Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not Ready.....!

Ready Or Not......

The past few weeks have been filled with distractions and disruptions and almost no time for minis, Dear Readers, so I hope you will understand if I feel as though there is nothing new to show you in my mini Worlds! Autumn is already here and I am Not Ready! There are plenty of partially finished projects... but they are not done and I am Not Ready to show them yet! Even the next installment of Daphne's Story feels only partially done... and Not ready to share with you! But nevertheless, I feel compelled to move on, no matter how unready....
And so I must tell you that Daphne, Especially was Not Ready 
to hear her own daughter greet her with a very formal "Bonjour Mademoiselle...."!
But before she could even gather her thoughts...
Raymond suggested to Renee that she show 'Mademoiselle' the Nursery
 and Renee hurried from the room, leading the way up to the top floor of the house.

And Daphne didn't know exactly what she was expecting to see.... 
but she was Not Ready to see the Nursery looking so... Old and Masculine....
As though nothing had been done to make it a room for a girl....
As though nothing had been done to it in fifty years or more!

She was shocked!
But there was no time to think about that now because 
Renee was very politely introducing her to her stuffed owl "Hibou".
Daphne replied that she was "enchanted to meet Hibou!"
And then Renee hurried down the corridor to show her "The Nanny's Room"...

It was clear that the Young Lawyer, Raymond, was the current occupant.....
And it was equally clear that he was Not Ready to have the New Nanny moving in!
All Daphne could see was that it was dark, and tucked under the rafters... 
with the barest minimum of furniture.
But Renee did not notice anything at all.
She ran to the bed and climbed up......
Just as though she was completely familiar with the room.

"Ray Ray," she said excitedly.... "You can read me a story!" 
and she reached for a book that was sitting on a window ledge....

"How about you take it to the Nursery, Poppet" he replied....
"Perhaps 'Mademoiselle' would like to read it to you.." he added.
Renee jumped off the bed and looked at Daphne, 
but then she had a moment of shyness.

"I want you to come too" she said to Raymond.
"You go ahead, I'll be right behind you...." he added.
He just wanted a minute to throw his clothes in his bag...
since he would be leaving now....

And I am sorry to have to tell you, Dear Readers, 
that when Daphne reached the Nursery with Renee 
and they were alone together, 
she experienced a moment of Complete Panic!
She stared at Renee, who was looking expectantly at her, 
and realized that she had No Idea at all 
how to be a Nanny.... let alone a Mother!
Aside from the few weeks when Renee had been a newborn.... 
she had no experience of caring for a child!

And as for Raymond, no matter how little sympathy 
he had for the "New Nanny"
He was Not Ready to leave Renee alone with her!
When he reached the Nursery to say goodbye to Renee...
he found them just staring at each other.
Yes, his opinion of "that Woman" sank even lower than before!

"Shall we show her how it's done, Poppet?" he asked....

And he settled onto the bed with Renee tucked under his arm 
and they started to "read" the story.

 Daphne just stood and listened with a lump in her throat.....
She had never felt less needed in her entire life!
But she wanted that close and caring relationship for herself!
She felt so Not Ready to be the Nanny for Renee....
But she knew she was Not Ready to give up without trying!

I don't know about you, Dear Readers, 
but I am sure this is Not Ready!
But Ready or Not.... here it is!


  1. Good Morning Betsy,
    I am not sure how you juggle your different storylines. The plot thickens on this one - will the Nanny win the heart of her young "charge"? Will Daphne redecorate the nursery? Will Yvonne take her husband on a trip to the south of France leaving all in charge of the dashing young lawyer Raymond? That reminds me ... I must dust off my collection of Jane Austen novels as they always inspire reflection.
    I await the next chapter.
    Take care
    regards Janine

    1. Hi Janine! I Love your association with Jane Austen... my favorite authoress! I can't claim to come anywhere near her artistry... but I am happy you are enjoying following this tale!

  2. Hello Betsy,
    It seemed pretty ready to me. Talk about building up suspense. I can't wait to see what happens and how long it takes, if it happens at all, for Raymond to not be such a pill. I can't wait to know more...please don't keep us waiting too long!
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac! Such a great description of Raymond.... in his heroic weakness! Inever intended this story to take so long..... but there just keeps being more to tell!!! Stay tuned!

