Thursday, October 29, 2015

What Time Is The Party.....?

A Fairy's Tale Continued.....

Old Meg had left her corner by the Hearth in the Castle kitchen, Dear Readers, Called forth by the urgency of this Rift in the Fabric of Time! The Dark Times were gathering strength with the waning of the Days and it was nearing the one Night of the Year when the Most Damage could be done to the fragile bonds of Time Itself.... All Hallows Eve! Old Meg had left her corner to summon her Sisters to help guard the Portals of Time and try to stem the Tides of Darkness that would rise up that Night!
They would need all the help they could get, because there was not just One moment in Time that needed watching... but Many Times which had run together and could no longer be kept separate!

She would need the help of Those who dwelt in One Era.....
And so she called Madame Artemis to gather her Sister Witches.
And she also Summoned Those who dwelt in an Older Time.....

For Lady Athena would also need to Prepare the Castle Halls 
for the Celebrations that were to come.
Because many would come to Celebrate this All Hallows Eve,
believing their World to be safe from the Darkness....
not knowing that it Was safe only because 
there were those who Watched over the Portals of Time!
And this time they had an additional task... 
because there was more mischief than usual afoot! 
"There is a Book of Forbidden Knowledge 
that has fallen into the wrong hands..." declared Old Meg.
"Whoever had the Keeping of that Book... has failed to Guard it well enough!"
"It Must be recovered or much Harm will Come of this Night!"
Lady Athena was Troubled to hear these Tidings.
She went straight to the Castle and confronted her "House-guest".
"I trust you have not been removing any Books 
from the Castle Collection... ?" she declared.

"Why, Aunt Athena, you know I would not dare do so!" replied Louis.
"My Dear Boy, do not be impertinent!" she declared.
"I am not your 'Aunt'! At best you are a cousin Fifteen times removed!
Although I am very fond of your Great Grandmother!" she added.
"Now, do not presume upon such small acquaintance.... but make yourself useful.
This furniture needs to be moved aside and the carpet rolled up.... 
I am told the Castle will be Hosting a Party....!"

It did not take long to prepare the Hall.....

Because, as you Might have guessed, Dear Readers, 
there was to be more than One Host at this Party....
And the Guests would Arrive at Any time!

At the Lovely Old Dollhouse they are getting their Costumes ready!
Pollyanna is going as a Witch this year, and Arthur is a Wizard.
Joanna is going to try her hand as the Gypsy Fortune Teller, 
and Victor is wearing a red cape and claiming it makes him a "Lord."

Helen and Charles are going as a Lord and Lady too....
(I think Helen is worried that they will be late....)

Will is a Knight, and Louis is a Troubadour.....

Lady Athena and Great Aunt Agatha are set to Watch at the Portals.....
And it is difficult to tell in which Age they Dwell....!
There are Pirates and Princesses....

Those we have met before.....

And those we have not!

And high above in the Minstrels Gallery our favorite Band.....

The "Deadly Nightshades" are striking up the music.....

With "Iron Lungs Billy" on Saxophone, the twins Jason and Justin on guitars, 
and the Manic Keyboardist Paul... ready to play all your old Favorites...
But Enough of all this Frivolity, I hear you say!
What, I hear you ask, had become of Beatrice?
Well, when she turned around and saw the room was empty 
she called for Tommy.
There was no answer.... 
only an eerie silence!
But she was not entirely alone... the Tiny Fairy was watching.
Because she had given him his Freedom, 
he was now Beholden to her...
He would do Everything in his Power to help her!
 But she was only thinking of finding Tommy...
perhaps he had left the room when she wasn't paying attention!

She hurried to the Stables to see if he was there.....

But the stables were empty.....
Even Prince was no longer waiting for them!
She didn't know what to do!

But the Little Fairy was finally able to get her attention....
"Wait here...!" he cried. "I'll go get help...!"
And then he, too, disappeared!

Well, Dear Readers, you can be Sure that the Tiny Fairy
 was not the only one seeking help this Dark Night!

The Owls had gone to Warn the Wizard that Trouble was abroad....
And they were not surprised to see he was already gathering his Cloak and Staff!
He was seeking the Little Dreamers..... 
for he would need their help to find their Brother Perry.
But the Little Dreamers had wandered Far Far off into other realms....

Where Dreams Beckoned.... Sweet with Promise!
Just what did they see when they gazed into the Fountain of Dreams...?
Or would that be a Tale Impossible to Tell...?

Had they Wandered too Far....? 
Or Seen Too much...?
And Would the Wizard find them in Time...?
I hope, Dear Readers, You will understand 
if I Leave you here, Once again at loose ends!
And I hope you can All find the Time 
to Come to The Party.....
 Because surely This Fairy's Tale will be Continued.....


  1. Una fiesta perfecta no falta nadie, feliz fin de semana:-)

  2. Una fiesta perfecta no falta nadie, feliz fin de semana:-)

  3. Magnifique nouveaux costumes et décors. Je suis très impressionné par le carrelage aperçu sous le tapis. Le groupe de musiciens semble très sympathique;-) Et comme toujours, félicitation pour vos éclairage Betsy, ils donnent une ambiance très originale à vos photos.

  4. Of course Helen is worried that they'll be late (they probably will only be 15 minutes early). Wow, what a story! A mother's nightmare - everyone dispersed in all directions, running around willy nilly! I love your band - Look forward to the party!
    Love, Mom

  5. O my gosh I can hardly keep up with all the goings on. I sure hope everything turns out OK. Now I know why time here seems to go so fast its all upset lol. Fantastic story I cant wait for the party.
    Hugs Maria

  6. Maria already said it - this is the explanation why I'm running out of time. Halloween... what on earth happened to September and October??? And please don't mention the C-word... I can't deny it anymore... there are so many things I won't be able to finish and I'll have to put them on my to-do-list for next year again... *grin* But luckily I always have the time to read and enjoy your wonderful stories... and this year's Halloween tale is another masterpiece. I'm really curious to see how all of this will go on... there are so many wandering around in time now - but on the other hand there are also so many with magical powers keeping guard now. Thanks for this wonderful story and for all the effort and work you've put into this (all the Halloween costumes - you're my hero, you really are). Oh, not to forget - it was great to see the Deadly Nightshades again... I have no doubt this will be one Halloween party noone will ever forget! ;O)


  7. ...wait what happened to Chip? lol