Thursday, October 15, 2015


It's All About The Plants.....

Well, you have All heard about Plan A and Plan B, Dear Readers, and sometimes even Plan C and D, but did you know about Plan(T)? Plan(T) is what happens when you Plan a vacation, but end up sick in bed drinking Tea.... lots  and lots of Tea! Alas, it is Not as much fun as it sounds..... and meanwhile all the other Plans are languishing from neglect and your brain is too foggy to think of Anything beyond Tissues and Tea. I had Grand Plans for my vacation..... but the Only thing I accomplished in my Mini Worlds was to bring all my RL houseplants indoors for the Winter. What has that to do with the Mini Worlds, you are wondering? Well, while the houseplants are enjoying the Summer outside on my porch, the Dollhouses take over their spot in front of the window.... where the morning sun shines in and gives me such wonderful photo opportunities in those Little worlds. And now the Houseplants (who have even grown larger over the Summer in all that fresh air!) demand to return to Their spot in the sunny window.... requiring that I Move all the dollhouses....! You can see the Conservatory sitting on one of the arm chairs in the top picture..... and the Cloud Palace has been bumped onto the worktable in the other room.... leaving very little workspace!
And speaking of the workspace and languishing Plan(t)s.... 
I had started making some lovely plants for a swap.....

And was hoping to make great progress assembling them.....

But I am sure you understand that Sneezing and Tissue paper.....
are a Losing combination...

And Leaves.... tend to Leave when you sneeze!
Even when they are Planted in Tea...!

So I did not get very far before I abandoned the Plan(t).....
And returned to the Plan (T)....

In bed with Tea and Tissues of the other kind......
And watching the sun move across the room 
and the leaves falling outside the window.
Yes, Dear Readers, Fall is in full Glory here right now!
Here the sun is rising and illuminating the Maple in my yard....

The view across the hills from my workplace parking lot......
is just Breathtaking!
(Yes, I am getting better and am back at work now...)

The Ancient Maples in the School yard.....

And the setting sun on the Maple in my dooryard....
Astonishingly brilliant!
So you can see, Dear Readers, 
It is All about the Plants right now....
(And Plan(T) just takes Time!)


  1. What lovely Autumn photos. So sorry to hear you were under the weather during your vacation, but glad to hear you are feeling better!

  2. Oh Betsy! glad you are feeling better, but what a shame! Especially when you have lots of plans,- mini and otherwise.
    Beautiful Autumn scenes and colours though.
    Get well soon

  3. Pretty, pretty! Autumn and your flowers. :) Get completetly well soon Betsy!

  4. Sorry you are not feeling your best. Glad you have your flowers to take your mind off of it. Don't forget to get some of that great healing sun for yourself!

  5. Thanks for sharing the beautiful autumn photos. I hope you feel better soon and wish you a quick and full recovery. The flowers already look beautiful.
    Hgs, Drora

  6. Dear Betsy, I'm so glad that you're feeling better, but it's a pity of your vacation and the plans you had......:(.
    The flowers you've made look wonderful and the pictures of the maples are awesome, you're right: those colors are brilliant :D!!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  7. I was beginning to worry about autumn color in New England; glad I can put that one to rest! Looking forward to hearing about Halloween in your mini-world. And your return to health!
    Love, Mom

  8. bright, as the plants that autumnal pictures

  9. What a shame your vacation was'nt possible because you were sick Betsy, bad timing! Your flowers are very beautiful, haha, but I can imagine sneezing etc is not the best combo making them :D. Oh, those trees and colours are soo beautiful! Thank you for sharing and I think you've created a very comfy miniaturebedscene that will help getting better soon. Take care, bye! Monique

  10. So that's the reason why your blog was sooooo quiet... *sigh* I kind of expected something like this... but it's especially bad having to face with Plan T instead of dealing with Plan V for vacation. I hope all the tea and tissues made you feel fine again and that your viruses are not as nasty as mine, I still have trouble with slime that won't leave me alone. Thanks for sharing these beautiful autumn photos - do they rename your town during fall in Goldfield? *smile* And I hope it will be Plant soon for you instead of Plan T... your poppy looks beautiful.


  11. Oh Betsy - sorry to hear you are under the weather... I know how it is when holiday plans go arwy, the day before we were supposed to leave for our summer vacation this year, I went into hospital for two weeks... it was fairly miserable, but most horrible of all was that all the mini projects I had planned to do never got done...but the most important thing is to look after yourself, and then I usually find with enough rest you have extra energy and inspiration to go forward.

    I love your little conservatory perched next to your plants, they seem to have grown a bit too big for the conservatory, almost like enormous trees! You have such a pretty window, and great light there...

    And how cheerful are your Autumn colours - very uplifting!


  12. What a shame to be poorly over vacation time. I'm glad to read you are feeling better and hope that you Christmas vacation will be free of illness. =0)

  13. Poor Betsy!!!! :(( I am sooo sorry to see that you have been so very ill and that everything had ground to a halt regarding your vacation plans. It happens, I know. Sickness never seems to come at a more convenient time but I am relieved to see that you are finally on the road to recovery. I recall that for years, I would work myself to a frazzle right up to and through Christmas every year, and no sooner was the season over with and time for my holiday break, when I would be down for a week with a violent flu. It happened every single year,... go figure?
    But on another note..... The poppies look Wonderful and glad to see that you are feeding them your special "healing teas" too. :D
    Take care of yourself and Get well soon!


  14. Sorry to hear that you have been sick. Hope you are feeling much better.
    Beautiful fall photos.