Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Gift of Happiness.....

Fairy Bearys Go South....

The Time had come, Dear Readers, when the two sister Bearys, Marmalade and Buttercup, were ready to leave the Cloud Palace and travel to their own home way far away in the South. While this might be a moment when Some would feel some Sorrow, the Fairy Bearys did not seem to feel this way at all! They had spent the entire Summer and Autumn with their friends in the Cloud Palace and had enjoyed many Adventures together. They were Happily looking forward to seeing their new Home and meeting new friends when they arrived. There was an air of excitement at the Cloud Palace as the morning dawned and the sun peeked into the Cloud Palace parlor. All the Fairy Bearys were gathered there for a "send-off" breakfast of blueberry pancakes drenched in syrup, and even an assortment of delicate cookies and a blueberry pie! Hamish Harry "Hotcakes" McCloud had outdone himself (with the very Helpful creativity of Elizabeth of Studio E blog!) in preparing this breakfast banquet!
(These treats were all made by the Awesomely talented Elizabeth! Thank you Elizabeth!)

He wanted to be sure that Nobeary would leave the Cloud Palace hungry.... 
especially with such a long journey ahead of them!
And so they enjoyed a Feast to Remember!
But before long the Time had come for leaving.
The Bearys had decided that the best way to Travel 
was the Cherub Cloud Chariot Express....

And they had booked the Early Morning Departure 
on this Perfectly sunny Day!

Buttercup was eager to get started so she hopped on board!

And Marmalade was right behind her!
They waved "good-bye" and blew their kisses....

And the Cherub Cloud Chariot Express floated away from the Cloud Palace....
And while there were Some who Might feel a little pang of sadness.....
the Bearys were not among them! 
They knew that they were heading off on more Great adventures!
They couldn't wait to get started! 

What a Glorious Day for an Adventure!

Wouldn't you be excited to be Traveling to your New Home?

And all the Fairy Bearys at the Cloud Palace 
are just as excited for their friends!
They know that they will be bringing Happiness wherever they go!
Because that is what these Bearys are... 
they are Little Gifts of Happiness!

And speaking of Gifts of Happiness....
I received a surprise package in the mail today!

But seeing who it is from, it is not altogether a Surprise! 
Because Birgit is one of those friends who 
Spreads Happiness with everything she does!
She sent me her Christmas Gift package......
with a Calendar and Advent wreath and tiny wooden decoration!
Thank you, Birgit!!!

But it is the Fairy Bearys that spring from her Needle (and her heart!)
that are Truly Little Gifts of Happiness!
And in case you had wondered 
about Marmalade and Buttercup,
 they have arrived safely at my Sister's home 
where she reports that they have filled Hope Cottage 
with sunshine and Happiness and their smiles alone warmed the tea!
So you see, Dear Readers,
The Fairy Bearys have gone South,
But they took with them The Gift of Happiness!


  1. Beautiful, cute, fairy-tale-like scenes. Lovely to look at.

    1. Thank you Tessa! They are cute little Fairy Bears!

  2. Oh Betsy, this is such a lovely blog post and you're right: the little bears made by Birgit always bring joy and happiness where ever they will go :D! Beautiful pictures! I love your finding of the Cherub Cloud Chariot Express, floating on a cloud to the Cloud Palace sounds great to me ;)!
    Enjoy the wonderful gift of Happiness, which you've received from our dear Birgit :D.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona! I know you have some of these little Happy Beings with you too! They are a lot of fun! They always make me smile!

  3. A beautiful tale. Birgit's little bearys always make me smile and happy. These two cloud travelers are really adorable and your photos
    do them justice.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora! They are such Happy creatures.... it is fun to tell stories with them!

  4. Traveling by Cherub Cloud Chariot Express would make anyone happy! What a great way to travel! But nothing else would do for creatures whose smiles alone warm the tea. Wonderful.

    1. Hi Josje! They really have Magical personalities.... or Bearsonalities, I should say! It is impossible not to smile when looking at them!

  5. Hello Betsy,
    Once again, your post enchants me. What beautiful food on the table...perfect for a party in the clouds! I can't wait to see what adventures await the sisters on their way home. Birgit is wonderful and so very generous. Those are lovely presents!
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac! that is exactly what these little Bearys do... they Enchant! I am totally under their spell! That is how the Cloud Palace got to be at the top of the work list! Lol!

  6. Oops... I fear you're in trouble now! Your only hope is that Santa is already too busy to read this post so he won't notice that you've opened the calendar package having a sticker on saying "Don't open until Christmas" - otherwise you might get some bad points in the Golden Book! *LOL* I will have to make sure Fluby won't read this post either because this would make it so much more difficult to keep him away from the Christmas presents... I know him well, my little fluttery chap... he would say "But Betsy opened hers already" - not always easy around here... *grin* But I'm glad to hear that my little gifts arrived at your house and if they brought a little happiness to you that's all I ever wanted. It's so exciting to hear Marmalade and Buttercup finished their second big journey after a big goodbye party - what a wonderful post... and great to hear the Cherub Cloud Chariot Express was booked once more. I suppose this is the best way to travel... sitting comfortably in clouds guarded by angels... ;O) And who knows... maybe someday your sister will send us a greeting from Hope Cottage and the fairy sisters...


