Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Next Tiny Things...

The Crocus!

You will Not believe me, Dear Readers, when I tell you how long it took me to make these crocus blossoms! I started them over two years ago! I was completely dissatisfied with the results... and did not complete the plants, but left them poked into a piece of pink foam in a pot. They rattled around in the corner of the Folly garden (a still unfinished location!) and I kept thinking I needed to at least make them some leaves and dirt! Then Finally, a few weeks ago, as I was making the tiny Snowdrop blossoms, I decided to also make some more crocus blossoms from the beginning. Meaning that I started with the Pistils......

Painted pieces of paper covered florist wire....
And then the stamens.....

Pieces of sewing thread painted on their tips....
(I painted both ends just for quickness and ease of handling)

And beginning to assemble the blossoms......
I glued three stamens to each pistil....(visible on the upper left)
 before gluing on the petals.
I Forgot to take many pictures of the assembly process... 
and as you can see I was also assembling the snowdrops.

Here you can see I have also added the leaves to most of them...
(And you can also see the book I was making at the same time
because I like to work on several things at once!)

Here I have "planted" them in a square of pink foam 
painted brown to mimic the ground... the glue is still not dry!

See, you can see the stamens if you look carefully!
All that time and effort was not wasted!!!

I did complete the ones in the flowerpot first!
They just needed some trimming of the petals 
and adding of leaves to look complete.
What took me so Long, Dear Readers?
(I wish I Knew!)

I would have finished those first blossoms sooner 
if I had known they would look so sweet planted in that pot!
But maybe they were just waiting until the Conservatory was ready....

Or at least ready enough to start Dreaming about its Garden!
And that's as far as I got, Dear Readers,
making the Next tiny thing...
The Crocus!


  1. Amazing job, I think they look great! :)

  2. They look lovely. So nice to see some colour after the long winter =0)

  3. Le printemps est là,vos tulipes sont superbes!!

  4. jolis crocus, un beau parterre de couleurs

  5. I truly think it took you so long because you didn't need the crocus blossoms so far - but now they're needed for the consevatory because they look perfect there, especially together with the snowdrops. Crocus is always such a lovely colour spot in spring... and a bee magnet. Wonderful work!


  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Not sure where you get this patience from. I have none of it lately, lol!

  7. Están preciosas, y está bien eso de intercalar otros trabajos, se ve bonito el libro.
    Un abrazo

  8. Hi Betsy! I think I know why it took you so long.......because it wasn't time (spring) yet :D!! Your crocus were hidden in their bulbs in the ground and they waited for some warmth and sunshine ;O! These miniature crocus look wonderful and your efforts of finishing them are surely worth it.
    Now they are standing for your conservatory, they show their bright colors to us all :)! Great work!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Hi Betsy, They turned out very well! It is a human condition to put things off. Quite often once we attack the task it becomes surmountable. Where are the snow drops?
    regards Janine

  10. The were certainly worth the time and effort. So pretty!

  11. So darling, Betsy. You inspire me to make so of my own!

  12. The crocuses are amazing. Remind me a little of the (famous) glass flowers in the Harvard museum of natural history. Next you can do roses? Minwks is right about the human condition and putting things off - it's a barrier you have to actually butt into and knock down. Then you discover that it wasn't hard after all, or at least not as hard as you imagined, and you might have actually missed the fun!
    Lots of love,

  13. More wonderful flowers! The crocuses are so lovely and look very natural.

  14. Dear Betsy, I do believe you! Some things just take their time.
    Sometimes it is now...sometimes after. :D
    And now, you see!. Your crocuses are blooming so beautifully! ♥
    It is their tome to bloom!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs, piikko

  15. Hi Betsy! I LOVE your crocus flowers! You have given them so much Authenticity by adding those tiny stamens.
    Your crocus look right at home in the pot on the Conservatory step and I also like the square of earth that you have planted up too. Is the plan to drop the entire square back into the garden of the Folly?
    Your flowers are Quite Wonderful Betsy, as is the poppy that you made a while back, not to mention the most recent snowdrops! You know, the weather outside may still be chilly, but You my dear, are on FIRE! :D


  16. Привет Бетси! Вы сделали прекрасную работу! Крокусы замечательные! Они радуют глаза!
    Весна пришла!

  17. They are beautiful Betsy and sometimes it just has to take a long time to complete something so you can make it perfect :-)

  18. Hello Betsey,
    It may have taken 2 years but the end result was well worth it! They look just beautiful and so vibrant. Excellent work!
    Big hug,