Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Comes.....!

What Did Christmas Bring....?

As is so often the case, Dear Readers, whether you are Ready or Not... Christmas comes! And it is sometimes in that un-readiness that we find the greatest gifts! So this Christmas morning, in My un-readiness, I almost didn't have a look around to see what Christmas had brought! But I noticed that the Sun had come for breakfast in the Cloud Palace and Hamish Harry and Lady Lavender were just waiting for the others to join them. Where were the others? Well, it seems that Sweet Pea and Brother Beorn were admiring the newest Plants in the Cloud Palace Garden.....

They have found a Pair of Perfectly Snow-Powdered Pines for their garden!
And they even have Christmas Lights amongst the boughs!

Now they can't wait for the night to come so they can see the glowing lights!

As for Blue and Sir Orion, well, they are so Happy 
all by themselves on top of the Lookout Tower 
that they sometimes Forget to come down at all!
(Love will do that ....)

Since I saw that the Bearys in the Cloud Palace 
were all having a Wonderful Morning, 
I thought I would check in on all the other Little People too...!

It seems that Presents were delivered at the Shabby Sister House....
Even though Chip's parents seem rather worn out with the waiting!

And Sally May is still busily cooking in the kitchen!
(Christmas does bring a Lot of That!)
Annabelle says "Mama, can I have another cookie...?"
(She is still young enough that she doesn't know What to expect!)

And in the Lovely Old Dollhouse.....
There are presents under the Tree.....

Although they are not all there yet to open the gifts...
Helen had forgotten to wrap something, Charles explains.
She'll be down in a minute...

But Helen can't find any wrapping paper left.... 
maybe That was what she forgot to get when shopping! 
She will just have to use the beautiful bag for wrapping.... 
But she had hoped to keep the bag for herself...!
Well, a Gift is a Gift.... she would have to share....
(Christmas Does bring some of that!)

Meanwhile, in the kitchen....

Victor and Joanna were eyeing the pie.....
Wondering if they could have Pie for Breakfast...
even Before the Christmas Dinner!!!
But I think they know that they can only do that 
when they are at their own home!
They will have to wait patiently for the Feast!
(Christmas does bring lots of that!)

There is even a Large present at The Folly.... 
but Will is not sure how it got there!
He has been Pet-sitting for some friends.
"Lassie" reminds him a little too much of a certain other
 curly Red-haired Lassie that he would like to forget...!
(Yes, sometimes Christmas brings that too...)

There are even gifts under the Grand Tree in the Castle Great Hall.....
Even though I have No idea who they are for... 
nor Which era is Holding the Party...
And even in the Chapel....
Ages and Ages ago....
Father Alban has spent the Night in a Prayer Vigil.
And with the Dawn of Christmas he has Found a Great Gift....

He has found his Faith....
In the unknown outcomes....
In the process of just Beginning...
He will overcome his fear and vanity!

He will paint again!
He has found his Faith!
(Yes, Christmas brings some of that too!)

And when the Night comes at Last....

And all the Presents have been opened and all the Feasts have been eaten...
Surely, the Lights shining in the Darkness will still bring you Joy!

Yes, Dear Readers, as we All know,
Ready or Not, Christmas comes!
I hope your Christmas has brought you and your Loved ones
Love, Beauty, Peace, Plenty, Charity, Faith and Joy!


  1. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Besty and a very happy New Year =0)

  2. Good to see a happy Christmas over there! May this joy lasts through the whole next year!

  3. A very merry Christmas and new year to you and your lovelies!

  4. You made so many gorgeous Christmas scenes! Everything is absolutely delightful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what you do in 2016.
    hugs and much love,

  5. Yes, Christmas comes... and goes... and in both cases very fast... *sigh* I hope you've had a very good and merry one - and it was so good to see all the Christmas spirit in the little world!


  6. Feliz navidad y feliz año 2016
    Un abrazo

  7. Feliz navidad y feliz año 2016
    Un abrazo

  8. Wishing you the loveliest of Christmas seasons! Happy 2016,

  9. Sorry I'm so late! We had a nice, low-key Christmas with few gifts but lots of food! And music, shared with a good friend. Now anticipating the New Year with more friends expected for a visit, and puppet shenanigans plotted for Thursday midnight. Brrr! Stay warm, lots of love,

  10. beautiful words again Betsy, I've enjoyed your wisdom and fun stuff (like "There are even gifts under the Grand Tree in the Castle Great Hall..... Even though I have No idea who they are for... nor Which era is Holding the Party..." haha, only you can come up with a sentence like that :D ) I hope Christmas has brought you all those great things and I hope you'll enjoy a beautiful newyears-eve, big hug, Monique

  11. Happy New Year 2016!
    Hugs, piikko