Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year Wishes

And Surprise Gifts.....

I shouldn't be Surprised, Dear Readers, but I was utterly Floored by the gift my Sister sent me for Christmas! Several years ago I showed you a peek of a lovely quilt she was making for her little doll house, made from scraps of silk I had given her, scraps left over from the magic star wands I make and sell. Well, it turns out, she was also making one for Me!!! It is pieced together "Crazy Quilt" style, and then embroidered with the loveliest little details.....

I simply could Not believe my eyes when I opened 
the package which had arrived Christmas Eve!
We don't always exchange gifts.... 
it is more of a random thing, 
so I wasn't expecting to get anything at all!
The above picture is what I saw when I opened the box...
I can't tell you how much I Adore this quilt!
The only question in my mind was Which bed it should grace.
And the first bed I tried it on was the one in the
Chinoiserie bedroom of the Lovely Old Dollhouse....

I had only bought this bed a few weeks earlier and was 
planning for it to be the bed in the new Willowcrest house....
and only placed it Temporarily in the Lovely Old Dollhouse
while the Willowcrest is being worked on.
But now I think I have accidentally found the bed 
that always belonged in this room!
And with the new "Old" Quilt, 
I think it looks just the way this room should look...
Filled with beloved Old furnishings and 
"Great Grandmother's" heirloom quilt!

Thank You, my Dear Dear Sister!!!
It is unexpected Gifts like this 
that make the Dollhouse World
come alive for me!

And on a Similar note, I did receive other gifts that were
Unexpected this Christmas.....
My Mother sent a collection of little Treasures from her Thrift Shop...
Including the wreath  you can see here....

Which I think is supposed to be for a candle....
But really works Wonderfully in the Castle Great Hall....

Which Lately has been the setting for and Old Fashioned House Party....

And some of our Friends have gathered there by the fire....
Oh, the Stories I could tell....!

But there were also other little Trinkets from my Mother...
such as these two little Saint Nicholas figures...
Here you can see them on the Kitchen mantel  of the Lovely Old Dollhouse...

Where it seems there is Never Ending conversation
and good food around the Kitchen table!

And speaking of Good Food....
I also received other little Gifts from Dear Birgit 
of BiWuBaren Blog fame....

Don't these Gingerbread men and cookies look Delicious?
and that was not all she sent me, Dear Readers,
But all the little items on the table you see below....

Tiny animals, A Flying Reindeer and two beautiful 
Tiny laser-cut wood scenes!
(And many other tiny trinkets too!)
 But I can't forget the Marzipan....

WHO has been eating the marzipan, you ask?
Well, I think it looks like a Lovely little Buche de Noel...

Sliced up on a little platter......

And served with Tea.... or Coffee.... or Hot Cocoa!
Which is exactly what Blue and Sir Orion and Brother Beorn
are having for Supper on this New Year's Eve!
Thank You Birgit!
And I can't leave you there either, Dear Readers,
because I Finally finished drawing my Christmas Card...
And wanted to share it with All of you...
If you look closely you might recognize a scene or two!
(Be sure to poke the picture to see it larger.)

(And if you see it here before yours arrives, Dear Mom,
I hope it will not spoil it for you!)

So, I should not have been Surprised, Dear Readers,
by each and every one of these Gifts,
But I was Surprised, and Deeply Touched!
Thank you for thinking of me!
And I would like to Wish All of you,  my Dear Readers,
A Wonderful and Endlessly Rewarding New Year!


  1. No me extraña que estés encantada con esa colcha, es preciosa a juego con tus minis que me encantan
    UN abrazo

  2. Oh, what a stunning quilt! it's just perfect for this bedroom, like a last puzzle piece!
    I admire a masterly embroidery, little details, colors; your Sister is an artist with great imagination. I really love your Christmas card, you created wonderful drawing, your mum will be very happy.
    All these cute gifts are nice start to new year in your miniature, but I also wish happy 2015 in real life !

  3. Have a very happy new Year dear Betsy! I just Loooooooove this quilt and your card and this wreath! Enjoy your gifts and your Mom will love this card, no doubt about that!

  4. Well Betsy! I have to agree with you about Everything! Your sister's quilt is really lovely and is now an heirloom that is a Must for whichever bed it stays on. The Bed in the Lovely Old Dollhouse seems like the perfect size and shape for this bedroom so, perhaps you are going to have to whip one up for the Willowcrest.
    The wreath over the mantle in your castle, is Perfect!!! and the gifts from Birgit,are too. :)) Save a slice of that delicious marzipan for me, please. :)
    But truly you have saved the Best for last.... Your Card is SUPERB! I can't believe all of the tiny scenes that you have incorporated into the the design. WOW! I think that you should scale it down and send it out to each one of your doll's houses, so they can place it on their mantles.
    From you, to them! :D
    Happy New Year Betsy dear. You are already off to a Great Start! :))


  5. very nice gifts
    happy new year

  6. Happy New Year - mine is starting happily because of this post! Seeing the Cloud gang enjoying my... eh... your... hmm... our (?) marzipan was so much fun. And looking at your new Christmas card was a real pleasure... and I must admit I felt a little proud spotting my fairy bearies there again... *blush* Is this really just card size or is the original drawong bigger? (Yes, I know... I'm curious... can't help it). Not to forget the gifts your received from your family were perfect - that beautiful quilt looks found the perfect place.


  7. I love your card, the beautiful quilt and the wreath! Enjoy your gifts!
    My very best wishes to you and yours for 2015!!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  8. What a beautiful quilt! Happy New year to you. I don't often comment, but l read every post. Love the tales of your doll houses. Pam x

    1. Forgot to mention your card, it is absolutely wonderful! Pam x

  9. Hello from Spain: Happy New Year. Fabulous quilt. Great crown. I really like the scene of the fire. Great job.Keep in touch

  10. Such beautiful gifts! I love the colours in the quilt, it really brightens up the room. Happy New Year to you too :)

  11. The quilt is lovely and the photos are great. The gingerbread looks great too! Happy New Year.

  12. Well now it looks as tho I've missed THREE blogs.
    Gotta read the Christmas eve one, then back to 12th st. where I have just one more night away from home.
    So glad the little thingies worked out - I loved that wreath. It looks lovely in the castle.

  13. Hello Betsy,
    All the best to you for the New Year! The quilt is just stunning. What an explosion of beautiful color and fabric. It works so well in the room. Everything is lovely, but your card is just superb!
    Big hug,