Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Such A Tiny Thing

The Snowdrop in Bloom....

Spring is Arriving in my neighborhood At Last, Dear Readers! And here that means lots of mud and dead leaves from last year, and if you look very closely into the places where the snow has melted... you might spot the tiniest flowers starting to bloom. The first and bravest is the snowdrop.... it will even push its way up through the melting snow! And its tiny white tear-drop petals are so easy to miss, hiding amid the debris of fading winter. But if you know where to look, they are a joyful sight, the Overture to Spring!

Here, I will show you a tiny clump just starting in my RL garden!
At my Old house I had huge clumps of snowdrops, but I moved to my current house in the Fall, and forgot to bring a clump of snowdrops with me to the new garden. I mentioned this last year to a co-worker, and she brought me a clump from her Mother's garden! So now I have snowdrops beginning to bloom....
So I couldn't resist trying to make some for my mini garden too!

Did you spot them there... in the debris by the door?
They aren't very big so they are easy to miss!

And it is even more difficult to get a good photo of them....!

I made them from pieces cut from a small flower punched paper...
And I forgot to take pictures of all the steps....
Gluing the petals to thread....
adding a bead and painting it.....
Gluing the thread to a wire stem......

And at this point I was Sure they were going to be too big...
Giant Snowdrops at the very least!
But I cut back the stem.... and "planted" them in the "earth"....

Which is a scrap of pink builders foam painted brown.
I used the rough cut side for the ground surface....
poked random holes and pushed the stems in with glue.

Maybe they aren't too big after all!
So I needed to try them out with a "setting".....
and where better than the Conservatory, Dear Readers?

Ah! They do look sweet!
But something is missing!
The Dead remains of winter are missing!
So I went out and harvested twigs and dead leaves from my garden!

And carefully added them to the "earth" around the blossoms....

And the wind blew them around the courtyard by the doors....

Where, if you aren't looking carefully, Dear Readers,
You might not notice such a Tiny Thing
as a Snowdrop in bloom!


  1. Dear Daydreamer,
    What a sweet and wonderful snowdrops.The twigs and leaves are completing the scene.
    Sweet greetings Dorien

  2. Simply charming, Betsy!
    Best to you,

  3. Beautiful snowdops. They look very real. And the mud and dead leaves as well. Here in Finland the snowdrops are still just tiny buds but hopefully will bloom soon.

  4. Fantastic! I still can't imagine making flowers so I admire your talets again!

  5. I like the idea of the snowdrop. It is a small warning of spring!

  6. quelle belle entrée de maison avec ses perce-neige

  7. So finally even in your place spring is showing its face sending charming little snowdrops - how sweet of your co-worker! Your work with the tiny ones is just wonderful, the size is perfect and I am in awe with your idea to grab old leaves etc. from your real garden! It looks absolutely realistic this way... a wonderful eyecatcher near the entrance of the conservatory!


  8. Hi Betsy! I do really think that everyone who want to, is able to see such tiny things!! After reading your title of your blog, I really saw them right away there at the door of your conservatory. They absolutely look awesome, great work!
    I also like the dirty soil you have specially made for their 'roots/feet', now they will treat you with their gorgeous blooming flowers :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  9. Hi Betsy! I LOVE these tiny details and your mini snowdrops are such a wonderful idea for your mini garden! I love the way that you have littered the ground with the leaf debris which is such an authentic layer; art imitating life! How lovely that you are in fact, reaping the rewards within your Real Life garden too! Snowdrops are always such a welcomed sight after so much of winter's dreariness. :D


  10. Una admiradora de las campanillas en flor, son preciosas.
    Feliz Primavera
    Un abrazo

  11. Absolutely wonderful, just the sweetest thing to have in a dollhouse garden! Pam x

  12. Oh my these lovley flowers are so fine and perfect! The shot looks so realistic in large scale, just a wonder, wonderful!

  13. Oh my these lovley flowers are so fine and perfect! The shot looks so realistic in large scale, just a wonder, wonderful!

  14. My heart sang when I saw this post as ever since a child I have had a love of snowdrops. I remember seeing a clump in a neighbours garden and being absolutely absorbed by them. The funny thing is I hardly ever see them here but that hasn't diminished my love for them. I think it is planting time for them in New Zealand and I just might treat myself to some bulbs this year and see how they go. I'd love to have a go at making some mini ones too. Your snowdrops are just delightful and look perfect with the winter debris around them.

  15. Hello Betsy,
    I just love Snowdrops. You did an amazing job on them. they look perfect and realistic. the picture outside the conservatory with the leaves is terrific. What a great way to welcome the spring.
    Big hug,

  16. Your snowdrops look amazing! After a long winter it is a gladness to see the first snowdrops every year again!

  17. The snowdrops look wonderfully realistic. I love the last shot with the dry leaves around them. Beautiful work Betsy =0)

  18. Hi! :)
    I see that we are going with same kind of things at the moment. :)
    I was also planning to make (try to) snowdrops
    but I didn't know how to make them.
    And now you showed how you made these beauties!
    Thank you so much. Perhaps I'll try now too.
    A lot of spring greetings to you! ♥
    Hugs, piikko
    PS.I just realized that I wasn't a follower of your blog. :-o
    I always thought I was!!!
    Anyways, I have been following for a long time... But now I made it 'official'. :)

  19. You're inspirational.
    Hurray for snowdrops! And all the lovely flowers of spring, which (have faith!) will be coming soon. And with spring, perhaps a turn in fortune...
    Lots of love,

  20. The flowers are beautiful, and I do believe how long those take to make, I have a tomato plant that's been hanging around unfinished for well over a year now :/ :D

  21. Я люблю ваши маленькие подснежники! Они такие хрупкие и нежные! Прекрасная работа!