Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cloud Palace Adventures

Blue's Wishes.....

Some of you may recall, Dear Readers, that Blue the Blue Fairy Beary had been on the lookout for Visitors to the Cloud Palace. Well the Truth of the matter is that they were more than just Visitors that she was looking for, because Blue had been very specific in her wishes! She had been Wishing that her Best Friend Forever "Lady Lavender" could come live at the Cloud Palace too, because she was wanting more "girl" company in her World. And while she was being specific about her Wishes (I suspect she used some of her own Wishing Stars!) she also wished for a Palace Cook to come take over the tiresome Kitchen duties. As soon as Lady Lavender received the invitation she agreed that it would be a Wonderful thing to come live in the Cloud Palace with Blue. But she didn't want to leave her cousin "Sweet Pea" behind because the two had grown up together and were more like sisters to each other than mere cousins. So she decided to bring Sweet Pea with her, knowing that Blue would welcome her too. As soon as they were able, they arranged for their Long Journey to the Cloud Palace. It seems that the most comfortable arrangements were to take the Cherub Chariot-Cloud Express, which would fly them calmly above the seas at a gentle pace, and the Cherubs would take care of the steering! That way they could be assured of the quickest possible rendez-vous with the Cloud Palace and no turbulence along the way! So they set out one fine Blue afternoon....

Carefully Cradled in the softest of Fluffy Cloud Chariots....
Drifting high above the world in the gentlest of breezes....
The views from up there were extraordinary!
And Believe it or not, at almost the exact same moment another Fairy Bear 
was setting out on his way to the Cloud Palace 
to answer the call for a Palace cook!

Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud had heard they needed a cook 
and thought he would go see if the Palace was to his liking.
He hopped on his trusty Enchanted Cloud Cycle 
and flew off into the sky.

 He hadn't been traveling for long 
when he spotted some other Cloud travelers in the distance ahead of him.
It didn't take him very long to overtake their Cloud Chariot....

And all it took was one glance at the Beautiful Lavender Lady Beary 
in the front of the Chariot, and he was ready to revise All his plans 
and follow her wherever her Cloud was headed!
He called out to them as he came close.
"Ach, it is Loath I am t' see such Bonnie Bearies 
traveling the World alone!" he cried!
"Me name is Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud"
" and If  it please ye, I would humbly beg to escort you 
to your Destination, and bravely Rout any rascals along the way!"
 Lady Lavender Blushed and Sweet Pea giggled....
but they agreed that it might be a good idea to have his company...
even though the Cherubs guiding the Chariot 
had assured them no harm could befall them while in their care!
And so they traveled on together....
 and Day turned into Night....

With Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud leading the way....

And the starry skies all around!
And after what seemed like countless Days and Nights..... 
 One Bright blue Morning
 the Cloud Palace finally came in sight!

Where Blue the Blue Fairy Beary 
had been keeping watch from her tall tower!

She was overjoyed to see them arriving at last!

Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud 
guided his Enchanted Cloud Cycle to a stop 
on the terrace of the Cloud Palace....

Only to be met by the point of the Sword 
of Sir Orion Blackthorne the Skywalker 
who took his Guard duties seriously!
"Halt! Who goes there!..." cried Sir Orion.
"Ach it is Me, humble Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud...."
called Hamish Harry... 
"I've come for the Palace Cook position.... 
If it still be open"he added, 
"And I've brought the Bonnie Lassies with me!" 

But that wasn't what had caught Sir Orion's eye!
It was the gleaming Black Enchanted Cloud Cycle.....
(Sir Orion experienced just a small spurt of envy....)
But then he remembered the great Loyalty of his trusty steed, Thunder....
and soon he and Harry were discussing the various merits of 
wheels versus hooves....!

While Lady Lavender and Sweet Pea floated up in the
Cherub Cloud Chariot.....

And Blue flew down from the Tower to greet them!

Lavender and Blue are so excited to see each other 
after what Feels like practically Forever!

Sweet Pea is so amazed by the Cloud Palace...
she is even feeling a little bit shy....

But finally she steps off the Cloud Chariot and Blue welcomes her too!

Then Sweet Pea remembers to show Blue the gift she has brought....
"It is the extremely Rare and Little known Fluffy Cloud Plant"
says Sweet Pea, proudly!
At the merest mention of the words "Rare" and "plant" 
Brother Beorn's ears perked up and he stepped closer to have a look!

"I have never seen a Fluffy Cloud Plant before..." he declares!
"This is most exciting!" he adds.

And because Sweet Pea is a noted herbalist 
with a great deal of experience with all sorts of magical plants, 
she and Brother Beorn are soon deep in conversation.

 And Blue and Lady Lavender pull up the cloud chairs and pour some tea...
they have so much "catching up" to do!

And Sir Orion and Harry are fast on their way to being best buddies...
talking about racing cycles against ponies....
And they were all so busy, Dear Readers,
that Nobeary seemed to notice the Cloud Chariot departing....

Sailing away into the sky.....

It seems as though Blue has got her Wishes....
And now there will be many new Cloud Palace Adventures!

With my greatest Thanks to Birgit and her trusty needle....
for Enchanting me with her Creations!


  1. Bonjour Betsy,
    comme toujours j'adore votre univers, vos personnages et vos décors. Votre imagination est sans frontière.

  2. un univers joyeux et plein de fantaisie

  3. Hi !
    I am all stunned by: beautiful scenes, adorable FairyBearies and the story!
    Love your Fairytale and the FairyBearies!!

  4. Magic scenes! I like the story.

  5. Hello Betsy,
    I feel like pulling a Daedalus and making a set of wings so I can fly above the clouds and join the fun. It was a greats tory and a terrific introduction to the cook...what fun! It is great seeing the cloud Palace in the pictures. You really did an amazing job!
    Big hug,

  6. Hi Betsy! With Schepje jumping in front of my screen I'm almost not able to write you a comment :D! As you know, he is an enthousiastic fan of the beautiful BiWuBaers family, lovely creations of dear Birgit ;)! Congratulations on a new member for your family, who lives in the Cloud Palace!! You have created such wonderful universe scenes in miniature. You have a boundless imagination, again this is great work!
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. OMG, omg, omg!!!! So many Bearies in one spot! I think we can expect the palace to have a few more rooms and floors soon! I love the background you gave to the cloud palace. :) All of the 6 Bears are fab!

  8. I was smiling the whole time! What a fascinating story! Bears are wonderful! You have created a beautiful fairy tale!

  9. I'm still undecided... would I go for the Cherub Cloud-Chariot Express or the Enchanted Cloud Cycle... hmmmm... Anyway, what a way to travel! ;O) And really, that's what I call an introduction! *LOL* Thank you for this wonderful post - this was big fun... and for me really special seeing all six of them together. I know they will have a wonderful home and loads of fun together... and I'm sure every now and then I will hear little giggling voices from the sky above... ;O) But now I wonder if Harry and Sir Orion are going to find an answer in the racing cycles against ponies case... *teehee*


  10. Unos osos encantadores, la hostoria me ha gustado mucho y esas fotos que lo acompañan son estupendas.
    Un abrazo

  11. Oooooooh good, another story!
    Enchanting as always. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  12. Oh my what wonderful whimsy tale in the clouds! Everything looks so magical and fluffy.

    Such a wonderous party to attend with so many lovely bearies about!

  13. A lovely story about bearies in the clouds and means of transportation, not to mention races. I am sure these new tenants will have lots of fun together.
    Hugs, Drora

  14. What a lovely story! I want to ride in the Cloud Chariot tooooo! :-) I'm sure the three new bears will be very happy in their new home and I can't wait for all the new adventures!!