Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Cleaning.....

So Little Got Done....

I am Sure you will understand, Dear Readers, that every once in a while... Especially at the beginning of Spring, the urge to Clean the House becomes too strong to resist, and overtakes all other plans and projects! So it happened this weekend in my corner of the World, that almost Nothing was accomplished in my mini projects. I say Almost, because I did do one very small thing that makes a Huge difference in the long run! Remember the Willowcrest, my Witchy house? Well, when I was last working on it, all my focus was on getting the front entry hall completed so I could Finally attach the side wall in place, and thus continue on with the construction of the shell of the house. I had painted the walls , attached the doors and window in the stairwell, added the electrical lights, even constructed the hall portieres, and I thought I was ready to glue that side wall in place. But then I had a look at the bathroom area on the second floor, above the kitchen, and realized that there was no window in that room! This lovely house is full of windows, but there is none in the bathroom, and I really don't like rooms that have no windows at all! I was going to have to cut a window in the side wall before I glued the wall in place. Of course, months have gone by and I had not decided exactly what was needed to make that window, until Saturday while I was cleaning house!

All of a sudden I knew exactly what the window 
should look like and where it should go!
So I removed the wall from the house and placed the 
blank window piece on the wall to mark where I needed to cut.

I used my exacto knife to cut 
around the window opening.

Then I put the wall back in place to see how it would look.....
That's much more like it! 
This little room really needed a window!

Here you can see the room with the ceiling also temporarily in place...
and with the door open into the front hall 
you can see the Moon Maidens windows!
So that is what I got done this weekend, Dear Readers....
that and a whole lot of cleaning!
And it seems as though Pollyanna had a similar weekend 
in the Lovely Old Dollhouse!

Believe me, after this winter, there was
 a lot of cleaning that needed to be done!

In fact, this is only the very beginning!
I hope you'll understand, Dear Readers,
that even with the Spring Cleaning,
So Little got done!


  1. What a great post! I got a chuckle about the little garbage bags. lol I agree the window is perfect there. The light coming in it already shows it!

  2. I love how inspiration can just pop right up out of the blue! I think it looks great in that spot-definitely lets more light in. I love the little recycling bin!

  3. The window looks great and well done on the spring cleaning. I've been looking around my place and I really need to do a big spring clean too. Often hard to start but it is always a great feeling when it is done.

  4. Hi Betsy! You are right about the window, it adds daylight to the room, of course, but also more vivacity ;)! I understand that everyone now and than will need a time out from mini's (I do too) and if that happens together with some Spring cleaning, well, that's okay :D!!
    So, I would like to say that you have used your time very well whilst cleaning ;)! Like grandmommy, I also love those small garbage bags of Pollyanna :)!
    Wishing you Happy Spring (cleaning) ;O!! Hugs, Ilona

  5. good idea that this window
    a lively scene

  6. So right about windowless rooms! That little house is going to be great.
    I, too, was captivated by the tiny black plastic garbage bags. For a minute, I wasn't sure whether we were in the doll house or your own back hall!
    We should probably spend as much time cleaning up as we do creating, but - what a bore! Good feeling, though.
    Lots of love,

  7. All rooms look great with windows and the bathroom is no eception! It looks much better now. :-) The mini garbage looks neater than RL look like sometimes. ;)

  8. Ah... spring cleaning... yes, one has to do what one has to do... (or leave it for later having a good excuse like a task that needs to be done... *teehee*) Fluby said he would like to invite Pollyanna for a little spring cleaning vacation at Strawberry Cottage and I had a very hard time to explain to him why this concept couldn't work... *sigh* A wonderful decision about adding a bathroom window - and above all I too admired your garbage bags.


  9. La ventana del baño ha quedado estupenda y me encanta esa basura con las bolsas negras.
    Un abrazo

  10. Cute! She could have been me last week -- finally cleaned out the (real life) garage! :D

  11. Hi Betsy! I think that I must have caught my Spring Cleaning bug from you, as I was busy with that in RL too.:)) I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the "little" bit of work that you managed to do in miniature, and I agree that a room MUST have a window,( except if it is a dungeon). Yours is perfect for your house, and it is a good thing that you able to do it prior to securing the exterior wall. It is a whole lot trickier to cut out a window after the wall is up and on, as you and I both know! :D
    Those two "huge" garbage bags and a box of recyclables, is Adorable!
    I see that Pollyanna, has been taught well. She after all, is the hope for our future!:))


  12. From an architectural standpoint. I always love it when a window looks good in the room and also looks good from outside the house!

  13. Every room needs a window, I totally agree! Much better this way!

  14. Hello Betsey,
    Great call adding a window. It would have been a shame not to have natural light in there. Especially since it is not a huge room the window will make it look bigger. Well done! I hope the cleaning is over...mine has just begun.
    Big hug,