Monday, March 30, 2015

The Things Not Done....

A Taxing Time....

There Was a Moment of Sun on Sunday, Dear Readers, but it snowed on Friday and Monday, illuminating so clearly the Brief moments we must grab when they come! And grab it I did, with my camera, at least....! But the Time to work on any projects was overtaken by the RL chores, I had to prepare my Taxes... so very little got done in my Myriad Mini Projects! But the camera recorded the Sunny Sunday moments that I can share with you... just to remind myself what I Still Have Not Done! As you can see so clearly, Father Alban still has no robe to wear.... and has not even begun to paint the next icon, nor finish the walls and ceiling in the Chapel. But he has Ideas.... they tease him in his Dreams.... and elude him by Day...

And the ceiling in the Great Hall... still awaits the defining details....
Here the morning sun has filled the room with light.... 
so Easy to see what is missing!
And so hard to Find the Time!

I did Not dust the furniture....

I did Not build up a better Fire in the hearth...

Nor make the Rats new clothes...

I did Not clean the kitchen in the Lovely Old Dollhouse...
nor decide about the cupboard....

I did Not paint on the walls of the Willowcrest bedroom....

Nor did I add to the Trees in the Willowcrest Parlor....

Or help Joanna with the plantings in the Conservatory.

And The Truth of the matter is, Dear Readers, 
that I have so little room in my RLHouse for keeping all my projects going, 
that they end up sitting on the chairs.... 
because the tables are covered, and the sewing machine too!
And I had to get at the sewing machine to work on an order for my star wands....
which meant Moving all the Houses around!

Ahhhh...., Spring Cleaning is Next!
(Still Not Done!!)
But in all the upheaval, 
the Cloud Palace ended up on the Work Table...
So I could Better see what Needed to be done!

An awful lot of egg carton stones still need to be cut and fitted.....
And Yes, there will be another Tower added to the other side....

It will be the Guard Tower... 
and will have the sleeping quarters for the Guy Bearys.
But at present, I am still trying to figure out 
the overall layout of the rooms and the stairs...
and how big the base needs to be since we are expanding....

I am using foam core and pink builders foam for the structure...
and will use egg cartons for the "rocks".... 
Oh I will be making those rocks for a long time to come...
There will be more floors added above this first one!

And I am sad to report that I did Not get in 
any more Food supplies for the Palace Kitchen....!
I am sure Hamish Harry is about to go off fishing....
(Or maybe I should Special order some 
fantastic "Eraser Treats" from Elizabeth of Studio E blog!)
At the very Least I need to hurry up and just Make Something!!!
Because I also did NOT finish the other Dreamy Cloud Bed....

 And Yes, Elizabeth, I am going to try 
to make it a hanging "floating cloud" bed....!!
But for Now it remains just Another one of the Things Not Done!
And I, Dear Readers, remain captured in that Sunny moment....

Dreaming of the Next thing I have Not Done!
Yes, It is a Taxing Time...
And I hope I have not Taxed you too hard, Dear Readers,
With this list of things I have Not Yet Done!


  1. El tiempo nos falta a mucha gente y las miniaturas lo requieren, aunque tardemos más, como es nuestro hobby se harán.
    Esa torre ....los troncos de árbol, el techo pintado con nubes, hay muchos detalles originales que quedan preciosos, y esos dos ratoncitos son un primor.
    Un abrazo

  2. Dans nos vies de miniaturistes 24 heures pas jour ne sont pas suffisantes et pour vous chère Betsy il en faudrait 48.

  3. Only You, Betsy, could make an Interesting Post about things not yet done! :D
    I enjoyed this recap though as it has given me another opportunity to view your works in progress. I understand your dilemma of not having enough space to spread out and then having to prop stuff onto chairs. Isn't that what chairs are for? But Betsy, it was such a Pleasure seeing the colors of your painted vaulted ceiling in the sunlight! The ceiling is truly SPECTACULAR, and the sunshine allows one to see how it all of the colors and the saint panels, work together.
    Your winding staircase for the Cloud Palace is another beautiful structure which the sunshine highlights. Seeing only small sections of it before and now seeing the entire tower, all I can say is that I Am In Awe! It looks Sooooo Goood! I like your idea of making the stairs with the insulation foam because it is the perfect height for the risers and it is easily carved, but it takes a certain amount of calculation skills to get that perfect proportion for the spiral. Beautiful Work there Betsy :D
    And I am NOT surprised to learn that you have plans brewing for a Twin Tower. It is such a "BETSTY THING". Why stop at one when you can have TWO???
    I am glad that you thought the suspended cloud bed was a good idea, because I know that you will make it work in a totally original way, and I am eager now, to see how you will do it. By the way, I thank you for the link and I would be very happy to see some Eraser Treats in that teeny tiny Cloud Palace kitchen. Tell Hamish to contact me and we'll talk!:D


  4. Hello Betsey,
    It is just amazing how you have so much wonderful work to show when you say you have done nothing. Your projects are so varied and yet all are beautifully executed. I can't wait to see the second tower on the palace and while it is not finished, the ceiling in the Great Hall is magnificent and a real tour de force! It feels perfect...and is not yet done...that's talent my friend!
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Betsy,
    I am in awe of all of your projects and I think you are so talented. I am also looking forward to how all of these different pieces continue to come together. It has been snowing on and off here as well, so I completely understand! :)
    Good luck with the spring cleaning-it needs to happen in this house too!

  6. You are out-distanced by your imagination. Quick! It's getting away!
    Lovely photos, tho, of lovely potential.

  7. I am not worried for I am sure we will see some progress in all of these fab buildings and projects sooner or later. :) :) I love the bed and every saint of yours! :) :)

  8. ... and don't forget you need to continue with Daphne's story... *teehee-growing-some-devlish-horns-on-the-head* - As always it was big fun to see so many of your wonderful projects and some of the photos were breathtaking due to the helpful sunlight. Oh, the blue of your hall ceiling with the awesome Saints... the murals of the Willowcrest... seeing this made my day. And even more there's the promise included that I am going to see so much more of your miracles... and best of the best: A guard tower for the Cloud Palace!!! Woohoo!!! Very good news... and I was in need for good news because we were almost blown away from a hurricane today, luckily only two fronts of our little greenhouse went loose. Btw - in my modest opinion you're a very fast creator... I - being as you know so well the snail that I am - really admire what you're able to achieve in so little time with never missing to keep an eye on every little detail always having the Betsy-Motto in mind "It won't be visible but I know it's there!" ;O)


  9. I'm glad that you got some sun shine to be able to share your beautiful projects with us. It is a joy to see the rays of sun on all those lovely colors. Winter doesn't seem to want to give way to spring in New England this year, hopefully it will soon.
    A Big Mini Hug

  10. Oh poor Betsy ;)! You have so much projects on the going, I'm sure we will visit your blog for a long time (happy), because I really do want to see them all finished..........EVER ;O!! No, I'm kidding, take your time, dear friend, and do your taxes quickly, so you can continue with whatever you want and we can see some progress of your gorgeous projects.
    An other tower you say? Oh my, what a great idea, I can't wait to see more. I bet the residents of Cloud Palace will be over the moon with this idea :D!
    We will wait patiently, good luck with your taxes.
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Betsy, if you figure out how to find time, please tell the rest of us! I could use more for my projects too.

  12. I hope you soon get over the 'taxing' time and have time to do some miniatures. I don't think I would dare go over all the 'things to do' for my miniatures. I might just stop all together for fear.

  13. I envy you! So many wonderful things you can dream about and can do someday. Nothing is finished and everything can still change and grow! That's the best part of our hobby!