Thursday, October 22, 2015

Who Knew....?

A Fairy's Tale Prelude.....

Sometimes the Story Begins in the Middle, Dear Readers, Especially when the Beginnings are shrouded in Mystery and long forgetfulness, and so much Time has gone missing, that None or Few can remember where to Begin! Such was the case in the Dark Evenings as the Wizard sought for a clue to the Whereabouts of the Key of Time! Perhaps there are some of you who remember that he gave it to the Young Lad Peregrine, so he could use it to find his Sisters the Little Dreamers who were lost Somewhere deep in the folds of Time. And perhaps you remember that Peregrine Lost the Key when the sly dragon Slitherwing dropped him on the Distant Briar Moors and he hit his head hard enough to forget many things that it would have been better had he remembered! And perhaps you might recall that the Key of Time was found not long after by a tiny Fairy who was riding his Racing Snail across the Moors....

He was ever so pleased with his shiny silver Treasure.... 
and he carried it off.....
To Nobody knows where!
And In case you didn't already know, the Fairies have 
No Use Whatsoever for the Key of Time!
They live such long and Enchanted lives, 
nobody really ever knows how old they are!
They come and go through the Ages as they will....
Appearing and Disappearing, seeming Invisible...
Because they have no Care for Time, 
and so they Never Keep Time!
But just because they have no Use for it, 
does Not mean they cannot Make Mischief With it!
They have practically No Responsibilities 
and so their chief Aim in Life is Amusement.
And because they are so easily bored,
Their greatest Pleasure is in Making Mischief!
And in case you hadn't guessed......
One of the Fairies who was Particularly bored 
had spotted an opportunity to make some Grand Mischief!

This Puckish fellow had been Amusing himself 
by playing tricks on the residents of the Castle....
(chiefly by moving things they had put down.)
And one day he wandered into the Chapel...
Where Father Alban was trying to decide how to Begin
with making a copy of the Book left by the Lord of the Castle.

It was a Beautiful and Rare Tome filled with Illuminations....
The Prayers written in a beautiful hand and the 
Initials worked with pictures of a beauty he had rarely seen.
He felt inadequate to the task of copying such a work!
And that was why the Mischievous Fairy could 
so easily Whisper in his ear....
"I know where there is a better book to copy...." he suggested.
"It would be much easier and faster to draw....." he added,
 "and yet it would inspire all who saw it to marvel at your Mastery...!"
"It is sitting by the Window in the Lord's Counsel Chamber.....
"What harm is there in at least Looking at it...? he teased.

So Father Alban found himself 
placing the Holy Book carefully back in its chest.

And moving slowly, as if in a Trance....

He went to the Counsel Chamber to look for the Book.....
The Lord had not been in residence for quite some Time, 
so Father Alban was not surprised to find the Chamber empty.
Except for a few Owls.

He found the book.....
And carried it back to the Chapel.

It was Large, old and Well made.
The cover was green and appeared to be made of the hide of some beast.
But there was no Inscription on the outside at all...
And it was Heavy..... much heavier than he had thought it would be.
He opened it to look at the pages within....

Every page was covered in Intricate lettering and Brilliant color...

He Turned the pages, squinting to try and make out some of the Text....
"To Invoke the Power of Three..." he murmured aloud.
"To Move Ahead In Time...." 
He turned another page...
"To Bind..." and another page...
"Truth Spell...."

And suddenly it dawned on him that the Book he held.....
Was Not a Holy Book at all.....
But was a Book of Forbidden Knowledge.....!
He was appalled and Ashamed that 
the Evil Spirit had so easily snared him!

There was only One thing to do with Works such as This!

He carried the Tome down to the cellars...

And marched right into the Kitchen

And straight to the hearth....

And threw the Book into the Fire!

And watched the Flames begin to burn the pages!
Ah, Dear Readers, Do you have Any idea 
how much Mischief a Fairy can Make?
Father Alban did not Know that the Book 
he threw in the fire would Not be Destroyed!

But Old Meg knew!
She knew Exactly how much Trouble this Night's Mischief would Bring....
And it was only the beginning of this Fairy's Tale......!

To Be Continued......


  1. Am I the first to comment??? Oh, you made my day, you really did!!! I was sooooo hoping for another Halloween-post-event on your blog - but was fearing you might not be able because you spent so much time with tea and tissues (btw I hope you're fine again). But I shouldn't have worried... the story about the key of time goes on - finally! And I can't hardly await what will happen... and which old friends we might meet... and if we will learn about the tiny elf shouting "It wasn't me"... and... whatever - you write it, I'll love it! *LOL* But I must admit I'm wondering about the rat persons showing up in Father Alban's study - is there a rat wedding coming along? But he shouldn't have thrown the book into the fire... I'm German and I can't stand the sight of books in fires... *gulp* Well, I'm here hoping there will be much more mischief very soon!


  2. Hi Betsy, another wonderful story that I have to dig in your archives for to read all you've got on it so far, but I've enjoyed this part of it SO much!! You have a true gift for storytelling, that's what I notice myself thinking every time I read something of you. And I also love all the wonderful details in your scenes, it's so complete! And how about that book, I love what you've done with it, incorporating it into the story and make it such a lovely part of it, I feel honored :D. I didn't know fairies could be that mischievous ;). Boy, it's a good thing you warned me about something happening to the book, or I would have been quite worried, haha, luckily it can't be destroyed, phew! :D Again, LOVED your story!

    Btw: I just discovered I wasn't a follower yet, iiiiihhhhhhh, I'm checking that on blogs recently that I was sure I already followed, but didn't yet.. Another mystery, but not one Father Alban will be able to solve I guess :D

  3. WOW! Another GREAT story! I can't wait for more! Will it touch the stories you are sharing with us already? Or will it be something completely different? Really, I want to know now!!! :) :)

  4. This New Story sounds like it is going to be a Good One too!


  5. Hi Betsy! This new story has a great start, I love to read your stories :)!
    I hope I'll get some more time for reading more of it in about two weeks ;)
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, Ilona

  6. Merveilleuse histoire, merveilleux personnages, superbes décors, c'est toujours un plaisir de suivre vos histoires Betsy.
    A bientôt

  7. une histoire bien racontée et illustrée, beaucoup de charme

  8. Ooo my what a very naughty fairy. Father Alban really should have hidden the book somewhere safe instead of trying to burn it. Now what will happen. Fantastic story I am looking forward to hearing more :)))
    Hugs Maria

  9. I really enjoy your stories Betsy. I often wonder how you keep all of those mischevious creatures in check since they seem to spend all of their time doing naughty things ;0P

  10. Hello Betsy - What an exciting story, (not to mention spell binding!) and it will be interesting to read further developments. I also enjoyed seeing the fascinating photographs that accompany the story.

    Sorry I'm so late responding. Lots goin' on.
    One thing I find remarkable is how well the Father Alban doll 's body language fits the story. It's kind of amazing.
    But your imagination has outdone itself - can't wait to hear the rest of the story!
    Love, Mom

  12. Yet another great story and lots of lovely pictures. I like the stonework you've created too.