Monday, March 23, 2015

Cloud Palace Furniture

Soft As A Cloud.....

Some of you have mentioned, Dear Readers, that now that there are More Bearys in the Cloud Palace, there would be a need for More cloud chairs so all of them could sit together! Believe me, I had been thinking about that need for a long time, and had also been thinking about the beds that would be needed for each of them. Well, it seemed only fitting that since Blue had got the Cloud Palace started with her Powerful Wishing Stars... that her bed would be the first one I would make. It also would require the most "engineering" if one can say that about a bed, because it would need to fit inside the Circular Tower bedroom without taking up All the floor space! And Some of you might have noticed that there was the start of a new Cloud Sofa in the Cloud Palace when the Bearys were arriving... it just wasn't quite finished yet! So here you can see the start of the new furnishings....

The sofa is made entirely of cardboard for the framework, 
and then it is painted with a white undercoat 
so that the see-through nature of the "clouds" 
will only reveal the white color.
The Bed for Blue begins with a wooden base, 
curved to fit the circular chamber, 
with one side having a serpentine shape.
Then the "sides" are made to resemble the shapes of clouds... 
made from cardboard.

Then I took the shape of the back side 
and made a separate template from card stock
and used this to make the tufted velvet that will cover the bed.

I used seed pearls to tie the tufting down.

Here it is glued into the back of the already primed bed frame.

Then I added the section for the front side, 
only making sure the top edge of the velvet
wrapped over the inner frame and covered the inside too.

Of course, I have to keep testing 
to make sure it still fits in the Tower!
And I also started the other beds!

This one would need to be very carefully fitted 
into the front dormer of the Cloud Palace!

Here you can see it being tested before painting....

And here, (along with the clutter of books and crystal butterflies)
you can see it painted and also the beginning of the third bed to the left.

Meanwhile I made a mattress for Blue's bed 
out of the softest silk chiffon 
in a perfectly matching cream the color of clouds at dawn.

And because no two beds are exactly alike, 
(Just like no two Bearys are exactly alike!)
I started to add the fluffy cloud lining for the bed under the front dormer.
This will be Sweet Pea's bed.

And once the fluffy sides were complete, 
I added a string of iridescent pearls along the crest of the clouds...

And a mattress of the softest brushed cotton flannel in pure white....
And then we have to test it for fit.....

Oh, it is Snug.... but it fits beautifully!

But perhaps they will need a blanket......
Of the Softest gossamer "lawn"......

Or the sheerest star dusted organza....

But let's not forget the Cloud sofa.....
slowly getting it's fluffy glitttery covering...

Here you can see the thread I use to hold it in place while the glue is drying.
It is the Perfect size for just two Bearys to sit together!

Now there really is enough seating for Everybeary!

And in case you were worried that they might starve 
once the Marzipzan was all gone...
Hamish Harry has done a bit of scavenging and 
requisitioning from all my supplies....

He found a pot of Honey, A canister of Tea,
Some "Erdbeere" preserves
(Strawberry Jam!)
And a bottle or two of milk!
I guess Nobeary will starve this week!

But Alas, You will notice that I have not finished the third bed...

Lady Lavender assures me she doesn't mind 
because she can tell it will have it's own special features....
So it is worth waiting for!
But I know the Question that is burning in your minds, Dear Readers!
The question of whether the Bearys fit in their beautiful beds!

Well, Sweet Pea was only too happy to climb into her Soft as A Cloud Bed...

Covered over with the gossamer thin spiderweb fairy blanket....

And Blue was happy to show you her beautiful bed....

Draped in Star dusted Organza....!

So I guess you can Rest assured, Dear Readers,
That once I get the New Furniture for the Cloud Palace completed,
It will Fit them perfectly,
and will be Soft As A Cloud.


