Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Those Little Details

Raw Edges, Unfinished Pieces, Small Improvements....

Can you believe it, Dear Readers, that weeks after my vacation is over I am still showing you little pieces that I accomplished during that busy week? The above picture is a case in point. And it is even a further example of something I have been thinking about doing for ages and ages and only got around to finishing while I was enjoying that productive vacation time. This kit is the first piece of furniture I bought as an adult..... Ages and Ages ago when I was only twenty. I completed the assembly shortly after buying it, but didn't know how to do the "finishing" including the attaching of the drawer pulls. So I put it all carefully away, unfinished, awaiting a time that I could learn the proper methods of staining and gluing. I finally gave it a stain a few years ago, but still didn't attach the drawer handles. I finally decided to just glue them on before the pieces got lost... and I got it done during my recent vacation!  And while we are talking of finishing unfinished pieces....

I had decided to stain the table and chairs for the Willowcrest...
I wanted the silver-gray color I had used on the Conservatory
So I pulled out the stain and got right to it!
Which only got me to thinking about other long-unfinished pieces....

The hutch in the Folly kitchen was given to me by my sister many years ago...
And I have been unable to decide exactly what color to paint it.
So I tested one of the stained chairs in the room and it was perfect!
It didn't take me long to get the hutch stained too.

I am probably going to add more details to it... but it is a start!

But that is not all I have to show you, Dear Readers....
The chief little detail I wanted to show you 
is one of those projects I have been wanting to make 
ever since, well... Forever!
So I Finally got started....

I started with ordinary cardboard and made a little box with a drawer.

And then I started to cover the outside in a pink patterned cotton....
and lined the insides in light green silk....

The shape of the box was a bit complicated to cover... 
but I glued one section at a time...
and only cut away pieces when I was 
sure where they needed to be cut.

And the top lid has a folded edge....

Here you can see it up close...

Here I am working on the lining for the top sections...
I left the raw edges of the silk unturned,
relying on the glue to prevent raveling.

Here it is mostly finished.....
A sewing box just like the one belonging to my Mother...
that my sister and I used to "borrow" 
when we were children just learning to sew!

And here I am starting to add the accessories.
Do you see those scissors on the table?
I have saved those scissors, Dear Readers, ever since I was a child!
I got the larger pair in a gumball machine when I was ten...
and they actually cut paper!!!
The smaller pair I have had for just as long, 
but I don't remember where they came from.
There were a few other things I wanted to add to this sewing box....

 And one of them was a measuring tape....
So I decided to see if I could make one by painting some cotton...
and writing numbers on it....
and covering that with craft glue.....
and cutting it very very close to the writing...

 I think it works!
And when I was at the Sturbridge Fair two years ago,
I had bought some tiny metal thimbles and tiny stork scissors...
which I have tucked into the top of the box...

I also added a pin cushion (bought more recently)
and wound some ribbon on card like bias tape.
I am sure I will be adding details for quite a while.
I just can't tell you, Dear Readers, 
How satisfying it was to finally, Finally get around to 
working on all these Unfinished pieces, 
Raw edges and Small improvements...
I really had So much fun with all those little details!


  1. A really productive vacation you have had! The silver gay colour of the chairs and table is perfect and matches so well with your tiled floor. The sewing box is lovely.

  2. Hi Betsy! I also think it's so satisfying to work on unfinished things/miniatures, because now you can enjoy even more of your work :D! I really love the small sewing box, especially with those small pairs of scissors. These memories makes it so special for you!
    It was nice to read that you've enjoyed to do it. So, despite of all the snow, it was a very productive vacation, great work :D!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  3. Hello Betsey,
    I'm glad you did not finish the furniture when you first got it...your skills are so strong now that you finished it beautifully and probably better then you would have years ago. The table and hutch are just lovely and I like the color base you chose in the room.
    That being said, the sewing box is magnificent and such a wonderful memory of your mother. Well done my friend.
    Big hug,

  4. j'aime beaucoup la boite à ouvrages, très joli comme ensemble

  5. Do you know I have been thinking about such small sewing box since looong time? :) It is good to see such charming box in miniature. :) I am still thinking of it as I always worry it will be too big in 1/12 scale comparing to real one size. ;) But yours prooves I am wrong. :)

  6. Gorgeous items. The little sewing box is just lovely.
    All the best

  7. Oh my gosh, those little scissors!!

  8. Fantastic creatons, I love the sewing box with the wonderful pattern, Oh the tomato pincusion brings back memories for me!

    I hope the vacation refreshed you for more crafting!

  9. Hi Betsy, I am still alive! and I love what you are dong. The sewing box is precious and a sweet memory too.
    Thanks for sharing your "details", minihugs Rosanna

  10. Betsy, I don't REMEMBER that sewing box! I wonder what ever became of it. How sweet that you made one like it - maybe it will come back to me in a dream. It's gorgeous. How amazing that you saved those tiny scissors, and you remember where they came from. In a GUMBALL MACHINE, of all things. Who knew? The chest of drawers and the hutch are lovely, too - I wouldn't mind having that kitchen!
    Tomorrow's Friday - have a lovely weekend. Much love,

  11. What a fabulous, fun way to spend your vacation, Betsy! I'm envious!
    Best to you,

  12. Oh Betsy!!!! I LOVE your little sewing box and what a wonder that you still have those perfect tiny scissors, after all these years! I think it is Just Grand and that it has turned out So Well! :D I think the measuring tape is made to perfection as is the tomato pin cushion! Love it ALL!
    Now as to the dresser, how Marvelous to have finally gotten to it again and also to have chosen the perfect paint color for the hutch in the kitchen too! The color is really lovely and I also like your kitchen items hanging over the sink in The Folly.:D
    I am very happy with so see just how you spent your Winter Vacation, Betsy. It must feel empowering to have tied up so many loose ends in such a short period of time too! :D


  13. Unbelievable how much progress you've made in just one week! Wonderful work on the furniture - and the sewing box is just a tiny miracle. I would run out of curses in Old Babylonic if I would ever try to do something like this and even cover it with fabric. How nice that this is not only stunning work but also holds sweet memories... But I'm somehow jealous now... I never found something both lovely and useful in gumball machines... ;O)

    Birgit (who is not only online again *hooray!* but also hopes that you received her mail... and say hello to some guys from me...)

  14. Los muebles en gris quedan muy bonitos y esa caja de costura me encanta, está preciosa y completa además de traer recuerdos de antaño.
    Un abrazo

  15. Your sewing box is beautiful, how wonderful to preserve the memories. What a great feeling to end your vacation with the feeling of long waiting projects finally accomplished. Congratulations on all your hard work.

  16. The sewing box is beautiful. It will be a great memory of the one belonging to your mother!