  3. Well, for someone "Not Ready," that was beautifully done. I loved the "masculine" nursery - just a jumble of miscellaneous furniture, and Raymond's room was perfect. (Probably just places in the dolls house to which you have not recently paid attention! But how well that worked!) And the dumbfoundment of Daphne, and the shyness of Renee - perfect! That's exactly how it would have been. Can they make a relationship work? Can Daphne really be a "mother?" Stay tuned...
    Love, Mom

    1. Thanks Mom! (But you must know the rooms are all very carefully "staged".... and the Nanny's room is "thrown together" using a cardboard box!) I am glad you think it is realistic... that is the highest compliment!

  4. This was as ready as it could be... and I am already ready for the next episode which I can hardly await - as always. I feel so much pity for Daphne, what an extraordinary "strange" situation, no surprise she wasn't prepared for this. Well, Daphne, take my advice, get yourself some brushes and paint and turn this nursery into a little girl's paradise... but don't forget an owl border for the walls! ;O)


    1. Yes, Daphne is a little bit overwhelmed at the moment! But that is when one's true natures will show.... so stay tuned! :):)

  5. That is very ready! And Again - I know, I know I am always repeating myself - I cab't wait for the next chapter. Ready or not! :)
    Great story!

    1. Hi Ewa! I know you are ready for the next part too.... it is Me that is never ready LOL! I keep having to make the parts I need for the settings! But stay tuned, more is coming! LOL!

  6. Hi Betsy! So many story lines and there are so much questions of what will happen I can't wait to see the next chapter :)! This is a great story......just like all of your stories :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you Ilona! I am glad you enjoy it! As you know making all the little pieces for the settings takes time.... ! (But that is the fun of it all!) I am so glad you keep coming back for more!

  7. Hello Betsy,
    This story seems very ready to move in several directions, and I'm interested to learn which direction you choose next. Whatever your choice, I know it will be a satisfying one, because you're a natural storyteller.

    1. Thank you Marjorie! I am always interested to see what will happen next too! LOL! I have a general plan.... but the little people keep adding their parts! Thst must be why it takes so long!

  8. Hi Betsy,
    I had to giggle at Giac's comment. I was thinking the same thing about Raymond! Of course, he's stressed to the max and has a lot on his plate, so I can understand. Hopefully Daphne can just trust that she will be able to do the right things. I'm sure that little "Poppet" won't be afraid to help her remember that motherly role.
    Great storytelling as always!

    1. Hi Farrah! I believe Daphne will make some mistakes... don't we all? But her heart is in the right place.... so I hope it all works out! LOL! (I know the Ending.... just not every step along the way!!!)

  9. For some unknown reason, I always love to read the end of a story first. This time, from lack of choice I have to wait impatiently for the end. I really enjoy reading your story, especially as it comes with your wonderful photos.

    1. Thank you Drora! I am sorry to disappoint you in not telling the ending first! LOL! I am glad you are enjoying it anyway.... and I did promise a Happy Ending at the beginning.....!

  10. Haha, I am with Drora. I look at the end of the story first, hoping to see the happy outcome that I want =0D I hope Raymond realises that he has one great thing in common with Daphne - the love for Renee. I think/hope his opinion of her changes =0))

    1. Hi Pepper! I won't give away the end.... it's the getting there that counts LOL!
      Lots more to come so stay tuned!

  11. A great history! I really enjoy reading it... I'm interested to learn which direction you choose next..... Hugs

    1. Hi Maria! I am glad you are enjoying it! I know I am slow.... but I have to make the parts for the scenes and that always takes me more time than I think it will! There is lots more to tell, so stay tuned!

  12. I now read all of Daphne's story and I must say you have a gift for story-telling, I love it! I'm very curious to where this all leads to, I can understand the positions of all involved, but of course I'm with Daphne and sincerely hope she will bond with Renee and she'll be able to take care of her. AND find her sister and father, wow, what a story! Looking forward to the next chapter!

    1. Wow, Monique! That is devotion! I feel badly for anyone who has to play catch-up with this story! LOL! It has taken much longer than I thought it would at the beginning.... (I keep having to make the settings for it!) and I was never very good with the labeling and often tacked on bits of the story with other subjects! I am thrilled that you are enjoying it! Stay tuned!