about to begin! :) I can see why you couldn't resist the furry dogs too, they look eager to greet everybody :D Thanks for using and sharing the printable too :) You did a great job with the baubles, the silver foil works brilliantly.

    Sarah :)

  5. Oh my! I think you have most fabulous Christmas ornaments over there! Can't remember finding anything interesting over here...ever.LOL!

  6. I always say dogs come all sizes even within the same breed! That is why you HAD to buy those sweetie pies.

  7. I saw your enthusiastic comment on Sarah's blog and had to laugh a little bit, because before I had even read her blog post, you probably was already busy with cutting out the printable boxes of Sarah :D LOL! But I must say that the finished boxes are really wonderful and the Christmas baubles, which you've made for these boxes, are wonderful too.
    Yes, those doggies, so sweet that no one can resist the begging look in their eyes: please, take us home with you and you did ;)!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Those dogs seen you coming and put on that face just for you lol. I know I couldn't resist them if I saw them looking like that :) I love your boxed tiny decorations they are fantastic.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Dogs are a good thing.
    Beads - I can send you beads - there's a little packet of them in my thrift store for five cents. Can't buy much for five cents these days...
    Lots of love,

  10. Adorable puppies! The decorations are perfect for the season I love the little boxes ;)

  11. I love dogs and those Christmas dogs are so cute!!! I would have brought them home with me too :-)

  12. Those little ornaments are so well done! They look perfect in their little box. And what a great find those puppies are...adorable! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  13. Hello Betsy,
    What wonderful furry little friends. there is nothing like a puppy next to you to keep you warm on a cold day...just think how cozy you will be with all the wonderful little guys.
    Big hug,

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