  1. Aww Bless, you think of everything. They look like the softest, most comfortable beds ever =0)

  2. Hi Betsy! All of your custom beds look really Dreamy! :D I love the fluffy fabric that you have used to make them appear like clouds, as well as the light as a feather, bed linens. You are so imaginative! Did you ever consider suspending any of the beds?
    I LOVE the extra groceries in the kitchen! I know that bears have good appetites so I believe that what you have stocked the larder, with will satisfy them all, especially the contents of the honey pot! :D


  3. Comme il doit être bon de dormir dans ses lits qui semblent les plus doux et moelleux qui soient et les couvertures sont si belles.
    Bonne journée Betsy

  4. une structure géniale, bel effet de profondeur

  5. Hello Betsy,
    I could go on about how beautiful the cloud furniture is,
    I could go on about how they look perfect in the room,
    I could go on about many things, but right now, being exhausted from long hard weeks, all I want to do is crawl into Blue's bed and dream of clouds. It is all gorgeous and I love the picture of the kitchen. It is so cozy and wonderful. Amazing works Betsy, the cloud furniture is really original, looks comfortable, and is all very beautiful.
    big hug,

  6. Oh! These beds look great! The most beautiful, the most fluffy! You have an incredible imagination and talent!

  7. Lucky bears.
    (Do I recognize that white velvet?)
    Sweet dreams, little bearys - and to their creator.

  8. Oh my! The beds are heavenly made! Great idea! And they all can settle comfy! I wish my bed look the same...:)

  9. Until this post Fluby always claimed that he had the most beautiful bed a beary ever possesed... but now he's not sure anymore because even he had to admit that a bearsonal, fluffy, comfy cloud bed is even better than having loads of strawberries on your bedding. Silly little bear... *grin* Wonderful work on the beds and the sofa, Blue and Sweet Pea looked so happy and comfy in their beds and I have no doubt Lady Lavender will patiently wait until hers is done - it looks so promising already. I'm curious to see where the beary guys will go to rest but I know two things about the sofa: It's stunning and Sir Orion would pay a fortune if he could have Lavender's place... *LOL* Btw Fluby wants me to tell you that the kitchen equipment is perfect. Whenever there are strawberries in a kitchen... oops, sorry, whenever there are sweet, red, juicy, aromatic strawberries in a kitchen it's a lovely kitchen he said... ;O)


  10. Oh Betsy, your Bearys will be over the, in the clouds (that's a Dutch saying) with their fluffy, beautiful dreams beds :D! You have thought of everything, I think the bearys will sleep a hole in the day....or perhaps they won't ever come out of their beds :)!
    Love their blankets, so soft as clouds, what a amazing idea!!
    Hugs, ilona

  11. Que ositos tan guapos y afortunados, es todo muy original.
    UN abrazo

  12. Hi Betsy, It makes me laugh to see how we miniaturists can become so engrossed in our theme. Thought Elizabeth's floating bed idea one for thought!. I can see you are having fun with your house and that is infectious., Thank you,

  13. Betsy, you story reminded me a song my daughter used to sing: "There is a castle on a cloud..." And I am so HAPPY to know that this cloud bed was made for Blue. I always knew she is in great hands, :))) She looks so happy smiling in her dream! Good night and good dreams! Mini hugs, Natalia

  14. Oh I love this cloud palace! The soft sofa looks so comforable and stylish with its wavy back and star fabric! I would snuggle in it and just watch the birds fly by!

    Ahh to dream a dream of soft warm skys and fluffy clouds wonderful!

  15. Muito bom o seu blog, estive a percorre-lo li alguma coisa, porque espero voltar mais algumas vezes,deu para perceber a sua dedicação em partilhar o seu saber.
    Se me der a honra de visitar e ler algumas coisas no Peregrino e servo ficarei radiante.
    E se gostar e desejar comente.
    Que Deus vos abençõe e guarde.
    Abraço.Peregrino E Servo.

  16. Beautifully done, love the way they look like they are floating clouds. Sweet dreams guarantied. Pam xx

  17. I wish I was a BiWuBeary and had a cloud bed and a cloud sofa....I would be the happiest beary in the world :-)

  18. My goodness! I want a full scale sofa in cloud formation!! I love it!!!! I have been very lax in the past few months and missed much of this project, but it looks amazing!!!

  19. i like very much these colours scènes, very beautiful