    1. Uh oh.... there was a Sticker??? (going to check....) Oh, there WAS a sticker!!! Oh, Dear, I am in Trouble!!! I just rushed right past it in my eagerness to get things open... Don't tell that to Fluby... that is a very poor excuse!! LOL! I should have known better... Truly I should have slowed down.... I was opening every card and admiring the papers....! Maybe there should be a Wrapping paper with the words "Do Not Open Til Christmas" written All over it! LOL! That would get my attention!
      I hope I haven't ruined the surprise for others too... This was Very Naughty of me.... Santa, take Note..... Too impetuous, Disregards instructions... ! Spoiler alert!
      I will have to share some pictures my Sister sent... the Fairy Bearys look very Happy in their new house!

  7. Wow, I want to come to breakfast!
    I love the cloud chariot. Great concept.
    Wish I had an advent calendar...
    Love, Mom

    1. We should find you an Advent calendar! The Cloud Chariot is a Favorite of mine.....
      I always have my head in the clouds......

  8. This is such a pretty story. I love the idea of living in the clouds and traveling South in the Cherub Cloud Chariot Express. (I also like that tongue-twisting name for the chariot!)

    1. Hi Marjorie! The Fairy Bearys inspire fun and Adventure... and I Love to make beautiful photos and tell stories... so they take over my blog a lot! LOL!

  9. Oh! It was this time already? I have to say I forgot they were planning on going farer...The Cherub Cloud Chariot Express looks always so comfy! And this yummy breakfast yumm yumm! Now... this Cloud Palace will be...empty a bit, no? :D Glad they made it safely and sound and your Sister is happy with them. :)
    You've got a great calender!

    1. Hi Ewa! It took them almost all year to get to my sister! No wonder you forgot they were going! LOL! Yes, the Palace will feel a little empty... but with six other Bearys there.... I think we have plenty for fun and Adventures! LOL!

  10. Beautiful post. Yes Birgits wonderful bears are full of happiness. Yummy breakfast I wish I could eat that :-) Birgit's gifts are beautiful and you got the chance to take a picture of her chocolates lol.Wishing you lots of happiness.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hi Maria! Yes... the chocolates made into the pictures! LOL! And there was a little too much hurry with opening the packages.... (see Birgit's comment! LOL!) These little Bearys are a lot of fun!

  11. Hi Betsy! What a nice surprise to see that your HUNGRY BEARS are not quite as hungry as they were before and are enjoying their stacks of Blueberry pancakes. And I am Delighted to see (with my own 2 eyes) that I am not the ONLY ONE who enjoys eating Pie and other sweets, for breakfast! :D

    I am just getting back into blogging again after a long absence, and yours was one of my first stops. Perfect timing!
    But what happy adventures will await Buttercup and Marmalade I wonder. Perhaps a Second Castle in the AiR? :D
    Looking forward to enjoying their further fly-abouts soon, just as I am enjoying your new Christmas goodies sent from Birgit. She is such a thoughtful friend, and they are LOVELY!
    Safe travels Bearys and Have Fun!!!!


    1. Hi Elizabeth! I am so glad you stopped by! And Just in time for Breakfast too! LOL! (We always have leftover pie for breakfast in this house... any leftover dessert, in fact! LOL!)I am glad you are getting back to your blog... sometimes time away is needed! I will be sending you your blossoms soon... I promise! My Christmas card is keeping me very busy at the moment.... but the other preparations need to happen too!

  12. How very sweet, must be fun to drift away on a light fluffy cloud, emagine how quiet. Pam in Norway

  13. what a lovely goodbye-party that was! Mmmm.... and delicious looking treats, I'd like to some of that yum yum :D
    the cherub cloud- chariot express, haha, how you come up with it ;) but looks comfy and it was a lovely day. How nice of Birgit to send you those lovely gifts and warms your heart with her kindness! Enjoy them and the holidays, warm wishes, Monique

  14. Awww, I hate goodbyes. But happy to know Marmalade and Buttercup are sharing theirnlove and adventures with someone else. I really want to ride on the cloud chariot express =0D

  15. Its sad when fuzzy friends have to leave but the memories are so sweet and a sweet sendoff is always a good idea!!

    Santa Brigit strikes again, she is such a lovely lady. I too was gifted gorgeous wares by this fine lady ;)

  16. Your breakfast looks heavenly! But of course we are at the "cloud" palace...ok not quite so funny. Did they say punning is the lowest form of humour..haha. Who cares, I love to pun. Its fun. heh heh.

    These bears brought back such memories. Mine is with me where I work. My Singa P. Ore bear :). Seeing all these exchanges, it felt as if I never left. All of you still sharing, gifting and making merry.

    You made blog world so much more fun, Bets, and gave it so much more love. Thank you :)

  17. What a lovely little tale and lovely gifts too.